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Share the Goods: SM_Thongguy BIkinis & Thongs Round 2 1

Share the Goods: SM_Thongguy’s 2nd Round

SM_Thongguy submitted a second round to the “Share the Goods” Series. These are some new additions, since his last submission. Let’s take a look. Burnt orange polymide thong. Ordered yellow got this instead. Really...

Share the Goods Greg's Thongs 2

Share the Goods: Greg’s Thong Collection

This week is a “Share the Goods” series with submission from Greg. Greg knows what he likes and sticks with it. He has his main selection down to two brands and one style in...

Share the Goods (Underwear and Swimwear) 3

Share the Goods (Underwear and Swimwear)

A little while back I shared what swimsuits were in my swim collection and how they fit into where I would be comfortable wearing them. SM_Thongguy suggested allowing you to submit your underwear and/or...