2017 Bikini Favorites

2017 Bikini Favorites

My thongs did some movements in the favorites for 2017, but not a whole lot is happening with bikinis. Read 2016 post here. I don’t feel any on the list has really changed, but I’m going to add one to the list for a tie, since it is from the same brand as one on the list. Let’s take a look.


5. Bodyaware The TLC Brief
Bodyaware TLC Brief
The TLC Brief from Bodyaware is staying in its spot from 2016. It’s a nice fitting and comfortable bikini brief. It holds you nicely with it’s flat front pouch. The fabric is nice and soft against the skin. Wouldn’t mind a little less coverage in the rear.

4. Prevail Sport Rio Brief
Prevail Sport Rio Brief
Also not budging this year is the Prevail Sport Rio Brief. Great string bikini with moderate coverage pouch and ¾ back. Love the fit and look of these on.

3. Dietz Joker Mini Slip & Pulso in Sport Mesh
Dietz Joker Bikini BriefDietz Pulso Bikini Brief
For spot number 3, I decided to share the spot with two pairs from Dietz. The Joker mini Slip still remains here with it snug fit. Plus like the black and yellow together. This year it is sharing the spot with their Pulso brief in sport mesh. I like it is a bit different than other pairs I have. It is a lower rise pair and I like how it hugs me. Also breathable with the mesh fabric. Nice pair to change things up a bit.

2. Blueline Microfiber String Bikini
Blueline Microfiber String Bikini
The fit of these is keeping it at number 2. These aren’t anything fancy, but the microfiber gives these a nice overall fit. I like that the back isn’t full coverage. This string bikini likes to make appearances at the doctor’s office :o).

1. Prevail Sport String Brief
Prevail Sport String Brief
For me, the string brief from Prevail Sport is going to remain at number one year after year. I love the cut of these with the narrow sides, ¾ back, and moderate pouch. It’s a cut I loved from first try. It’s the style I wear the most year after year and see no reason for that to change in the future.


I wonder if I can find some new bikinis in 2018 that can shake up this list. Or maybe there is one hiding in the drawer that will come out to knock a pair off.

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5 Responses

  1. Ash says:

    Hi BD, I have two of these items on your list. I have the string briefs and the rio briefs (I think prevailsport named these incorrectly as the rio brief is technically a string brief!) I’m happy with how both of them fit although I feel that the rio brief could use just a little more rear coverage.

    • Brian says:

      Hi Ash,
      Is the pouch of the string brief have much room? I usually wear my bikinis and thongs in the upwards position.

    • I think Rio is used as a descriptor. I use to think of them as a bikini around a half back cut. Basically they show off the cheeks a lot. I think now a days it is used to describe a skimpier cut of a particular style. So for the Rio brief I think a skimpier cut of a string bikini. I have a Joe Snyder Rio thong and it is a skimpy version of a traditional thong.

  2. jr says:

    BD I have several on your list as well. Off your reviews I purchased several Prevail sport bikini styles and they are all some my favorites. One thing I did notice on the Rio is elastic rolls up a little in the back. The blue line is a great bikini for the money , wish they made more colors . Was thinking of try their thongs , any issues?

    • Glad you’ve like ones I’ve given positive reviews to. I agree more colors in the blueline bikini would be nice. The Blueline traditional cut thongs aren’t the most supportive thong, but comfortable. Their T-back is very skimpy and the pouch is narrow, but fabric is stretchy. The one they call a v-string is decent. It has adjustable frontal coverage. Those are all from the microfiber line. One that surprised me was a camo traditional thong from their promesh line. The cut of it is a lot better than the microfiber one in my opinion. Snugger, pouch is narrower and holds you firmly. The fabric is surprisingly pretty soft. Hopefully that gives you a general idea. If you search on Blueline on my blog, you should see my reviews of them.

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