2019 Underwear or Swimwear Resolution

New Year Resolutions - Underwear or Swimwear

Happy New Year! I’ve been debating doing an underwear or swimwear resolution this year. I don’t really have something specific I want to accomplish. The main thing I want to do is spread the word that guys can wear skimpy form fitting styles. My last resolutions have been swimwear related at the local beach. I feel I’m at a good place with my swimwear choice at the local beach. My goal isn’t to push limits to see what I can get away with. I want to positively represent the swim bikini brief and try to gain some acceptance for us guys that they are an appropriate option for us. I have some skimpier swim bikinis I wouldn’t mind wearing, but I don’t feel they quite fit into the local scene. So they will have to wait for what I feel is the right place for public viewing.

So what swimwear or underwear resolution can I do is still up in the air. One thought is to find a beach that isn’t too far a way I feel my skimpier bikinis are appropriate for and break them out there. Another thought is to introduce friends and/or family to my swim brief wearing. It’s been a while since we have gone to the beach with anyone else, so would definitely be something I’d have to instigate. Guess I could aim to wear a swim brief to the pool if we do a membership this summer. Then I was thinking of ideas for an underwear resolution. First idea is step up my game and wear a thong for a doctor’s appointment. Another would be bringing bikinis and thongs into a conversation.

Maybe one of the above ideas will occur, but I’m not going to really set a specific resolution this year. I’m just going to stick with what I mentioned above and do my best to present men’s bikinis and thongs in a positive light. Now on to a non underwear or swimwear resolution that I failed at last year, which I’m going to repeat it this year. I really want to get some of my activity level back. It’s been a couple of years now since I’ve done some cycling and cross country skiing. Both I did somewhat regularly. Hopefully this year I can at least do it somewhat irregularly.

Anyone making a resolution? What is it? Doesn’t have to be underwear or swimwear related to share. Maybe one of your ideas will be a good one for me to aim for.

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  1. SM_thongguy says:

    Hi Nate,

    My main resolution is to get closure to living a fulfilling life. Also, making some career moves. All of last year was stepping stones to living out who I believe I am.

    On the underwear side. Definitely getting more thongs. Even it cost and arm and leg. Just so sexy, comfortable and freeing to wear a thong. Perhaps I’ll try bikinis as well. Then again I don’t have enough butt for normal Briefs which gives that ‘too much material on the back look’ which I don’t like.

    One of the ideas I’ll take from your post is wearing a thong to physio or doctor. The idea is to not just be me, but also she will have to mention it someone in her circle. At first as a joke or a question of sexuality. Yet I see it as a word of mouth for the thong or skimpy underwear.

    In her circles it would be ‘one of my patients’, some of her friends could think ‘well perhaps I should get myself or my boyfriend /husband one as a gift’. Perhaps this could start a trend in my country.

    Don’t get me wrong, female thongs and g’s are everywhere. Yet male styles are limited.

    Just perhaps it starts people to question ‘why not thongs for men’.

  2. T says:

    Hi Nate. I try not to make too many resolutions but I do find myself at this time of year thinking I need to improve my body so that I don’t feel totally inferior next to the Italian hunks who I meet on my annual trip to speedo loving Sicily. I also force myself to improve my Italian language skills so that I can communicate better with said hunks(lol).

    As far as underwear/swimwear goals. I will continue my crusade to promote the wearing of sexy g-strings etc and eradicate the curse of the boxer/board shorts from bedrooms,bottom drawers(lol) and beaches!

    Some of your followers will be aware of my ongoing story of my neighbour with the dog who famously informed me of the squirrels in my roof, and in the process, was treated to the sight of me in a white g-string. Well I’m delighted to tell you that he is now the proud owner(and wearer)of several skimpy g-strings that I gave him just before Christmas and he assures me that they will be in his case when he heads off to Spain later this month for a holiday in the sun.
    Now all I have to do is convert my postman,window cleaner,electric meter reader etc and all will be well with the world(lol).

    • SM_thongguy says:

      Hey T.

      That’s so great. No doubt he will also inspire others.

      The stigma must just be broken down. I saw some pics on Tumblr yesterday from thong wearer’s in the 90’s on beaches and it was just such a great sight. Having men just be who they are. Kiting, surfing etc.

      The day men of all kind can just go to the beach wearing their skimpy underwear without prejudice or fear will be a great day.

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