Bikinis and Thongs: What Was I Thinking? Uh Ohs

Bikinis thongs what was I thinking? Uh Oh

I’ve had a couple people suggest topics around this post topic. I haven’t had a lot of what was I thinking moments or anything embarrassing or funny happened to me. There have been some stories by others shared on the blog and in the forums. One positive one I recall was shared by T who was taking his trash out one night in a g-string when a neighbor noticed him and called him over. He ended up playing guitar in his g-string.

Guess somewhat of a what was I thinking moment was with purchasing a pair of underwear with a c-panel built into it. I hadn’t given them a try before, but Undergear had a thong and bikini on sale that caught my eye. I ended up buying both styles in the 3 colors offered. Well, it ended up I felt The c-panel was too restricting in all but one pair. If I was using my noggin I would have tried one pair first before going all in. A little in my defense, I did read a review that they cut the panel out, which I did. Made them good enough to wear occasionally. Hopefully, I’ve learned my lesson to try a pair before buying multiple.

Another boring what was I thinking is something I’ve shared several times on here. That would be my first dip into against the norm swimwear. I really enjoyed string bikini underwear. Instead of easing my way in with a swim brief I jumped a bit down the line from swim trunks. I was drawn to the string bikini swimsuit from Kiniki called Amazon. It had pretty much full rear and front coverage, but showed lots of leg. Then to add to the sticking out it was also in a nice bright green color. Talk about attention drawing. Well, it didn’t get that public wearing. The Amazon got a few secluded wears, but ended up being my support for under swim trunks.

Nothing comes to mind for uh oh moments. I haven’t been caught with my pants down or been surprised wearing a skimpy swimsuit. Guess I’ve been missing out spreading the news about bikinis and thongs for guys by not having the uh oh moments.

What kind of what was I thinking or uh oh moments have you had? Try the half thong? Forget to test your swimsuit sheer factor before going to the beach or pool? Have a clothing malfunction? Run into someone you knew in your skimpies that didn’t know?

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  1. Skip says:

    We all seem to envision ourselves in the tiniest swimwear. That’s fine for the backyard I guess. I think the focus should be on just the classic speedo style that is more appropriate to wear in public. We all want to see more men wearing a speedos. Newcomers are going to suddenly start wearing a g string!

  2. Bikini Obsessed says:

    I hope T is reading this because I’d like to hear about the g-string guitar playing : )

    • T says:

      Hi Bikini Obsessed. If you scroll back to 4th May 2018 and the topic “Caught with your pants down.” you will be able to read about several of my experiences including the one with the guitar.Enjoy(lol).

  3. SM_Thongguy says:

    I have a few uh oh moments.

    Most recently, I wore a Polymide thong to work which I bought from China. The morning I got dressed… I thought it’s a bit tight even in size large.

    It didn’t go down well at all. By lunch time I was chatting to an ex colleague and told her I made I grave mistake in my underwear. To my surprise she just asked are you wearing a thong. I just replied yes. She laughed via WhatsApp but also sent Inlove faces so that is a positive. However that thong pack of 5 will not be worn soon.

    A previous occasion, I headed to gym on a Saturday as it’s not so full. Then brought a thong along for post shower. Gym was empty. Got to shower worked back to locker, towel wrapped around me. Took out my bag. So a guy walked in and his locker was close to mine
    So I took the thong and placed inside shorts and made as if I’m going commando. Ended up with the side strap in my Crack πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Got to work and changed in cubicle.

    Last story could be my cheeckish thongs. Those JS styles. The back looks really good but bc the pouch is so small the its a uh oh.. What was I thinking. I have two of those and wearing it all day is a grave mistake.

    Luckily have not been caught in a thong. Yet I do feel when I get dressed in morning.. If I were to get caught in thong would this be the one.

    Getting to wear thongs daily to work now since I don’t go to gym post work.

  4. DonS says:

    I’m definitely guilty of buying multiple items of the same style without testing first. My rationale is that if the style is OK then I have saved on, sometimes, substantial postage. My success rate is only about 50% unfortunately.

    The only “what was I thinking” moments was when I have purchased items of a style that looked good on the website but were not for me once tried. That has happened more than once, hence the wish that stores would stock more styles of men’s underwear, or have specialty men’s underwear stores as there are for women. That way it would be easy to see what the product looked like.

    No “uh-oh” moments that I can think of.

    There have been “what were they thinking” times. The obvious being Kiniki’s desire (??) to change the sizing with the Newton G-string so that a size S in every other style that fits comfortably is too tight in the Newton. That’s a common complaint with the Newton. I said “desire” a bit tongue-in-cheek, I suspect it’s more a design or manufacturing fault, but why has it not been fixed given the number of complaints on FEEFO. Kiniki pushed the comfort of the micro-fibre fabric at the time, but I have not purchased any more of them.

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