Ideas for Swim Brief Public Breakthrough

Swim Brief Breakthrough IdeasI’m no expert on wearing a swim brief in public. I’m really just working on trying to breakthrough the barrier myself on a more regular basis. Here’s some things that have helped me in some of my public swim bikini public outings.

First suggestion is find someone to join you. It will be easier if you have some support in the matter. Could be a friend that would wear a swim brief with you or someone that would encourage you like a friend, spouse, or partner. My wife’s encouragement was a big factor in me finally stripping down to a swim brief at the beach for the first time.

Another idea would be to find a less populated beach or part of a beach. I find it easier to wear a swim brief in less crowded areas. Or even get to the beach earlier before the crowds start coming. That way you are already in your swim bikini when people start showing up and they can decide if they want to set up their spot near a guy in a swim brief.

What has been working the best for me is to wear one on vacation. This has been my most successful way of wearing a swim brief in public. I find it a lot easier to get up the nerve to just reveal a swim bikini then. Though I normally work the above ideas into the situation too.

Probably the best advice that I’ve been told is to just do it, but having trouble following it. Though I do feel it is starting to get easier to do it and not care what others think. Plus I haven’t encountered any negativity towards me when I wear a swim bikini. Comment and let know of any suggestions that you have.

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  1. JM says:

    Yes, you need to just get out there and do it. I have found that I really like it when others notice. Some people are really uncomfortable because they don’t have the balls to do it.

    A big turning point for me was when I wore my Andrew Christian Almost Naked swim brief at a very crowded casino pool in Las Vegas. There were several people who looked and smiled, a couple people were shocked, and a great many people simply didn’t care. A very nice and cute gal struck up a conversation with me to ask where I got my suit.

    Overall, my experiences have been extremely positive. You just need to do it a bit and get yourself comfortable with it.

    Good luck and thanks for the great blog!

    • JM, thanks for visiting and commenting. It’s definitely easier to for me to have the just do it attitude when on vacation then when near home. I’ve added a couple more conservative swim brief to hopefully break into the local scene some. Thanks for sharing your experience.

      • JM says:

        I totally understand your feelings around home! I am very much the same way and I live in a very puritanical part of the country. So, it is generally not a good plan to wear swim briefs around here. However, I do get to travel a little for work to get away.

        So when I get away, whether it be on vacation or for work, I always make it a point to take a couple swim briefs with me.

        That instance in Vegas was a work trip, but it was also a first for me to be so publicly exposed. Normally the hotel pools are pretty quiet and the beaches I visit are typically pretty empty, though a more recent visit to Clearwater Beach was considerably more crowded.

        Thanks again for a great blog, I’m really enjoying reading through it.

        • We have to take any opportunity we can get. If women can wear bikinis at a place then there is no reason why we can’t wear the likes. Guess it is up to the ones like us that want to wear them to just do it and hope others will start following the trend. I appreciate you letting me know you enjoy what I’ve been writing. It helps me keep motivated to make the time to keep at it.

  2. Black Stallion says:

    I just decided to do it, one day, and I’ve never looked back.
    I like the freedom, the fast dry time, minimal tan lines, and the fact that they don’t take up much space, easy to pack.
    Yes, Im black, and yes I tan.

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