Blog Ideas Revisited

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It’s been a few months, since I posted about ideas swirling around the blog. Read it here. One decision I made was I’m not doing advertising on the blog at this point in time. I did have an interest, but … Continued

Blog Changes Brainstorming

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First off I want to thank my loyal followers and all the positive comments I’ve gotten from readers. It’s good to know what I’m doing that there are people enjoying it. That helps keep me at it. Now I’m still … Continued

Thongs 101 for UNB Blog

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Seems like when summer comes along it makes it hard for me to keep up with my weekly posting. Plus ideas haven’t been flowing from me lately. This week I decided to promote the Thongs 101 series that I’ve been … Continued

Underwear Addiction

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Do you have an underwear addiction or maybe a swimwear addiction? Then you can join the club. I’ve been addicted to bikini and thong underwear ever since I first tried them on. We normally relate addiction to being a negative … Continued

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