Don’t Be Underwear Shy

Don't be underwear shy

Ok, I am one that fits into the category of being underwear shy. Though I am doing better about it. I’ve touch on this topic some in the past, but feel it is an important one for me to address myself. Most of my bikini and thong wearing life, I’ve been careful to not put my underwear on display for others to see. I try to be discreet when changing when people are around. I know I can’t be the only one like this.

So why am I saying don’t be underwear shy when I’m a culprit of it. I guess with age I’m starting to get wiser. I’m caring less about what people think or may say. Along with others saying that we just need to say screw it and do what we want and enjoy it. By not being shy about it and allowing people to possibly see us in our bikini or thong underwear, we make other guys aware it is available for men. Not just that, it also says there are ordinary guys that wear them. With luck we might get one of them wondering about what it would be like wearing that type of underwear. I’m sure when someone sees a guy in a bikini or thong it is going to stick in their mind over a guy in boxers or briefs. I’ve said it before that I’m seeing this as a way to try spreading the word of men’s bikinis and thongs. So far it is the only way I’ve come up with reaching guys that aren’t seeking it out and coming to my blog.

This doesn’t mean I’m going to prance around the locker room in just my undies. I’m trying to be less discreet and not change as quick when in a locker room. Maybe that will be enough to get someone to go find a pair for themselves. I can’t think of any other places that you can promote your underwear where it is natural to see others in theirs. The only other place I’ve been in a position of displaying my underwear is at the doctors. Hard to be discreet there unless you’re keeping boxers around for that occasion. I’m thong shy there, but no problems wearing a bikini. Are you underwear shy?

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  1. T says:

    Anyone who has read any of my contributions to this blog will know that I’m not exactly shy when it comes to displaying my underwear(understatement of the year,says Nate),but it hasn’t always been that way.

    In the long and distant past when you could find sexy,daring bikini briefs,thongs and even g-strings in the men’s department of your local shops,I can still remember feeling apprehensive and embarrassed that someone would see me standing by the thong display,and even more so if I reached up and picked one off the rack for a closer look. Then of course you had the long walk(actually a short distance,but it seemed much longer),to the pay desk where you prayed that the person at the till would not pass comment or make eye contact with you,and you wouldn’t have a queue forming behind you with inquisitive eyes burning in to the back of your head as each backless creation was lifted out from its carefully concealed place in the basket and held up to be scanned.

    Nowadays,the internet has made buying sexy underwear a painless,one click breeze,and you’ll be lucky to find anything remotely skimpy in local menswear shops,but I’d like to think that if there were shops still selling my kind of undies,I’d have no qualms about buying from them.

    Have to agree with Nate when he says that as he gets older and wiser,he cares less about what people might say about his choice of underwear,and that by being willing to be seen in our skimpy attire by other guys,is the best way to possibly inspire them to follow our example.
    I can’t say for sure that any of the delivery guys who have come to my door and saw me in a g-string have rushed home and ordered one to try for themselves,or that anyone passing my back garden has clocked my strings swaying in unison on the washing line and wrongly thought that a male stripper resides here(in my dreams),but I do know that we CAN influence other guys,from personal experience.

    Last year,while on holiday,I saw my first Italian guy wearing a thong at the seaside. I can honestly say I wouldn’t normally have had the courage to speak to him,but I was curious to know why he favoured a thong. He,in turn,was inquisitive about my g-string. The outcome of this chance meeting(and with the help of Nate),is that we now communicate regularly via the internet,and now he is also a confirmed g-string wearer. Obviously the jump from a thong to a g-string is minor compared to say board shorts to a thong,but it still shows that we can be a positive influence.
    So,come on guys! Don’t be underwear(or swim wear) shy!

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Got a chuckle with the understatement of the year :D. That is a good description of how it some times feels buying in person. I like to think it wouldn’t be quite like that now a days, but I’m sure there would still be some anxiousness there.

  2. AC says:

    Hello TBD,
    Well, I’m not underwear shy, also I’m proud of it.
    Because my busy schedule, I take shower at my gym after workout, and when I dress up front few of my fellow at the gym and I wear my bikini or thong proudly and they haven’t done any comment also I think they got used to it, aslo one of my friends lookedat me when I was wearing a thong on front of him, I don’t know if he wear them, but definitely I can tell you guy, he was very curious about it.
    I wear spandex st the gym and always I wear thong under them, I believe some people already caught I’m a thonger and one my friend one time ask me “what are you wearing? ?”. My answer was… “well I know my undies are very uncommon but I like them and they are so Comfy for me”.
    Since then they are getting use and they don’t care, I don’t think they feel inspired to wear skimpy undies, but at least they know now, skimpy underwear exist.

  3. OLS says:

    I am partially shy. At the gym I wear things and minimal bikinis under my shorts. I don’t show them when undressing or taking a shower but I know that the outline can be seen over my shorts or pants when exercising. On the beach, I don’t mind showing my minimal coverage swimwear as long as others are doing the same. If I spot someone in a thong or cheeky swimwear I have no problem walking in front of them of going to the water.

    Recently, I bought some Joe Snyder Sock It collection. Just by wearing this style under clothes is a statement for not being shy. Believe me that these are in the very minimal and bulgy department. I like the style and the enhancing effect but they are not the usual size for Joe Snyder. Buying one or two sizes up is your best bet. They are not necessarily my cup of tea but got them to change gears.

    Likely would not share my choice of undies with friends.

    • AC says:

      It’s cool you thong or bikini st the beach when someone else is doing it, but, what about if that someone else is thinking the same as you and he wouldn’t wear his skimpy swimwear because nobody else is doing it. I know guys, it’s hard to be the one, but probably it’s time to break stigmas and… I wanna be my own hero, i gotta be honest couple times I wore thong at the beach and at the time I’m wearing thong in public I started to regretting, but I’m there already, and if I back off those stigmas never going to go away.
      It’s touch to do it, but i believe we are smart enough to know when and how should do it.

      • OLS says:

        AC, I applaud you for being brave. Hate stigmas. I may do it next time. Perhaps it’s you I’ve seen at the beach and who gave me the courage to spend all day in a thong.

        • AC says:

          Hahaha maybe, depend where you are or where maybe you saw me.
          But honestly guys, since I found this blog I’m feeling braver to be myself, because probably under those boxers the guys are wearing, there are men like us whose like thong and undies and they don’t feel inspired enough to do it.

          • OLS says:

            From what I’ve been noticing in social media seems that more men are wearing very skimpy underwear lately. They’re are showing more whether it is because they going to the gym and want to show off or just because are trying something different. A lot of selfies, picture with friends, etc. It’s encouraging for me.

  4. JM says:

    I’m right there with you TBD, though it may be my exhibitionist side coming out a bit. LoL!!!

    Like you, I don’t prance around the locker room in my undies, but by the same token I’m in no rush to get dressed either. I take my time and don’t bother hiding anything at all.

    I’ve also taken to wearing cock rings to the locker room. I go to a pool to swim laps most days and I wear whatever undies I feel like when I go. I’ll usually wear a steel or stainless steel cock ring to the locker room and switch it out for a TPE cock ring for swimming. The TPE is flexible, stretchy, and much smaller in diameter than the metal cock rings I wear. This is good for wearing in the pool while swimming. I always try to just relax and take my time and be friendly with the other people who are in there.

  5. T says:

    Hi JM. I think I can safely say that wearing a cock ring at your local pool more than qualifies you for the title of exhibitionist. I would also hazard a guess that the other people there can plainly see how friendly and pleased you are to see them(LOL). Do they pass comment on your “manly undies”(lol), in the locker room?

    • JM says:

      Hey T. No, no one has ever really said anything. Though one day I was standing there in my Joe Snyder Launch boxer briefs when a fellow came around the corner. I heard him say “Woah!” under his breath and when I looked at him his eyes were dinner plates. I just grinned at him and he moved on about his business. I’m not sure if his reaction was to seeing me filling the pouch on those undies or if it was because they are a really bright neon yellow. I’m guessing it was the bright color because I’m just not that well endowed. Hahaha!!!

      • T says:

        Hello again JM. Just checked out the Joe Snyder Launch boxer briefs in neon yellow on Amazon. WOW!!!! I swear I could stare directly at the sun for 10 minutes and it would do less damage to my eyes than a quick glance of those pants on a computer screen.
        The poor guy who came round the corner and muttered “Woah!” under his breath,showed remarkable restraint. I,on the other hand,would have adopted full Gremlin mode and screamed “Bright Light!,Bright Light!” while covering my eyes. Speaking of which…… did you notice an image of your C-ring enhanced meat and two veg on the dinner plates that once were that poor man’s eyes?

        • JM says:

          You’re right. They are that bright in real life, too! Though no, I didn’t really see any reflection in his eyes other than that bright, vivid yellow! LoL!!!

  6. Mark says:

    I am a regular bikini brief/thong wearer but a while back I traveled to the mid-west to see a museum with my younger brother and we stayed a nearby motel and shared a room together for a few days. We have not been in each other’s company for bed since we were in our teens (we’re both over 60 now.)

    I started out wearing a bikini then decided to be honest and go with my usual cotton thong for bed and he was totally non plused (I think I was more surprised that he was still wearing the same kind of briefs we both wore back then!)

    I have also started to wear a water polo briefs (2 inch sides) at my local gym rather than go through taking on and off what I was wearing to work out then into a brief for the pool unless I go with a bikini or a thong (the later if I’m by myself in the pool or I’ll ask if only one or two adults if they object.)

    Regarding others doing the same, unfortunately not many and I’ve only seen one other man in a thong in the dressing room but we did not speak to each other because he was with friends. As others have said, keep up the effort and act naturally and it does feel that way the more you do it.

  7. G-string Guy says:

    I am underwear shy. Today at the gym I just finished showering and was drying off. Instead of putting my cute dark grey g-string on at my locker I went into a changing stall for privacy. I actually want to put my g-string on out in the open! I have done this before but would like the courage to change in the open just like anyone else. Next time no changing stall and I hope I pack a pink g-string! ?

    • T says:

      I’m sure once you’ve plucked up the courage to do it out in the open,you’ll never look back,and will wonder what you were worried about.Good luck and let us know how you got on.

  8. Mark says:

    So, have you taken the ‘plunge’? When I go to the gym and I’m out in public, I like Speedos to swim and change into a thong after showering, sometimes a solid color other times a print as the mood strikes me. Guess what, the sky has not fallen and life goes on. Too bad that others do not do the same but I’m going to keep doing what makes me feel good

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