1” Shoreline Speedo Swim Brief

Speedo 1" Shoreline Swim BriefAm I the only one that liked the look of the Speedo Shoreline 1” swim brief? Yes, it is the same as their 1” Solar swim brief, but it has two accent stripes on the sides. They didn’t seem to keep it in their line up for very long. From what I can tell it was discontinued a couple years ago or so. Luckily I did get my hand on one pair and for a decent price before they disappeared from the market.

I’ve said it about other underwear and swimwear I’ve review that I’m a fan of added subtle color to a pair. Also I’m an Adidas fan, so I guess I’m drawn to stripes that are similar to their 3 stripe trademark. Overall the Speedo Shoreline brief has the same fit as the Solar. It has the 1″ sides, full back with center seam, and a centered seam front pouch. Offers excellent support and the narrow sides give you more freedom. Both the Shoreline and Solar are excellent options for swimwear to wear at any beach or pool. If the women are in their bikinis then there is no reason for objection of these swim briefs there.

I’d like to see Speedo bring this model back. Or do more variations of the Solar swim brief. In my opinion it is the best swim brief Speedo makes. I feel that with it being a Speedo brand it helps some with swim brief acceptability and it is the skimpiest they make or at least offer in the US. What’s your favorite swimsuit from Speedo? Maybe it was the Speedo Thong (guess it was the skimpiest offered here). It was nice to see a thong offered by them. I wished the front was cut narrower on it though. Comment and let me know your Speedo preference.

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  1. Jeff says:

    My favorite speedo that I currently own is a solar with a crazy blue/green/yellow pattern. That one is only for very private times as I like to draw as little attention as possible. I also have a speedo swim thong, definitely not anywhere close to a favorite but I keep it just as a novelty…who knows maybe I’ll break it out this summer.

  2. Jeff says:

    You are probably right, it probably isn’t a solar. Its at least 15 years old, but I did buy two other swim briefs at the same time that were solid color and I think they were Solar. The other one I described does sit lower but it has 1″ sides I believe. I bought them all at the same time I bought my speedo thong so perhaps it is also a discontinued item.

    • It could be. Speedo seems to sell different colors and patterns to stores than they do on their website. I’ve never noticed the solar in a store, but also not typically much selection around here.

  3. CB says:

    That looks nice, I have a Euro, I think mine is a 1″ too. Definitely a great feel. I wear bikinis for underwear, so its like wearing underwear for me.

  4. Skip says:

    I have 2 speedo 1″ bikinis. They’re the best so far. I try others but generally they disappoint. I’m not young anymore but will wear a bikini forever! I wish more men would wear them.

  5. Jeremiah says:

    Target had a red with two black stripes on the side that was not a labeled Solar, was only available online and has since been discontinued it was a seasonal design in spring 2015. It had a bigger pouch but did not fit as snug as the Solar through the legs. The solar is literally all I wear as you can wear them to any public pool and feel comfortable, especially with the wife. I do wish Speedo would make a larger pouch so it didn’t squeeze as much and would make for a more flattering look. The fact that it is not so sexy and revealing really helps qualm most people’s reservations about the swim brief, I find most women that make comments about me are the ones that seem most insecure about their bodies. It’s almost like they’re jealous that they can’t fit into something that skimpy so they immediately criticize and say whomever wears swim briefs must be gay. All the women that have been open to me in swim briefs were sexy and confident, I think men really don’t appreciate what it’s like for women to be in a bikini in public until they don the swim briefs themselves, unfortunately most men don’t have the courage or confidence to do so.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      That was probably the Speedo Shoreline that Target was offering. They use to offer the solar and that cut. Now they moved on to offering 2(X)ist Evolve swim briefs. Not as keen on them, but at least they are offer guys swim briefs. I have Speedo Shorelines in black with stripes on the side. I found mine on Amazon for a good price.

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