Have you been caught with your pants down?

Caught with pants down

I was having a hard time finding a good image representation. So I hopped on the band wagon with the typical representation we get of us in skimpy underwear and swimwear.

This is another posted inspired by T who has been caught with his pants down a time or two or maybe even more. Most of us probably do like to hang around the house in our underwear. Maybe break out the skimpy swimwear in the privacy of our yard. I for one have done both. So the question is have you ever been caught in your skimpies?

So far I haven’t been caught with my pants down or if I have I wasn’t made aware of it by the person catching me. I’ve had people come to the door when in my underwear, but I go grab some clothes quickly before answering. I don’t have the balls to answer in next to nothing like some do. The same goes with swimwear. If I’ve been seen in them, it has been by my choice.

Next thought is would it be a bad thing to get caught wearing a bikini or a thong? Guess it would depend for me. I’d probably rather be caught by someone I don’t know in my underwear. With swimwear it would depend on the suit. If a swim bikini then I’d probably be able to manage anyone. A swim thong or a swim bikini on the skimpy side, I’d prefer a stranger again. Maybe I should rethink that, because maybe it wouldn’t be a bad thing being caught. Could be a good way to get a conversation started on the topic. Would be a way to help promote them. If I had a preference I’d still want the displaying of my underwear and swimwear to be by my choice. Guess I should make the choice and keep pushing myself out of the comfort zone.

If you have been caught with your pants off, let us know. Was it a stranger or someone you knew? Did it turn out to be a positive experience?

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7 Responses

  1. T says:

    I know there are lots of youtube clips of guys ordering pizzas etc and then answering the door wearing a thong,or even totally naked when the unsuspecting delivery driver rings the bell.
    My take on this particular subject was to focus more on the unexpected arrival of a postman,delivery man,electric meter reader etc who catches you in your underwear when you open the door. I dare say all of the above have seen more than their fair share of customers in various states of undress and it’s probably almost a daily occurrence when you are required to enter people’s homes at all hours of the day. However,I would hazard a guess that they are more likely to remember the one guy who opens the door in a g-string,rather than the 20 who wear baggy boxers.

    Over the years it’s true to say that I’ve answered the door many times wearing just a g-string,but that is to be expected when I do prefer to lounge about the house in my undies for most of the year. This has lead to some funny encounters,as you can imagine,but the tale I’m about to tell took place,not at my front door,but in the privacy??? of my enclosed back garden.

    One hot sunny day last year,I came home for lunch and discovered the usual note from my window cleaner saying that my windows had been cleaned. This was perfect timing as it meant that I could sunbathe naked at my favourite sun spot just below my kitchen window and behind my refuse bins,safe from any prying eyes. Having made sure the back gate was bolted and locked,I stripped off in the house and slipped a C-string on for the short walk to my sun lounger.Lying back,I removed the C-string and reveled in the blissful sensation of having my privates gently warmed by the sun. My sense of euphoria was well and truly shattered when I heard the unmistakable sound of someone trying to open the locked gate. I sat up quickly,and to my horror I saw a hand reaching over the top of the gate and fumbling to open the bolt. In an instant the bolt was released and the gate flew open to reveal my window cleaner. I apologized for locking the gate saying that I thought he had finished,and he explained that he had ran out of water before he could clean my back windows. There was no time for me to make a dash for the sanctuary of my back door,so I quickly slipped the C-string back on and raised and bent my right leg in an effort to conceal it. Of course,anyone who has worn a C-string will know that from certain angles e.g the sides,you can’t see it,so I’m pretty sure my window cleaner thought I was totally naked, which would explain why he desperately tried to avoid turning round to face me while making polite conversation. Thankfully I didn’t have to stand up and move the sun lounger to give him room to clean the kitchen window,and after what seemed like an eternity,he finished his work and with barely(lol) a backward glance,he left closing the gate behind him.
    I was so thankful that I had taken the C-string with me,because even though the guy had seen me many times in my underwear when he came to collect the money,this was a whole new ball game(lol).

    P.S Believe it or not, I’ve just had a courier deliver a parcel to me while I was typing this message,and he didn’t bat an eyelid when he saw my new purple g-string.

    So guys,never be afraid to flash your undies when an unexpected visitor arrives. Remember,it’s your house and you didn’t invite them!

  2. EJ says:

    I said before T- you got big stones. I’m not as bashful sunbathing wearing a g string like I used to be maybe inspired by you and this blog. I’d set up trash barrels so neighbors wouldn’t get a free show, but i been sunnin a few times last couple weeks with less barrels. It could be too I just got my 1st g string swimsuit a few days ago and I’d have no problem wearing it at a beach that allows it. Could be a little exhibitionous maybe if I seem comfortable being seen in the good stuff folks that think it’s wrong or whatever would question why they think that.

    • T says:

      Hi EJ.

      Congratulations on buying your first g-string swimsuit,and well done on reducing the number of trash barrels that protect your modesty. Just make sure you don’t fall asleep behind them on the day that they get picked up for emptying by the binmen. Don’t want to give some old guy a cardiac arrest(lol).

      I think most of the guys who follow this blog would admit to being something of an exhibitionist at times,but I also feel,for most of us not blessed with a gym bunny buff bod,that perhaps we’re just seeking a degree of body acceptance as well as testing the waters when we push the envelope by wearing something society in general deems inappropriate.

      You are so right about appearing comfortable in front of people when wearing “the good stuff.” If you behave in a nervous manner when wearing a g-string,thong etc on a beach,then the people around you are going to pick up on that and are more likely to pass comment in a negative way.

      I know I seem to have something of a reputation on this blog for my g-string clad encounters with visitors to my door(can’t think why),and I had to laugh when Nate began this latest post by stating that I had been caught with my pants down “a time or two or maybe even more.” Thanks for that,Nate (lol). And as if to prove his point…………..
      Today was the hottest,sunniest day of the year in my hometown,and I spent a good part of the day in my back garden,as nature intended i.e naked. Once the sun had cleared the back garden,I decided to continue my sun worshiping on the step outside my front door which has a large rosebush on the left which offers a certain amount of privacy. Having pulled on a snug fitting g-string(even I wouldn’t have the stones to sit naked in clear view of anyone walking by on the footpath at the end of my garden),I took out a deckchair and made myself comfortable placing a cushion on my right side which meant anyone going past would only see what I was wearing if they were standing directly in front of me. Well,what do you know? I was sitting reading a magazine when a guy from the flats nearby on my right came by with his recently acquired dog,and stopped to say hello. As we chatted,he came up my garden path and stood just a few feet in front of me while keeping the dog on its lead. Because he was wearing dark sunglasses,I couldn’t really tell if he was staring at my crotch,but he must have noticed that I was wearing a pouch that had two narrow strings disappearing behind me and was obviously a g-string. He didn’t mention it and certainly didn’t appear to be embarrassed and I was totally relaxed, so it must have appeared perfectly normal to him.
      Perhaps I should check out his washing line and see if he is a secret string wearer.

  3. Jeff says:

    I’ve been seen in thongs, bikini underwear and swimwear intentionally a number of times in random gyms/ pools when I am sure I won’t know anyone. And like some of you I may like to be a bit of an exhibitionist, again when I’m sure I’m far enough away from home so I will not know anyone.
    I have been caught by my neighbors at home however…I was sitting out back with the wife, her in a bikini and me in bikini brief and my much older neighbor came walking over from his yard. He was talking about cutting a tree down or something on his lot and asking my opinion as he walked closer. I don’t remember if I had shorts close or not but I was to relaxed to worry about trying to cover up. He did a double take when he saw what I was wearing but I didn’t react, or stand up, but had a friendly conversation with him and I tried to act as if nothing was abnormal about me in a swim brief. I was comfortable ( maybe buzzed) enough to own it and not act embarrassed and it’s never been brought back to my attention positively or negatively

  4. OLS says:

    Although I walk around my house in very skimpy underwear I haven’t feel the need to answer my door almost naked for others to see. I put a shirt and pants to do so. The beach is different

    I go to the beach and stay away from the crowd so I can wear my thongs and cheeky swimwear and be seen by nobody (I am OK with other guys who are wearing things to see me; a little exhibitionism). I’m usually aware of my surroundings jist im case I need to cover up. I think that in two occasions I’ve bee caught as I was sunbathing laying down on my belly and didn’t mind to look around for a while. Pretty sure that lady and guy who saw me went to tell other what they saw. Anyway, I’m im fairly good shape so hopefully they were not terrified.

  5. JM says:

    I wouldn’t say necessarily “caught”, but there have been plenty of times that I put myself “on display” so to speak.

    Many years ago I lived in a college town and I would rollerblade around the campus at night when things are quiet in nothing more than a little spandex. It was quite a thrilling experience to zip around while showing off.

    More recently, last Friday to be precise, I spent a good part of the day on Clearwater Beach in my Koala Pinnacle Bikini, and Saturday I was swimming in the resort’s pool in the same.

    It is always a liberating experience to be able to wear a comfortable swim suit that does not hang and bag like dork shorts. I just don’t understand why so many guys like to wear them!

  6. EJ says:

    I bet some of those guys would wear thongs bikinis etc if it was more accepted- people tend to follow the crowd, afraid of doing something different might lead to ridicule. Being seen intentionally in something different makes people see it, spreads cuz it’d be the new craze

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