Hey Guys Get Out of the Underwear Rut

underwear-rutIf you have read my past posts, about me, or the description of my blog, you probably figured I have a passion for bikinis and thongs. If you are a women, then you probably would understand liking to have a variety of underwear and/or swimwear to choose from. What’s so fun wearing the same boring underwear day after day after day after day. Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up in the morning and pick out a pair to match your mood or even occasion?

Say you are planning to go to the zoo then you can choose an animal print. Going to work out then how about a moisture wicking or a fast drying pair. Going for sexy, then whip out something skimpy like a thong. Color coordinate for the holiday or just with what you are wearing. Pick the amount of coverage or non-coverage you want for the day. Going to be doing a lot of moving around then maybe you want a full back bikini or just go with the thong, which will stay right where it belongs. Go out and try some new styles, add variety and a little spice to that underwear drawer, and have some fun with it.

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  1. Tim says:

    Straight men tend not to wear thongs because they are associated with gay men. I think I saw another comment about them needing to be marketed more effectively. That would need a female model looking and responding to show she likes her man in a thong. Since women often buy most of their man’s underwear, they are the ones to influence.

    • Yes, unfortunately skimpy styles of men’s underwear carries the stigma as gay though I think some depends on where you live. Though that openness seems to be limited. I do believe some brands are starting to get the picture of what needs changed to market to the straight guy. Seeing it more from brands that carry men’s and women’s and typically those aren’t the ones that carry skimpier men’s lines.

    • Black Stallion says:

      Real men don’t need a woman to validate the clothes he wears.
      Its only weak minded men who looks for validation from other men and or women when it comes to his choice of clothes.
      And Clothes don’t validate your sexuality, after all, i see lots of gay men wearing boxers, timberlands, baggy jeans, polos, and pull overs, air maxes, etc.
      Yes, Gay men wear it all and so do women, its plain and simple ignorance.

  2. EJ says:

    We’ll put BS, every word is true

  3. EJ says:

    Well put-damn auto correct

  4. EJ says:

    I seen the light-until I found this blog last week I’d wear boring boxer briefs to work or if I was gonna party, drink a lot etc-but why? It’s amazing what wearing for a relatively small part of the wardrobe either way does for the mind

  5. Ash says:

    I kindagot out of the rut about 8 years ago by switching from boxers to briefs colourful and pattterned ones then about 6 years ago I bought my first thong since then I bought a few more and love wearing them never really at work though until last month anyway when I looked at my underwear drawer and realised that I don’t wear most of what is in there so I went on line did some shopping and 3 days later I found my self throwing out all bar my top 5 briefs and I haven’t worn a single pair of them since. In fact the only time I wear a brief of is for swimming and I havnt looked back

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