Welcome to The Bottom Drawer, my personal blog. As you probably figured by my blog name I keep my underwear in the bottom drawer of my dresser. I’m a husband and father that just happens to be avid about bikinis and thongs. They’ve been part of my wardrobe, since my late teens. I do not prefer one over the other it just all depends on the mood I’m in. I do prefer narrow sides on my bikinis and thongs and normally no more than 3/4 back on bikinis.

I would prefer to wear a swim brief/bikini at the beach and/or pool, but unfortunately that isn’t the case. Hard for me to break the norm when I’ve rarely seen a guy in anything less than trunks. I’ve only braved the swim bikini a handful of times in public and that was on vacations. So mostly they get worn at the house when catching some rays.

I hope the information will be of interest and may even give some encouragement to others that I post on the blog. I’m far from a writer or a graphic artist, but hopefully you will get some value out of what I post. Feel free to comment on my posts and if you have any of the thongs or bikinis I’ve reviewed, you can give them a star rating at the bottom of the review. Also you can send me a message with the “Send me a message” or watch for me to be online and you can chat with me (Not online to chat too often).

Favorite Brand: Prevail Sport
Favorite Underwear – Brief: Prevail Sport String Brief
Favorite Underwear – Thong: Blueline T-Back Thong
Favorite Swim Brief: HOM Micro Swim Brief

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  1. The Undergear French Thong was the first thong I ever tried back in college in the early ’90s. It got me hooked, and I’ve been wearing thongs ever since. When I do wear briefs, they’re usually bikini, but I don’t care for the Life String Bikini at Walmart. My favorites are from the HOM Slip Micro. I like to get three or four when I go to France every couple of years. Great site. I look forword to more of your posts.

    • Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. Glad you enjoyed my posts. I do really like the French thong. Too bad it isn’t available anymore at Undergear.Yeah, the Life string bikinis wouldn’t be my normal choice. But they are a cheap starting point if someone wanted to get started wearing bikinis. I haven’t tried any HOM underwear yet. They’re a little more than I normally like to pay, but maybe one of these days I’ll splurge. I do have a couple of HOM swim bikinis I really like.

      • If you haven’t tried the Jockey seamless thong, I would recommend it.

        • No, I haven’t tried the Jockey seamless thong. They look like they have more coverage than I prefer. What do you like about them? Comfortable? Are they available at department stores?

  2. JasonBCLAX

    Thanks for sharing your story and for some great reviews!!! I’m not as fortunate as you to have an encouraging spouse. My wife encourages me to wear boxers or boxer briefs, telling me anything else isn’t masculine. Regardless, I still wear mostly designer briefs and bikini briefs. Given a choice, I’d wear bikinis and thongs all the time. Question for you… I like the look and feel of a Brazilian cut bikini brief and I’m between buying the Joe Snyder Capri and the Prevail Sport French Secret. How do the two compare in terms of fit and quality?

    • Personally I’m partial to Prevail Sport stuff, but they’re both well made. The Joe Snyder Capri normally will become a wedgie while the French Secret typically stays in place for every day wear. The Capri is more a swimsuit material and is very clingy. The french secret comes in different fabrics, but all Prevail Sport’s underwear is made to fit snug. Both are supportive and both are holding up well for me. The cotton french secrets are going to hold up better than the other french secret material options. Hopefully that gives you some help in deciding. Thanks for commenting and too bad your wife doesn’t support your preference.

  3. JasonBCLAX

    … one more question on the prevail sport. Do you know the difference between the French Secret Brief and the String Brief? It appear from the pictures on the web site to be the same cut except for the seat, one being a full European and the other Brazilian… Is one thinner on a the side or both about the same?

    • You’re correct about the backs of those two. The sides are close though I think the string briefs are typically narrower though I have a french secret that is about the same width and one slightly thicker. String brief sides seem to be about 1/2″ and french secret is probably closer to 1″ at max. I think the string brief has a little narrower front cut than the french secret also.

  4. I’ve been enjoying trying my new thongs. The Skinz thong is wonderful. I would highly recommend it. It has good support, a comfortable waistband, and a nice tail. The tail may be just a little wide for my preference, but it is quite comfortable. Really nice material, too. All of the descriptions say that it feels like you’re not wearing anything, and I might be inclined to agree. I also tried the Clever Calypso thong. To use your rating scale: Four thongs down. There’s no stretch in the tail, the front doesn’t support, but rather squishes and flattens everything. I was not happy with that. The Cover Male 3-Pack thong is fairly comfortable, but where the tail meets the pouch rubbed a couple of times. The Intymen sport thong is comfortable enough, but the tail didn’t stretch as much as I would have liked. Still it was more comfortable than the Clever thong. I never really got used to it and felt the tail most of the day. I still have some on their way.

    • Guess you really did get into trying new thongs. That’s good to know that the JM Skinz thong is a winner. It’s one I do want to try. Is the Intymen sport thong uncomfortable or just one that lets you know you are wearing a thong? Thought about trying it also. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on your new thongs. Let us know how the rest turn out.

  5. Hi there,
    I’m Canadian and I like your site. For the longest time I would only wear boxer shorts because I thought bikini briefs, thongs, and jocks were just not my style but about five years ago I changed my mind completely. I saw how good a bikini brief and a thong looked on me and I love them now. Other gay men like me know underwear like this flatters and supports a male body. It took me a little bit longer to realize that though. My legs definitely look longer in bikini briefs. I think it’s cool to see straight guys from America who love wearing body conscious bikini briefs and thongs made specifically for men. Like the other guys who have posted on your site some of the favorite thongs I have are JM Skinz thongs and the Fagioni clip thongs. I also have a few Fagioni string bikini briefs which I love. I don’t wear them everyday though. I also recommend N2N Daredevil swim bikini,the N2N California Dreamin’ bikini brief and jockstrap-they fit snugly,are comfortable, and have stylish colors. I also love Joe Snyder the material could be swimwear or underwear.

    • Hi, thanks for commenting. Always glad to hear people are enjoying my blog and coming back to read it again. Also glad to hear you made the switch! Lots of guys haven’t realized it yet. Would be nice if more would, so maybe then swim briefs would become more popular at the beach. JM Skinz thong is on my list to try one of these days. I also have been eyeing the N2N Daredevil swim bikini. Not sure I recall seeing Fagioni string bikinis, so will check them out. The Fagioni clip thong I find very comfortable.

  6. Please review the Joe Snyder bulge thong. Curious to get your thoughts

    • Been thinking about try out a bulge thong. Have got some good feedback on them. Only concern I have it I prefer to point up and they seem to be more for down pointing. Maybe if I see a good sale on one I’ll give them a whirl.

  7. The Stallion

    I wear bikini swim-briefs made by Skinzwear, called Rio sunseeker 2. Because thongs are not “Socially Acceptable, in public, these are legal and I have worn them to the pool, with no complaints.

  8. Hey, man. I’m married, straight, and proudly wear thongs and other skimpy things. Want to include me in the str8 married chat?

    • Well, I have us as the Married Str8 Trio, so a fourth doesn’t quite fit the name. Plus we’ve been working on our chats for a while now. Might be able to work you into other conversation pieces at some point if you are interested in that. At the moment though I don’t have anything in the works.

      • ohhhh! Got it! didn’t realize the trio was a fixed group of guys. Thought it was a rotating cast. My bad. moving on…

  9. I write you from Spain. Uso bikinis desde que empecé a comprarme yo mi propia ropa interior hace muchos años. En verano uso string bikinis, incluso en el vestuario del gimnasio donde soy el único que los utiliza, pues no están de moda. No me explico por qué, en general, las mujeres usan una ropa interior cada vez más pequeña y los hombres cada vez más grande, sobre todo en verano. Son ganas de pasar calor.

    Los string bikinis hace tiempo que desaparecieron de las tiendas de ropa interior en España, llamadas mercerías o lencerías. Suelo encontrar ejemplares en tiendas antiguas, tanto de ciudades como de pueblos, tras intensa búsqueda. La única marca española que los mantiene en su catálogo es Punto Blanco, con la denominación de “tanga” y un precio sobre € 12,00. Tengo varios ejemplares distintos de ese modelo.

    Le felicito por su blog. Es interesante y divulgativo. Aprecio sus entradas y el chat de las tres personas del que espero más ediciones.

    • Thanks for commenting and how things are with underwear in Spain. Sounds pretty similar to the US. Swim briefs aren’t popular in Spain either? Glad you like the blog and there will be a new conversation series from the Married Str8 Trio soon.

  10. I write you from Northern Spain. Here are not usual swim briefs at beaches, but this year I saw more that others years, pero no pasa de un 1 ó 2% de los bañistas. Lo que si he notado es una disminución del largo de los trajes de baño tipo short, pues ahora apenas se ven por debajo de la rodilla. In this area I never see a thong at the beach.

    Creo que la situación es algo distinta en la costa mediterránea y en las islas (Baleares y Canarias) donde hay mucho turismo extranjero, pues aumenta la proporción de bañistas con swim brief en las playas y piscinas de hoteles.

    Aunque yo en la playa uso un short, en la piscina cubierta uso un swim brief, pues no se puede nadar bien con mucha tela y sin un traje bien pegado al cuerpo.

    En el vestuario de mi gimnasio, en cuanto al tipo de ropa interior de los asistentes, hay una proporción de 50% briefs, 40% boxerbriefs y 10% boxer shorts. Los bikinis son casi inexistentes. And I am the only person to use string bikinis in summer.

  11. Really enjoying the blog – especially the Personal Experiences. Like several of the posters, I find it disappointing that there aren’t more “speedo-friendly” beaches in the U.S. Too bad there aren’t beach Meetups specifically for guys that want to sport their swimwear. Oh well. Maybe someday.

    • Hi, glad you are enjoying the blog and my personal experiences. Need to work on having more experiences. We can hope some day we’ll see more guys sporting swim briefs. Hopefully sooner than later.

  12. southtriguy

    Great site and articles. I gave up on trying to locate beaches that had more guys in brief swimwear. So my wife and I just go to the beach and lay out, I just happen to wear a swimsuit that is cut differently than the other guys. I am not ashamed of my body and I am proud that I am a guy, so briefs or trucks, they are both swimwear. If you and your family are ever plan to be in the Myrtle Beach area, hit us up would be glad to let you know of a beach area that you could feel comfortable wearing a swim brief. Hey if we can we will join you all and you will not be the only guy in a brief on the beach.

    • Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. Doesn’t seem like there are many beaches that are going to have guys in swim briefs. Best place it sounds to find other guys in less than trunks is Miami Beach area and then I’ve heard some place in San Diego. Probably others in the US, but other countries sound like better options to find more guys in briefs. Are there last crowded beaches in Myrtle Beach? Guess we’re usually closer to North Myrtle Beach and stay at the beach at the place we are staying. I like the Outer Banks, since you can get away from the crowds fairly easily. Thanks for being an example for guys and wearing your swim brief at the beach. Appreciate your comments.

  13. I frequent a beach in Florida that is not that crowded. Several miles of white sand beach. People usually stay close to the parking lot as they don’t want to walk but a few (99% men) walk to be just by themselves. That includes me. Those few are usually the ones that when far enough remove their shirts and shorts and sunbathe and swim in thongs, g-strings, or some kind of skimpy swimwear. I feel more comfortable there because it’s peaceful and of course because there are others wearing similar apparel. Although I’m pretty sure no one wants to be bothered (including myself), sometimes I would like to talk to one of them and share experiences and to feel that I can walk around in my thong with no judgment but still can’t find the courage to do so.

    I spend the whole day there. Between my beach chair, walking a little, and swimming. There’s even a couple that I’ve seen; she is topless and the guy rolls his shorts to make them look like a bikini (not sure why doesn’t wear one). My goal is to walk back and forth like is natural and even exercise if I can without fear among with “thong friends”. Anyway I want to be away from the crowd. Not interested on being around too many people. So I’ll keep walking away from the parking lot. I will return to this blog to share my experiences

    • Thanks for sharing your experiences. It is nice to have a place away from the crowds to have a stress free beach experience. Must be nice to have others wearing similar swim attire. All I see are trunks and board shorts though I don’t frequent the beaches a whole lot. Thanks for the comment.

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