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I Like To Wear Bikinis and ThongsSome of you commented on my Hiding your Bikinis and Thongs post similar to this post topic. I feel like I just want to let it out. Shout to the world that I like to wear bikinis and thongs along with swim briefs. I don’t necessarily want to let everyone in person know my underwear preference maybe a little that I like to wear swim briefs part. But it would be nice to be able to bring up the subject to a friend or a close acquaintance without it being weird.

I don’t know if this is true, but it seems women discuss their underwear to each other. Or maybe that is their teenage days. I at least see females shopping together at Victoria’s Secret, so that is partly why I’m making the assumption on the matter. I never see guys doing that or discussing their underwear. They of course have no problem discussing ladies undies or helping pick out some for them. Why do women seem open about it? Sometimes it would be nice to say hey do you know there are bikinis and thongs made for guys? Or you ought to try a bikini or thong. Really it would just be nice to be able to discuss specific pairs or brands just like talking sports.

Blogging gives me a way to do this to some extent. It doesn’t really give me the reach to the guys that have no clue about men’s bikinis and thongs. Typically blog visitors are already into bikinis and thongs or the person has already became interested in them. It would be nice to get to the other guys that aren’t pursuing it. To do that I feel like I just need to shout it out and put myself out there. With swim briefs I can do it by just wearing them and letting people see me. Hopefully that will inspire a guy to try them or a wife/girlfriend to encourage their guy to try one. With underwear it is hard to do by example. If I was a member of a gym, I could just wear them proudly while changing. Guess I can do that in a situation where I may be changing in a locker room.

Do you discuss underwear with other guys in person?

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  1. RK says:

    Sometimes just showing the world is the best option. I wear my string bikinis and thongs under my business suits, and every guy at the gym sees them when I am changing in the locker room. I don’t make any attempt to hide when I’m changing, as that would give the impression that I’m insecure in my choice. Walk around proudly taking care of business, without a care in the world. Have noticed a few looks of condescension, which I ignore, and a number of looks of admiration, which I acknowledge. Living by example!

    • Wearing with confidence is definitely a key. Slowly working on trying to lead by example myself.

      • T says:

        Hi BD. It’s true that you are probably preaching to the converted with your blog,but you have some very committed followers who are passionate about the topics you discuss, and by their own example, help to convey the message that you are trying to get across.
        Yesterday,one of my work colleagues asked me if my speedos were put away for another year? He doesn’t have the nerve to wear them himself,but he told me that one of his pals had worn a pair when he and a group of friends had gone on holiday together a few years ago. I suggested they were all probably very jealous of their pal’s tan lines.
        I think if more menswear shops had a selection of skimpy underwear/swimwear on display,more men might be tempted to experiment a bit more.However,as we have discussed before,there is very little,if any,to choose from in local shops,and most men are unlikely to go online to an exclusive underwear site like Kiniki or Mensuas.
        I recently went online to the website of a large department store in my hometown specifically to check their underwear section. It came as no surprise to discover that out of all the styles that were available i.e Boxer shorts,Boxer briefs,CK slips,there was one solitary Hom thong(which was wrongly described as a g-string), costing a pretty steep £18. I can’t imagine many guys spending that kind of money on their first thong,given that they can be an acquired taste which doesn’t suit everyone.

        • Definitely my regular followers are already into bikinis and thongs. Also get some that are interested in them or at least thongs. The blog is doing it’s job for showing that there are guys out there that wear bikinis and thongs and you are not alone. Something I looked for when I got into wearing them especially for the straight guy. Always encourage hearing from guys that get the word out to the non wearers and wear the proudly. I think you are right if stores did carry more options then guys probably would get an interest and wondering how a pair might be. But don’t see that happening any time soon. Yes, most department store has nothing to maybe a pair or two almost bikini cuts and rarely find a thong at one. Price is probably a turn off on the non multi-pack ones. Thanks for spreading the word.

        • Thong obsessed says:

          It is a shame that there are so few shops that sell men’s thongs. In fact, I can’t actually remember the last time I saw a men’s thong in a store other than Debenhams. Even those are a multi-pack, the quality doesn’t look great and there’s far too much material in the back. I see that you’re from the UK “T” and another post said you’d been wearing skimpy underwear for a long time. Is it true that more places over here used to sell them? I heard Next did for example. It would be cool to chat to another UK thonger if you’re interested? I’d love to be able to buy a Hom Plume or a Fredy at a Debenhams store rather than order online and wait for delivery. It’s so disappointing to see rows and rows of boxers and boxer-briefs, then a few briefs but no thongs available, and of course with swimwear it’s even worse with the lack of skimpier options. Why is it normalised for guys to wear loose and long shorts while in the water?! Yet us guys who love thongs or speedos are ridiculed. ASOS sell a few different types of thongs nowadays which is refreshing to see. I’m a 20-something straight guy, as are a lot of other ASOS customers, so it would be cool to see more people from my demographic wearing thongs. Hopefully it will convince some guys to try one who wouldn’t have otherwise considered it. They sell the Plumes and Fredys, Armani thongs and some own brand stuff. They used to have a black swim thong available, but unfortunately the only swim thong on there now is a leopard skin one, which is obviously more of a novelty thing. I haven’t talked about skimpy underwear with other guys in person The Bottom Drawer, but I don’t shy away from being seen in it if the situation calls for it. For example, when I’ve had my body hair waxed or had a massage, the waxing therapist or masseuse has seen me in a thong or g-string. Hopefully things like that can go a small way to helping change people’s perceptions of men wearing thongs. Keep up the good work on the blog, TBD. Really cool to see other straight guys that LOVE thongs too!

          • T says:

            Hi Thong obsessed. Enjoyed reading your post and thanks for the mention.
            It’s true that many years ago you could buy thongs,skimpy briefs and swimwear in shops such as BHS(r.i.p) C&A(r.i.p),Burtons and Top Man to name just a few. I still have thongs,some never worn,that I bought in BHS,and I also remember buying several swim thongs from C&A(probably before you were born)lol.
            If you would like to hear more about those bygone days,or just fancy a chat about thongs etc,you can ask Nate,the guy who writes this blog,to pass on my email address.
            Look forward to hearing from you.

          • Thong obsessed says:

            Thanks T. As you can tell, I can ramble on for a bit when talking about thongs(hence the username!) Interesting to hear that there used to be many more options when buying offline. I’ve never even heard of C&A lol.
            Sure, I’d be interested in hearing more about that, and just chatting about thongs. Will get your email address from Nate.

          • I’d say wearing a thong where you know you’ll be seen in your undies is doing your part. I should do that if it is the day’s mood, but typically go with a bikini cut for those times. Us straight thong wearing guys are our there. Thanks for commenting and interacting with others. Great to see.

          • Thong obsessed says:

            Thanks, nobody has ever commented on the fact that I’m wearing a thong in those situations. That’s good as it helps to normalise it, but I am curious how many male thong wearers they’ve seen working in those professions.
            If you have regular social media accounts one way that you could show others that you wear swim briefs is by including a shot of you in them when you post your holiday pics. That way, it’s just one picture out of 50(or whatever) and it doesn’t make a big deal of it. Would you feel comfortable doing something like that Nate?

            • Professionals seem to just do their job and not concern themselves to the clients underwear choice. I don’t do too much socially on personal accounts. I’m not comfortable enough to wear a swim brief in front of family beside my wife and kids. Though my wife does have a photo of me in a red solar Speedo with our dogs on her dresser. I know my in-laws and parents have been in our room but don’t know if they noticed it. I am tempted some times to slip a photo into a photo book.

  2. Jeff says:

    I like to think I’d have the confidence to admit to wearing thongs and bikinis if I was in a discussion about underwear or swimwear, but I don’t really know what I would say. I think that I’d say I wear them and recommend that whoever I was talking to try them. Thongs and bikinis are the most comfortable for me, either as underwear or swimwear, and I really think guys that won’t try are missing out. And I definitely agree with you guys that if stores had more options for men on the shelves that more guys would try different cuts. Even if stores would stock the things they had 10 years ago we would have more guys on our side, I’m sure most of us have owned some Hanes bikini briefs or some Joe boxer thongs.

  3. Mark says:

    Mine has been a similar experience. Speedo used to have stores on the west coast and you could see the different styles and, at the back of the rack, thongs for men in different sizes and colors! It was hard to buy them without thinking the lady ringing them up was about to shout ‘look who’s buying these!’ but I did and I/m glad I did so. In time I started buy more low rise bikinis and thongs to wear with my swim briefs more and finally while on a small beach in Hawaii, my thongs! What a wonderful feeling. The world did not come to an end nor was there a great disturbance in the social order, it just felt good. I finally started wearing thongs under my gym clothes with the same reaction as RK. I must say though in discussions with other men (friends, family, co-workers, etc.) about the usual topics, I can’t say what we wear as underwear or beachwear has ever come up but if it did I would say so because just because that’s how things change. Yes, it would be nice for the stores to carry more bikinis and thongs but you can’t blame them for not carrying what does not sell unless it is on-line.

  4. EJ says:

    I don’t get to flaunt my underwear much, if anyone sees me in my underwear-what they see is what they get. If I was ever in a discussion regarding what I wear under clothes, I’ll say it won’t think twice.

  5. Str8newtothongs says:

    I just want to say this blog helped me gain the confidence and conviction to tell my wife my interest in going to thongs full time so it’s not only converted followers but those trying to gain the courage to do so as well!

  6. Mark says:

    I’ll bet that when you finally tell your wife that you prefer wearing thongs she will let you know that she’s known this for sometime and that she has been waiting for you to come out with it! She will tell you that she likes them if you like them and she does like how you look in them so go ahead and make yourself happy and wear them. Life is short, do it now and as Cornelius Vanderbilt said, ‘public opinion be damned!’

  7. Ash says:

    Hey guys, loved this thread! Thank you BD for this topic. There are days when I literally want to shout out my love for wearing men’s bikinis and thongs! I really hope that bikinis and thongs for men make a strong comeback.

    • Thong obsessed says:

      Hey Ash, great to see your enthusiasm for thongs! How long have you been wearing them for? I know what you mean. It would be awesome to see men’s bikinis and thongs become popular! Or at the very least acknowledged as an underwear choice the same as boxers, boxer-briefs and briefs. I hate the way it’s just assumed you wear one of those underwear styles and anything else is considered “weird”.

  8. Bikini Obsessed says:

    Hey Thong obsessed, thanks man. I’m actually more into bikinis but thongs are pretty awesome. Nice that you’re thong obsessed..I think my name should be bikini obsessed on here : ) Mens bikinis and thongs were more popular before (the 80s) if I’m not mistaken. I agree with you man, wish thongs and bikinis weren’t considered ‘weird’.

    • Thong obsessed says:

      Like the name change, that’s cool. I did think when I started posting is my name on here a bit OTT but I decided you know what, I’m just gonna embrace that I’m really into thongs! My girlfriend doesn’t like the fact I wear thongs, but that just makes me into them even more. I guess part of me wants to rebel against the so-called rules. I’m too young to remember the 80’s but from what I’ve seen in films and TV from that time, skimpier underwear and swimwear on men was a lot more common. Nowadays you either wouldn’t see it in films, or if you did it would be commented on or “explained” as them being vain/gay/a professional swimmer/doing it for a dare.

  9. Mark says:

    Yes, you do not have to be gay or weird to prefer wearing bikinis or thongs. It’s only in this country that this is a schizophrenic problem while the European attitude towards men’s under/swimwear is enlightened. I wear bikinis and thongs because they are minimal, they feel better wearing them and I know myself, and others like you, like how we look in them, what’s wrong with that? Let’s all be brave and ‘trendsetters’ for once and make a statement. While it’s too bad what we want is so hard to find in the stores but at least the internet is there to help us while it was so hard in the past.

  10. Bikini Obsessed says:

    I agree with Mark in that there`s a bit of a shaming of us guys that are into wearing bikinis or thongs. Europe and other places in the world seem to not have the hangups like we do here in North America. I have seen a lot of guys wearing bikinis (and some in speedos) when I think back. There have been a few brave guys in the locker room I can think of. I agree with Mark in that we should be trendsetters. I also love how I feel when I`ve got my bikinis (and thongs) on..

  11. Thong obsessed says:

    The attitudes towards men in skimpy swimwear(and underwear too) are just as bad here in the UK unfortunately. There’s a programme called Love Island that gets shown here in the summer- it features a bunch of single 20 somethings living in a villa and coupling up with each other. Most of the girls walk around in thongs but ALL of the guys wear loose swim shorts. I think the format has been sold to a lot of other countries, so it would be interesting to see how the choice of swimwear differs. To the people who have travelled a lot, which countries are particularly skimpy swimwear friendly? It seems like speedos are a lot more popular and accepted in Australia for example.

    • T says:

      I’ve seen clips of Love Island and you’re right about the guys wearing package hiding shorts. The same double standards appear on a programme called Take Me Out. Almost all the women wear very revealing bikinis,but with very few exceptions,all the guys wear baggy shorts. I remember one very good looking guy with a good body wearing a speedo,and his stereotypical blond bimbo of a date was absolutely horrified when she saw what he was wearing and said to the camera something along the lines of “his swimming costume was smaller than mine and that is just SOOOOO wrong.” Turns out the guy was of Greek origin and for him it was totally natural to wear a speedo(and so it should be).

      As I have mentioned in previous posts here,Italy,and especially Sicily, is a speedo wearers’ paradise. You see guys on buses wearing speedos. They drive cars,ride motorbikes and bicycles wearing speedos. I’ve even seen guys in supermarkets wearing speedos. You can buy speedos in local shops and supermarkets. I think you get the picture.lol

  12. Bikini Obsessed says:

    Too bad to hear about the UK being that way. It seems like the boardshorts invasion hit there too. Canada is fully on with the boardshorts thing, but I have seen some guys in speedos actually. It is rare though. Europeans are definitely more accepting of smaller swimwear and underwear from what I found and also Mexico. I saw more than one men’s underwear store when I was there. I saw speedos on the Mexican beaches but not tons. It probably depends on which beach you’re at. I think it’s the same for Europe as well as one beach reminded me of what i’d seen in North America unfortunately(that was in Sweden). Every European country is probably a little different from each other too. I saw a lot of speedos in Italy and Spain. The beach styles I saw in Sweden reminded me a lot of home though. It’s funny cause Sweden has a reputation of being ultra liberal and anything goes, but the beach I was at was pretty conservative and dominated by boardshorts.

    • Thong obsessed says:

      You do see some speedos on UK beaches, but never on young men. So there I am the odd one out in my speedos or thongs. I think most younger men are too concerned with following trends and fitting in with their friends. Would be so cool to have a buddy to wear thongs with on the beach. Yeah, I would have expected Sweden to be more embracing of skimpier swimwear. It’s cool that you’ve managed to visit some very speedo friendly places though.

      • Mark says:

        Be your own best friend and wear the speedo. Doing so will encourage others to do so and that way you will find your fellow speedo enthusiast. You will be surprised how little reaction it will actually cause.

  13. Bikini Obsessed says:

    That’s good to hear that you do see speedos on UK beaches : ) I`d love to have a speedo buddy (wearing skimpy speedos) to hang with on the beach (don’t know if I could rock the thong! When I was in Sweden I didn’t see a lot of the beaches, so it could have just been that one. I`ve read that the germans are the most speedo/thong friendly in Europe. I could be wrong though. I really want to see and spend some time in places that embrace skimpier swimwear!

    • Thong obsessed says:

      Are your friends all board short wearers, Bikini Obsessed? It’s interesting to note the difference between cultures. If you lived in some of these European countries it would naturally work out that some of your friends would also wear skimpy swimwear on the beach. In Canada, UK and US it’s so different. A few years back I did actually meet up with another thong wearer several times over the summer and sunbathed together in thongs in his garden but it’s silly that it’s something you have to actively seek out. I know what you mean about wanting to spend time in places where it’s the norm. Looks like a trip to Germany might be in order! I read that in Poland thongs are by far the most popular type of men’s underwear in terms of online searches(28%) whereas in the UK it’s a lot less(can’t remember exact figure but less than 5%).

  14. Bikini Obsessed says:

    Thong obsessed, most of my friends wear board shorts. I think you are right about the cultural difference. If I were in Europe and had European friends, the probability of having friends that wore speedos would be far greater I think. North Americans that travel or go on vacations might dare to change up their beach wardrobe and try a speedo or thong. I’ve heard that the Dominican Republic is a good place to holiday if you want to see or wear speedos. I imagine there’s lots of other warm destinations you could say the same about. How did you run into the other guy that also liked to wear thongs? It must have been very cool to run into another thong wearer. I believe that about Poland. Btw, do you know of the UK underwear brand Kiniki?

  15. Thong obsessed says:

    Sorry for late reply, man! That’s too bad that most of your friends wear board shorts. Do they say anything bad about guys wearing speedos etc? The other guy I met who wore thongs was actually someone I started talking to on a thong forum. I used to use them, but not for a few years now. He relocated for work later that year so that was my short lived experience of having a “thong buddy”. It was kind of cool, especially when you’re used to feeling like the odd one out. Yes, I do know about Kiniki- in fact that was where I bought my first thongs from when I was 18. Have you ever bought from them?

  16. Bikini Obsessed says:

    Hey, no worries man. Most of my friends joke around about wearing speedos to be honest. It’s kind of the culture in Canada. I think some of my friends would actually wear a speedo with me given the right opportunity. That would be a lot of fun. It must have been cool having a thong buddy for awhile. I am still looking for a ‘bikini buddy’ to be honest as I’m more into them than thongs. Thongs ‘manthongs’ are pretty awesome though. I think the show ‘Jacka**’ (MTV) brought to light the manthong and skimpy speedos also. Chris Pontius (party boy) and Steve-O wore them on almost every episode/movie they made. I guess they gave an example of male bonding while wearing thongs or bikinis, but I don’t know if I have the balls to pull off the stunts they did! Did you ever watch Jacka**? Cool that your first thong was from Kiniki! I just put an order in actually!

  17. Thong obsessed says:

    That would be cool if you could convince your friends to wear speedos with you. It’s funny, because when I was at school I hated having to wear speedos when we were doing swimming in P.E, and nowadays I wouldn’t want to wear anything bigger than a speedo at the beach/pool! Hope you manage to find a “bikini buddy”. I’d like to find a thong buddy again but there’s not many guys around my age from the UK who post on the thong forums. Yes, I’ve seen a few episodes of Jacka**. There’s a show called Dirty Sanchez, which is like a UK version of Jacka**. I haven’t seen it, but apparently the guys in that wear thongs too. I guess shows like that kind of reinforce the novelty image people have of thongs etc, but it’s still good to see them used. That’s cool, what did you order from Kiniki? The prices for stuff on Kiniki are very good, hope with you being overseas you don’t get stung too badly on customs charges though!

  18. Bikini Obsessed says:

    That would be cool…or I could make speedo friends ; ) That’s interesting you brought P.E. class and how you had to wear speedos…I’m jealous! We had to wrestle sometimes in P.E. and I hated it and even secretly thought my friend who was really into wrestling was a ‘geek’ but now I find myself wishing I would have wrestled more. I hope you find another ‘Thong buddy’. If not, the next best thing is a Bikini buddy ; ) Jacka** maybe ruins it for us bikini and thong guys in that it’s all immaturity involved I guess? It was still cool seeing a bunch of guys hanging around in bikinis or thongs together. I’ll have to check out Dirty Sanchez. I ordered a couple different tangas from Kiniki and one bikini brief. I guess they’re already on the way! I got that nervous excitement going at the moment. I have roommates and a landlord, so sometimes they pick up the mail. At least underwear orders are pretty discreet. Also the pound and Canadian dollar are a little closer at the moment, and kiniki has a 50% sale going at the moment. Excited to try their stuff for the first time!

  19. Thong obsessed says:

    I just assumed that it was the norm for schools to make boys wear speedos for swimming. Looking online now I see lots of comments that some schools are the other extreme and won’t allow speedos or even jammers so you’re made to swim in something that isn’t practical/comfortable to swim in! I guess the people in charge don’t think about that though and are worried about seeming ‘indecent’ or something ridiculous like that. Thong buddy, bikini buddy, speedo buddy..it’s all good with me. It’d just be cool to meet more people who are into skimpy underwear/swimwear. As you can tell, it’s something I can talk about a lot! I’ve had roommates in the past and they found a Kiniki catalogue I’d been sent in the post. I wouldn’t care now but at the time I was more embarrassed about being into skimpy undies. I lied and said I hadn’t requested it and it was some spam mail that I’d been sent. One of my roommates who wore the usual boxer-briefs was joking about how he was going to order a g-string from them. Well, I hope you like your order. Let me know what you think of ’em!

  20. Bikini Obsessed says:

    In Canada speedos sadly aren’t ‘the norm’. That’s very cool that in the UK you wore speedos for PE class. I couldn’t ever see that happening here unfortunately. I agree man, i’d like to meet more people that are into skimpy underwear/swimwear. I think i’d find that outside of North America actually. It would probably also be considered normal and not ‘weird’. How did that roommate of yours find your catalogue? Was it lying around or? I am the only guy among my roommates into skimpy undies/swimwear, so I probably wont advertise what I have in the package. My one roommate has seen me wearing bikini briefs and wasn’t judgemental at all (in fact he didn’t even say anything about my underwear). That was cool. Did any of your roommates see you in your undies?

    • Thong obsessed says:

      With the catalogue I was in the kitchen opening the post when one of my roommates walked in. I shoved the catalogue under a pile of other stuff but he was nosy and wanted to know what it was. He then showed it to our other roommates and they were laughing about it. That’s cool that your friend didn’t react to your choice of undies. My roommates didn’t see me in my thongs. Part of me wishes I’d been more open about it now. If I ever lived with roommates again, I think the best thing to do would be just to casually leave my thongs drying somewhere where they’d be seen. That way my roommates could see that not only do I wear thongs, but they are the only underwear I wear. It would be interesting to see if they brought it up in conversation. I live with my girlfriend now and she was really surprised at first about how many thongs I own! What kind of reactions have you have from girlfriends about your undies?

  21. Daniel says:

    I found your blog a couple of days ago. I remember when I was in high school that you could find a small selection of bikinis at Walmart/Kmart. I noticed Kmart started carrying thongs during my sophomore/junior year. It wasn’t until I got into college when I started to wear bikinis and thongs. Then I joined the Navy where I was encouraged to stop. I did buy some bikinis and thongs during that time, I rarely wore them. Once I got out, I resumed wearing bikinis and thongs regularly until shortly after I got married. My wife who initially thought it was sexy suddenly did not like me wearing them. Her children thought my underwear/swimwear choice was strange. In order to appease them, I stopped wearing them for the most part. Then I found your blog and from reading it, it gave me the confidence to start wearing bikinis and thongs again. Thank you for your blog and I look forward to future articles. Maybe one day, I might start a bikini blog too.

    • Kmart is where I found my first pair of bikinis in high school. Remember the trip well. Can’t remember if it was Kmart or Target I first saw offering thongs in college. I already got my first pair off the Internet before I discovered them in a store. I skipped the military. The Army tried after college, but didn’t feel it was for me. Too bad she couldn’t just explain it to the kids. Bikinis and thongs are all my kids are going to know. Waiting for some awkward moment from them discussing it with someone though. Awesome to hear that my blogging has got you back into wearing them. Hopefully your wife will get back into enjoying you in them.

  22. Mark says:

    You have to be yourself so go back to what you were doing before and wear your bikinis and thongs How old are the kids with wife #2? If they are small you might want to just wear bikinis around them and thongs in private or under clothes. When the kids go back to visit their dad you can go back to whatever suits you for the moment which will make the experience of wearing your thongs again even better. Wife #2 will adjust too. I find the best source for finding thongs is the internet even in California.

    • Daniel says:

      This is my first marriage. My wife is slowly but surely coming around to seeing me in them again. One of her kids is a high school senior while the other lives apart at the moment. The kids very rarely see their fathers as they see me as a steady presence in their lives. I agree with you on where to find them.

  23. Mark says:

    I was watching ‘Who’s Line Is It Anyway?’ on the Comedy Channel and the improv situation had something to do with being caught with your pants down and as the comics were sitting down, one of them said that at least they weren’t wearing thongs when they simulated having their pants down when Wayne Brady said that he WAS wearing a thong and proceeded to pull his shirt up and pull on his pants away from his right hip to show and his white thong (he’s one of us!) He immediately realized he had been carried away with his enthusiasm for the show and for what he was wearing with the reaction by the others and the audience good.

    • T says:

      Hi Mark. I remember seeing that episode too,and if memory serves me well,Wayne actually whispered to one of the other guys as they were heading back to their chairs that he was wearing a thong,and someone overheard and blurted it out. Needless to say,Wayne did have to show the evidence while protesting that they offered good support for his “boys” i.e his package. Ryan Styles made several thong related comments as the show continued,but hopefully Wayne wasn’t shamed into ditching the thong after that ribbing.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      That’s awesome, I just looked it up. Never caught that episode before. I always liked Wayne Brady on that show and guess even more reason to now. I would say he is one that could pull off being a spokesperson for thongs. Thanks for sharing.

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