Hiding Your Bikinis and Thongs

Hiding Your Bikinis and Thongs

This post is inspired by a question from one of my loyal readers, T. He put this question out there and you can answer it in the comments.

Do the guys who wear thongs hang them up outside on the washing line for all to see, or do they keep them indoors to dry for fear of negative comments from neighbours?

This post is not going to be all about the question, but first I’ll answer it and then move on to the topic related to it. My answer to the question is I use to hang my underwear out to dry. Now a days I just find it easier to throw them on the drying rack in the laundry room. My neighbors aren’t really close to us and I rarely talk to them, so wouldn’t bother me to put them on display. Plus they might not know if they are mine or my wife’s from far away anyhow. I do think it is fun to see undies hanging out on the clothes line.

In this post I want to touch on more of a fear of someone finding out you wear bikinis or thongs or against the norm undies. I’ve talked to guys that are really fearful that a friend or acquaintance is going to get a peek of their underwear. So they really limit the times they can slip on something a bit sexy. Yes, I do choice my underwear based on the situation, but mainly I typically avoid wearing underwear on the sheer side if I’m going to be seen in them. Thongs I avoided at the doctor’s office so far. I may avoid them in other situations, but when wearing one in a situation I’ll be seen, I keep my rear away from others. So I do hide somewhat, but those occasion do not happen often.

In the 20 plus years of wearing bikinis and thongs I haven’t had an issue with friends learning I wear them. At least none of them have mentioned getting a glance of the unmentionables. So if you’re not wearing low rise jeans with a short shirt, then you probably aren’t going to be revealing your underwear to someone you know. If you are wearing a pair of underwear with a branded elastic waistband that sticks out then they won’t be able to differentiate them from boxer briefs or briefs. I wear what I call true bikinis and thongs, which do not have branded waistbands. As of yet, I still haven’t been in any awkward situations with people I know about my underwear preference.

If a friend I knew happened to find out I’m wearing a thong or bikini, I would expect respect from them. Otherwise I wouldn’t consider them a real friend. They may crack a joke, but I would expect them to limit them and not spread the word. It may not end up being a bad thing at all if they found out. You never know it could get them interested in giving one a try if they know you find them comfortable.

I wouldn’t let someone finding out you like to wear bikini and/or thong underwear dictate when you wear them. The odds are they’re not going to know what you are wearing. That is why they’re worn under your clothes and called unmentionables. You don’t have to put them on display for the world to see. Do you struggle with when you wear them? Or are you somewhat selective like I am? Or do you just wear what you want and not care? Share with us in the comments.

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  1. RT says:

    I do not hang my undies in a clothesline outside. I actually never hang any clothes outside. Either the dryer or in a clothesline in the laundry room. I actually would not like neighbors to see what I wear although I have wondered for the longest time “what if”. Anyway, I barely know them.

    I don’t recall an instance in which someone saw my underwear or had a glimpse of a string, etc. I remember once at work once my pants were riding too low and upon trying to fix them I realized that the string of my thing was showing. Probably no one saw as my shirt was covering my waist.

    As I mentioned in other posts the times I think someone has realized I wear thongs or tangas, or cheeky underwear is when I’m at the gym, or if I bend over and they notice the lines, or coming out of the swimming pool when shorts are sticking to the skin because of the water.

    Recently I have been wearing thongs, and very skimpy underwear no matter the situation. I choose the style and material depending on if I wear dress pants, or jeans, or shorts, etc but have left out briefs from my day to day. I think I would suffer great embarrassment if a friend or acquaintance knew and even more so if they pointed that out. i might have to learn not to care and move on. As mentioned in other post at the beach I have no problem if other are wearing similar attire.

  2. EJ says:

    I don’t have a clothes line outside- I hang my g strings on hangers w/hooks in a closet. I would hang them outside if it was possible, they’d dry faster outside I think. Let em check out your underwear

  3. T says:

    Hi BD. Where does the time go? Can’t believe I asked this question on September 18th 2016 in your “I’m a male thong wearer” post on January 20th 2016. Don’t want to repeat the story about my neighbour’s hysterical reaction to seeing my g-strings on the washing line,but hopefully some of your followers will get a laugh if they decide to read it.
    Hanging your undies out on the line is one way of advertising to your neighbours that you don’t follow the crowd when it comes to underwear preferences. For the more daring(and I speak from experience),you might enjoy mowing the lawn or weeding the garden clad only in a g-string,especially if it’s a hot sunny day and you want to get a maximum tan.A less obvious way,but still effective,is to wear your skimpy undies under a pair of white shorts or trousers. Mind you,if it’s a g-string,and you don’t have a VPL on display,people might wrongly assume that you are going commando,but that’s a whole other ball game (lol) for another day.
    On the subject of “fear somebody you know will find out you wear thongs etc.”
    Over the years I have given quite a few g-strings or thongs as cheeky gifts to departing work colleagues and to close friends at Christmas. The usual reaction is one of wide eyed surprise followed by “how am I going to fit into that?” Most of these “gifts” are probably hidden away at the bottom of a drawer,but on a few occasions I’ve received positive feedback about the “enhancing” qualities of the posing pouch on the recipient’s package.
    To all your followers I would say don’t be afraid to show off your undies on washing lines,gym changing rooms etc,cos maybe,just maybe, you will unknowingly inspire some guy to ditch his boring boxers and follow your example.

    • Hi T. Think you brought it up another time when I was struggling with ideas earlier this year. But you are right about time flying by. Awesome that you’re gifting g-strings and thongs. We need to wear them proudly and hope that it does rub off on other guys. Started working on a post sort of along these lines.

    • Tim H. says:

      Man! I would love to work out in my yard with only a g-string on. Here in NC there seems to always be some eternal controversy about wearing thongs in public. I think they’re legal to wear but to be totally safe I’m going to make an appointment with an attorney who has experience with indecent exposure cases here in NC. I’ll be sure to relay the info to all of you. Be safe! Know the laws for your area. Don’t guess at it!!

  4. Dave says:

    Wow, so glad I found this place. I have a real passion for undies. As in, 300+ pairs in my current collection. Strings and thongs that run the gamut from sporty and double-ply to lacey, feminine and barely there! Not sure if I have anything much to add, just wanted to say THANKS. #thonglife

  5. jr says:

    I usually hang my underwear outside on the clothes line, though it only mostly visible from one side. I hang my thongs, jocks and bikinis out on the line but hang them on the line behind jeans and shirts so they are less visible from my neighbors. Though I did have a couple instances were the neighborhood ladies have seen underwear swaying in the breeze. One instance she had come to visit and said hello just as I hanging one of my jocks , she smiled a little and kept talking , I definitely got nervous and probably turned a couple shades of red ! She has never said anything or giving me a hard time bout this, so I guess i probably got lucky!!
    I am usually pretty shy when it comes to letting people know what style of underwear I wear. I wear anything from bikinis to g strings during the week , but I too would be embarrassed if someone noticed I was wearing a thong.

    • T says:

      Hi JR. Did it never occur to you that the lady visitor might have been watching you hanging up your washing and had timed her visit(to borrow a cup of sugar?)to coincide with you with your jock in your hands?(lol). Also,jock straps are probably more acceptable to the general public than male thongs due to their association with traditionally macho sports like rugby etc. I’m sure this lady was secretly delighted to discover that you wore butt revealing jocks and she probably enjoyed the fact that you got slightly embarrassed when she saw them.
      Now I don’t wish to alarm you, but next time you hang up your undies on the line,you should count how many there are,cos something tells me that one of them will mysteriously “disappear” and will find itself under the pillow of your lady visitor(lol).
      p.s In my spare time I solve unsolved crimes!!!!!

  6. jr says:

    Hi T
    Yes I did happen to think of that being more than a coincidence, thinking what are the odds! Lol ! So far so good , no missing underwear yet.

  7. Ash says:

    Thank you BD for this interesting article ….it caught my attention. As a fellow bikini wearer (I do have some thongs) I’ve struggled with this for years. I go between hiding and concealing them (almost as a closely guarded secret) to the opposite where I proudly display them. I’m trying to wrap my head around this as to why I do this?! I feel that maybe some of it is societal and has to do with current trends for mens underwear. I have 2 roommates and one of them is new to living with us and up until he moved in I haven’t ‘exposed’ my bikini underwear wearing to my longtime roommate (he is a boxer wearing guy – only ever seen him wear boxers) our new roommate is from Germany and he’s an easy going guy and works as a roofer. I’m going to be very raw in what I reveal as I write this so bear with me lol. I’ve had a real urge to walk around wearing only my bikini briefs in front of german roommate, and that I did. It felt really good. Felt really good to be wearing skimpy briefs around another guy. Sometimes I wonder why I want to do this? Anyway, the first time he saw me in them he didn’t even react. I also joked around with him about what I was wearing to not seem too weird or in case he felt uncomfortable. Ever since I started wearing bikini briefs in my teens I’ve had the strong urge to ‘show off’ – esp to other guys. Any other guys relate to this or have similar stories/experiences? I feel that to wear bikini briefs that they almost should be seen as opposed to them being some ‘dirty little secret’. I was also thinking that my roommate being from Germany is probably more comfortable with seeing the human body. Sometimes I wonder if I’m a raging exhibitionist though – getting a thrill out of my ‘bikini briefing’ – because, I’ll admit I do get a thrill out of being seen in my bikini briefs. Part of me wonders if that is wrong though. Looking forward to hearing back from you here on BD, I feel i’m in good company.

    • RT says:

      I kind of feel a thrill too when wearing thongs or bikinis in front of other guys that are wearing similar attire (this only at the beach). Not sure why but I feel a rush to show and be seen. I am not muscular but I go to the gym and I’m fit. Perhaps is an attempt to feel comfortable around them since they are also baring almost all and showing too. Since I like to take strolls on the beach to get a tan (as opposed to just lay down for hours) but feel limited even with fellow thongers around I usually feel this need fpr them to see me and see them to feel that I belong there and have nothing to worry about. So I understand it Ash.

    • Most of us I assume wear bikinis and/or thongs, because we like how we look in them. So to me it is natural to have some exhibition desire. Also I’d say a lot of us would like a male friend that understands or can relate with us (post sort of related coming one of these days). Good you didn’t get a negative reaction. It is just underwear and not a whole lot different than guys walking around the locker room nude. I’d be more comfortable in my undies though. We do need to wear them proudly when we’ll be seen in them.

  8. EJ says:

    I can relate Ash- I change into work clothes when I get to my job. 2 other guys do to when I take off my shorts to change into ones I wear home, I leave a t shirt on so not much can be seen, but when I’m in the mood for a kind of rush, I take off t shirt and there everything is.

  9. Ash says:

    RT I think I could relate to and what you said about being on the beach and being seen by other guys. I know I would feel the same in that situation. I’ve always wanted to have some guy friends that would be willing to wear a speedo with or to be seen wearing the same underwear even. EJ that is cool to hear about your experiences at work when you change into your work clothes. I remember when I was in Europe (I believe it was the Rhine river) I remembered seeing some guys on a container ship of some sort and they were all sun tanning on the deck in what must have been their underwear (which looked like speedos) so I’m thinking they must have been wearing bikinis. It was a cool sight to see. I wouldn’t mind doing a job like that where you could strip down to your bikinis and get your tan on : )

  10. EJ says:

    I work w/ 1 of those guys on a 2 man machine, I also make references to the ‘wild’ stuff I wear under my clothes, when changing I’m not in a rush to cover up

  11. Ash says:

    Hey EJ that is cool, what kind of a reaction do you get from the guys at work? There was one guy at work that talked about wearing real skimpy ‘v cut’ undies and made the v shape with his hands over his jeans to show the v cut he was talking about. I knew exactly what he was talking about.

  12. EJ says:

    1 of the guys starts later than us usually, but no reaction from the other guy- he thinks I’m metro anyway, we grew up in the same neighborhood. He’s probably the most open minded person I know. I could prance around work wearing only a g string and he wouldn’t bat an eyelash

  13. RT says:

    That’s cool EJ. Like Ash I would like to have that one friend who wears similar undies and that I could without reservation changes clothes and not be concerned that he saw my thong or tiny bikinis. Would be good to feel that if I undress for the beach, gym, or even knows that I am wearing barely there undies he (or even she) would not care and wear the same.

    I am the one at the gym who wears shorter than the norm slim fit shorts or wear tights to jog at the park wearing thongs or half/one third back bikinis underneath. That’s why, again, I love going to my beach spot. There, I can be seen and I can see a few others wearing next to nothing in comfort and feeling that rush. I wish I could go there more often.

  14. EJ says:

    My co worker uses boxers- not even the briefs he doesn’t get into other people’s business

  15. EJ says:

    It’d be very cool hangin around other guys wearin similar stuff, I live in an uptight part of the country where people believe something isn’t proper no one should do it. If there are guys around here wearin the good stuff they’ll hide that at all cost- me, I don’t care what people think. I wouldn’t go to a beach around here in a g string as much as I’d love to, I’d probably get arrested

  16. Paul says:

    I pretty much exclusively wear thongs or g-strings, with the occasional thong bodysuit thrown in. My wife tends to do the washing and through the summer months my underwear definitely goes out on the line. I’m past the stage of worrying what other people think. It’s only underwear! I’ve worn them to the doctors and regularly change into and out of them in the changing rooms. I do catch people checking them out fairly often, but then that could also be because I am waxed smooth and have thong tanlines.

    I know my friends must notice, as I wear tights or tight shorts to run, and I’m not too fastidious about avoiding thongs riding above my waistline in jeans, but I’ve only rarely had the odd question (usually from female friends), and never yet been openly laughed at or criticised for my choices.

  17. EJ says:

    Yer right Paul- it’s only underwear! People that don’t think it’s ‘normal’ or criticize etc are the ones with a problem- not us

  18. RT says:

    Answering BD questions in last paragraph. I have no problem wearing it. It’s people noticing. It’s so idiotic that other may label you just for your underwear. I feel great when wearing. My experiment at the gym the other day (it’s in another post in this blog) made me feel really good. Still fear that someone will give me looks or laugh but a taking steps forward. Answer to another question is that I am selective as I let only very few to see completely and with no reservations what I’m wearing.

  19. EJ says:

    Bottom line- if it shows you don’t care what people think of your underwear, they realize they can’t break your balls

  20. Tim H says:

    This is the best discussion I’ve ever read on the subject of minimal underwear and swimwear. Yes, it is essential that we, as wearers, stand up for ourselves and boldly wear these swimsuits where others can see them. I’m talking about doing it in a place where it’s legal according to community standards. I’m in NC and would like to know what the laws are regarding wearing thongs in public.
    I’m certainly into wearing thongs and g-strings around other guys doing the same. There is a real rush that goes through me when doing this. I sometimes spend time with groups of other guys who just want to be nude. I have no problem with this at all. -Tim H.

    • Hi Tim, Glad to hear you liked this post and discussion on it. Yes, leading by example is the best way to hopefully get others to follow, but not always the easiest thing to do. Outer Banks is suppose to be thong legal from what I heard, but never actually looked up the laws. I looked up the laws for the township I live in on the township website. Buttock expose is consider nudity here, which wasn’t surprising. So I’d check the township/city laws for the nudity law.

  21. RK says:

    Hello BD.
    Most of my male friends know that I wear bikinis and thong or g-string underwear, and don’t even blink an eye now. I think some of them are waiting to see just how tiny I can get with my underwear. It’s almost become a bit of a challenge to shock them with my latest find.
    And most have seen me in my micro-bikini swimsuits at our pool parties; usually get looks of admiration from the woman and quite a few of the men. I’ve even noticed some of the men getting aroused when they see me, even if they’re with their girl-friends/wives, which to me is the best sign of approval. My wife says I’m a tease…I say I’m just comfortable with my body.
    And like Tim H above, I like hanging out with some close male friends who want to be nude when swimming or just being. Feels very liberating to be so natural around other men, without having to worry about being judged about your size or shape, whether soft or when aroused as sometime happens.
    Men just need to get more comfortable with their bodies and stop worrying about being judged by others based on underwear preferences.

    • That’s how friends should treat it. Do you actually have conversation about underwear with them? I think in general we all need to get more comfortable. Personally I think I look better in bikinis and thongs than the so called “normal” men’s underwear and swimwear. Hard to put the judging beside because you know people are. I know I catch myself doing it, but then I come around with at least they’re wearing what they want and comfortable in it.

      • RK says:

        Hello BD
        I would not say “direct” conversations so much as “Those look cool. Where did you get those?” type of conversations. More of a throw-away conversation (as I am walking around showing them off) then a prolonged conversation on the merits, cut, quality, etc of the bikini. In essence, just enough to inform, but not enough to make anyone uncomfortable. We are guys, after all!

  22. Brian says:

    When I read the title of this post, I expected it to be about having some hidden drawer or bag that nobody else knows about that contains your collection of sexy underwear. I admittedly still do literally hide my collection if I am living with anyone else.

    For some reason I have always been very shy about revealing to friends and family that I like to wear skimpy bikinis, thongs, panties and sexy underwear in general. As a matter of fact, I have never really talked about it with anyone in person besides the handful of individuals I have been in intimate relationships with (and with all those I waited until it felt right but that’s an entirely different subject all together). I also think my parents know that I have and wear thongs, bikinis and panties because when I was younger and living with them I came home one day and found my drawer of “hidden” (lol) underwear left partially open and I am 99.9% sure I closed it. They have never mentioned anything about it to me though so I have never brought it up either so I just decided to leave it at that and not say anything. I honestly have no real desire to “come out” to my friends and family about my underwear preferences anyways.

    When I was in my early teens I had a small collection of thongs (probably 4 or 5 of them if I had to guess) that I would only wear if I was home alone or sometimes I would wear them to bed. For many years I did this even as my underwear collection grew larger and larger. It wasn’t until I lived on my own for the first time I decided I would wear a thong under my sweat pants on a quick trip to the grocery store one night and still remember how amazed I was (even after wearing thongs/bikinis only around the house for years) how great it felt to wear a thong under my normal clothes while running an errand out in public. I still remember being oddly nervous and even excited by the experience of knowing I was wearing a thong under my clothes in a public setting. After a while, any time that I was going to be out in public by myself (usually shopping or running errands) I always put a thong on under my pants or shorts. After months of doing this, I pretty much got in the habit of wearing sexy underwear (mostly thongs) all of the time to the point where I really didn’t even think anything of it anymore. One day during the summer time I was out shopping and I dropped my car keys while checking out. I was wearing a short white t-shirt and athletic shorts that were weighed down by the contents of my pocket. When I bent over the pick the keys up I realized my bright pink thong tail (that I totally forgot I as even wearing) was sticking way out. I quickly pulled my shirt down and stood up and when I glanced back in the checkout lane a tall young lady made eye-contact with me for just a second and smiled as my faced turned multiple shades of red. Even though I was extremely embarrassed in the moment, the fact that she smiled made me realize that she probably didn’t really care that she saw my thong peek out. I didn’t do anything wrong so I had nothing to be ashamed of really. I decided from that point on not to worry about accidentally exposing my underwear while out in public. I’m sure that since then I have obliviously done it to many other strangers and not a single person has ever said anything to me.

    My next big step was working up the courage to wear a thong to work under my work uniform. I was worried that If my thong got exposed at work that the word would spread rapidly in my gossipy work environment and that I would basically be forced to quit. One day all my boxers and boxer-briefs were sopping wet because I had forgotten to put them in the dryer and I needed to leave for work in about 10 minutes. I decided it was meant to be and wore a navy brazilian backed bikini (most conservative option) under my black pants and tucked in shirt. At first I was extremely paranoid that I was going to expose it some how and someone I knew would see it but as the day went on no matter how much I moved around or even bent over to pick something up my shirt always stayed tucked in so there was nothing to worry about all along. I even recall hearing some guests comment that I seemed in an especially good mood on that day and I knew exactly why. From then on I’ve basically worn every thong, bikini and even panties on occasion (depending on my mood) to work and it actually makes a big difference in how I feel.

    I still keep my underwear a secret from friends and family and although in a perfect world I would be completely open about it to everyone, I’m not ready to make that leap yet. After all, it is up to me what underwear I choose to wear, when I choose to wear it and who I choose to share it with. I’ve enjoyed sharing this to all who have read it and I’d like to thank whoever read it and BD for having this great site for men to discuss their love of thongs and bikinis.

    • Thanks for sharing your journey of becoming more comfortable wearing the underwear you prefer. I don’t discuss my underwear choice with friends or family. My Mom has seen some of my bikinis in the laundry. Not sure about the thongs, since didn’t throw them in the laundry when I lived at home. Not sure who knows about my swim brief desires. Keep on wearing with confidence.

  23. EJ says:

    True- underwear isn’t a common topic for conversation, but if it comes up I don’t care what people think- I’ll bring up sunbathing in g strings, wearing string bikinis etc. I’m much bolder in middle age- got nothing to prove, don’t need approval etc

  24. JESUS says:

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    • OLS says:

      Pues Jesús ese es mi caso. Casado pero uso thong y lo que llaman cheeky underwear que no es más que aquella pieza interior que no cubre el trasero completo. Me gustan los que cubren la mitad del trasero o menos. Joe Snyder y Daniel Alexander don mis marcas favoritas. Usualmente temo que se note la ropa interior por encima de la ropa pero he aprendido a que no me importe. La ropa que uso es usualmente bastante ceñida y más en el gimnasio sé que se nota lo que traigo puesto.

      La playa es donde no tengo ningún reparo en ponerme lo más pequeño que pueda. Claro siempre y cuando no esté muy cerca de la multitud. Nunca había podido escribir sobre esto hasta que encontré este website.

      • Tacoronte says:

        Creo que es la primera vez que leo comentarios en español en este sitio.

        Yo estoy en el norte de España y desde hace dos veranos uso tangas como ropa interior.
        Y desde luego cuelgan del tendal como toda la ropa cuando se hace la colada en casa y no me importa que los vean los vecinos.

        Incluso los he usado cuando voy al vestuario del gimnasio y piscina, pero sólo en verano, pues en invierno suelo usar ropa interior con algo más de tela.

        En el gimnasio nunca ha visto a nadie con tanga. E incluso nunca he visto a nadie usarlos. Sólo un amigo me dijo que los usaba por lo que le regalé alguno, pero nunca le vi desvestirse.

        Por cierto que hace unos meses el creador de este sitio fundó un foro para hablar de estos temas.
        Yo participo y he abierto un hilo llamado EN ESPAÑOL.


        Me gustaría que podamos opinar por allí. Espero vuestros comentarios

  25. Greg says:

    After washing my thongs, I dry them by laying out a couple of bath towels on my bed, spreading the thongs side by side, then turning on the ceiling fan to blast them dry. As far as friends or family, I never talk about my preference for thongs. I don’t know what anybody is wearing anyway, and they don’t know what I am wearing underneath. That is why I like this site–it’s just guys talking to other guys about our thong, g-string, and bikini fetishes.

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