2017 Thong Favorites

2017 Thong Favorites

Time for me to go over this years favorites or ones that got good wear. Take a look at 2016 Thong Favorites. Ok, my number one thong from last year has dropped out of the top 5. For some reason I didn’t wear my Blueline microfiber T-back thongs much this year. I think I may have worn their traditional thong more, but it’s not making the top 5. Also I dropped my number 2, the Fagioni clip thong. Still a solid comfortable thong that probably be in the top 10. Let’s look at my top 5 for 2017.


5. Daniel Alexander Risky Boxer
Daniel Alexander Risky Boxer
Don’t know if this should be categorized as a thong or not. It has between the cheek action, so that is giving it thong status. This is one I tried earlier this year and ended up buying 2 more of them. I like that they add something a bit different to the drawer, but still fits in pretty well with my bikini and thong wearing. I don’t know if I’m completely a fan of the look, but I like the feel of them on. Plus it holds the goods nicely.

4. Doreanse Euro Thong (1392)
Doreanse Euro Thong 1392
This one is still holding the number 4 spot. The fabric of these is nice and soft. The pouch on the thong is smaller than a lot, but still holds me well. I put this in the category of a v-string, since it has a string connecting the pouch and the back. These still have a traditional thong look when on.

3. Bodyaware Soft Microfiber Thong
Bodyaware Soft Micorfiber Thong
Moving from number 5 to 3 is the soft microfiber thong, which is no longer offered from Bodyaware. The fabric on these are hard to beat. It’s super soft and you really don’t know you are wearing a thong with these ones. Will be disappointed when I’ll have to retire these.

2. JM Natura Thong
New to the list is the Natura thong from JM. This year was the first I gave the brand JM a try. The Skinz line is talked about more than this one, but I think the Natura edges out the Skinz thong. Natura’s fabric comfort to me wins out over the Skinz. It’s nice and soft and feels awesome on. Great pair choice for a lazy day. You really don’t notice you have a thong on. Skinz is more supportive though. Both are great traditional thongs.

1. Prevail Sport String Thong Brief
Prevail Sport String Thong Brief
Up from number 3 is from my favorite brand the string thong brief. The JM thong would win in comfort, but this thong is a skimpier cut. So that is why I’m putting it at number one this year. It’s hard for me to not have a thong from a brand I’ve worn basically from the beginning of my wearing. I know when I pull it out of the drawer, I’m going to love the fit of them. It will be comfortable for the day. So tried and true is my winner for this year.


That wraps up my 2017 thong favorites. Maybe we’ll shake things up again next year. Next week we’ll see how the bikini favorites changed up or not.

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8 Responses

  1. Thong obsessed says:

    I have only tried the Doreanse Euro Thong out of these styles. Do you have any of the Doreanse Aire Strings? If so, how do you rate them?

    • No, haven’t gotten an Aire string yet. I was considering getting one when Audace was running a sale not too long. I decided I needed to hold off spending the money until I catch up on the pairs I’ve already have lined up to review. Is a pair I do want to get to try.

  2. Jason Boag says:

    Hi, have you tried the joe snyder thongs? i want to try but they look super tight

    • Hi Jason. Yes, I have a JS Rio thong and a Capri bikini that should just be considered a thong too. Been awhile since I’ve worn them. The weight of the fabric is more swimsuit like than underwear. It’s heavier than Daniel Alexander unless it has changed since I bought mine at least over 7 years ago. I don’t think they are tight at least for me. Form fitting I would say since they are swimsuit like fabric. I find them a bit warm, which is why I don’t wear them too often. I do like the fit of them. Hope that helps some.

  3. EJ says:

    I like Prevail Sports’ North Star and Capricorn thongs/ they’re cut almost like g strings, smaller than conventional thongs, and the pouches hug the package very nicely the Capricorn has the adjustable front for less coverage/ I can get it to a tear drop shape

  4. EJ says:

    I hear ya BD- I’m always looking for the least coverage stuff. I got a few g strings from Aliexpress, they’re mesh, sheer and have 2 small metal rings that attach the very minimal coverage front to the string waistband. 3 things that set me apart from the rest of my strings

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