Helena Christensen “It’s really intimidating…”

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intimidating to go on the beach in a  bikini

I came across this quote from Danish fashion model and photographer Helena Christensen. “It’s really intimidating to go on the beach in a bikini.” Now she is also a former Victoria’s Secret Angel. You’d think she’d would be use to wearing a bikini with no problem. If someone like that can be intimidated wearing one to the beach, then guess I shouldn’t feel too bad with my struggles to break out the swim brief. Yes, she is going to be under a microscope and being judge more than I would be. Still being a lone guy in a swim brief at the beach can be pretty intimidating.

With my limited public swim brief experience, I for the most part felt less intimidated once I was down to my swim brief. Though none of the times was at a busy beach or pool. Now getting down to the swim brief was/is always the biggest struggle. I’m always looking for the right moment for the reveal instead of just doing it once at a spot. Or just wearing it from the car to the beach like people suggest. I’ve been told it gets easier as you keep doing it, but still hasn’t for me. Much easier in my mind then when I get to the beach.

It is a bit surprising that it is intimidating for a women to wear a bikini. Especially one that was a model. I know self-consciousness can get the best of all of us, but at least it is pretty normal for a female to sport a bikini at the beach or pool. Would make life a lot easier for me if swim briefs were the norm around here for guys. I know I can’t let that stop me from wearing what I want. Here’s to beating the intimidation and continuing to chip away at it this summer.

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  1. You’re not alone in your fear and intimidation, but think of how many other guys feel the same way? Be confident in yourself and be a trend setter. We’re a species that tends to follow the herd.
    If other guys see you in a brief and confident in it they might be encouraged to do it as well. I had the same fears, but honestly no one really pays that much attention. I’ve found the best way to do it is to wear your brief under your shorts, get yourself to your spot on the beach, lay out your towel or chair and off come the shorts. I think people are more accepting of this mode rather than jumping out of the car in your brief as this can be seen as showing off. Just my thoughts, but it’s worked for me for years.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Hi John…I agree that removing the shorts at the spot you set up does seem more natural. Would be the route I’d take. I start out confident, but it starts to dissipate as I get closer to the beach! Will keep working on keeping it up.

  2. There will always be people ready to criticize someone as beautiful and as near perfect looking as the former supermodel Helena Christensen. When you are bestowed with such a title,you really are on a hiding to nothing,and rest assured,the slightest imperfection will be magnified and commented on.I can totally understand why she would find it intimidating to wear a bikini in public.
    If everyone who has even the slightest negative feelings about stripping down to their swimsuits in public decided to cover up,there would be very few near naked bodies on show.Thankfully,the majority of us are seemingly able to overcome our genuine fear of possible ridicule at the hands of others,and bare as much or as little as we please.
    I will admit that I do feel body conscious when I see the tanned,well built,speedo clad physiques of the Italian men at my regular holiday destination,but it doesn’t bother me to the extent that I feel the need to cover up in baggy boardshorts and t-shirts.
    I don’t see the day when wearing swim briefs will become the “norm” in places like America and the United Kingdom,so it looks like you’ll have to move to Southern Europe to get your wish,BD.

    • I don’t think they’ll become the norm either. Would be nice, but would be really high hopes. Still nice to dream. I do believe there are some areas of the US that you can go and not be the only swim brief wearer. Unfortunately none close to where I live, but I know I just need to wear what I want and not be one of the herd.

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