Kiniki has brought back their G-strings

Kiniki G-Strings Are BackIn the past month or so, Kiniki announced they brought back their men’s g-strings. Personally I’m not a big fan of g-strings, since I prefer the look of a traditional thong or v-string type thong on me. Other then that I don’t have any issues with them. I do have a few of Kiniki’s g-strings, which were purchased quite awhile back and will talk about more shortly.

Kiniki is offering them in two styles. One style just has the elastic as the waistband and tail while the other has elastic of the waistband and tail covered in the same fabric as the pouch. The first style is offered in over half dozen bold prints and also about a half dozen solid colors. They are selling the solid color ones in several mixes of multi packs too. The ones with the fabric covered elastic come in six colors and it’s called the Sling.

Here’s what Kiniki says about their g-strings on their website. “Back by popular demand! Kiniki mens G Strings have been reimagined in higher quality fabrics, premium slinky elastic and a stunning colour spectrum. G strings for men were a popular style in the early days of Kiniki, putting us on the map for delicate mens underwear, made in England. Today we return mens G-Strings in all their glory with an ever growing range of both cotton and silky stretch poly styles.”

Back when I purchased my Kiniki g-strings they offered them the opposite way with only one style with just the elastic as the waistband and tail in solid colors called Gigolo. Then the fabric covered elastic ones in prints and solids. The solid colored ones were called Sling then too, which I have two of. Then I have two prints called Paws and Fan. I prefer the ones with the fabric covered elastic waistband and tails. I think it makes the g-string look like higher quality than with just bare elastic. They seem to be more comfortable to me. I’d like to see them add their print lineup to the style with the fabric covered elastic waistband and tail. If you like g-strings then checkout Kiniki’s line here.

Kiniki g-string plain elasticKiniki g-string fabric covered elastic

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  1. T says:

    The Kiniki gigolo g-string was probably the first string that I bought way back in the mists of time. Over the years,I have tried most styles of underwear, but I would definitely say that g-strings are my favourite. I must have between 150-200 in my collection and my recent favourites are Daniel Alexander,Cover Male and Gregg Homme. I also wear them on the beach whenever possible for maximum tanning(if full nudity is not an option). They don’t take up much room in a suitcase and dry quickly after a swim.

    • Guess you beat me to this post that I pointed out in my reply to your Kiniki Amazon comment. I haven’t tried the g-strings from those brands, but have received some Daniel Alexander items that I think are going to be pretty solid ones. I agree that is the nice thing about skimpy underwear/swimwear that it doesn’t take up much space.

  2. Larry Phelan says:

    I gave up wearing regular underwear years ago,when I came across Kiniki G Strings and Throngs.
    Briefs never seemed to fit just right,either baggy or clinging,and never held things in place,and never stayed put. G Strings solved all those problems,snug fit,no bits flopping about,good support,no lines showing through pants,and a great feeling of freedom.
    The one thing to watch for is that if you want to show off your throngs,you need to make sure that your butt is smooth,nothing looks worse than a hairy butt in a throng. I do not have any hair in that area,so it,s not a problem for me,but it,s something to keep in mind even if you have to shave from time to time. I,ve seen some guys with so much body hair that I doubt if they could ever wear throngs or G Strings.

    • T says:

      Hi Larry. I think the Kiniki brand was a real trailblazer back in its early years especially with its range of sexy thongs and daringly skimpy g-strings e.g The Gigolo,but for me,they lost their way once they discontinued that super little nylon showstopper, and I wasn’t overly impressed by what followed. The pouches were bigger and the elastic under
      straps were not as comfortable as previous ones,so I had to look elsewhere.

      On the subject of guys with hairy butts and should/shouldn’t they wear thongs? By saying “nothing looks worse than a hairy butt in a thong,” I can understand where you are coming from in as much as most thong wearing guys who have naturally smooth butt cheeks,will more than likely keep their butt cracks smooth and hair free by shaving,waxing etc,so that they don’t have “spiders’ legs” popping out from the under strap.However, for guys with an abundance of body hair all over,especially on their backs,legs and butt,do we really expect them to shave their entire butt,and crack, in order to make it acceptable for them to wear a thong?Don’t you think it would look weird to see a guy with a hairy back and legs, with a perfectly smooth butt?
      It could then also be argued that guys who wear g-strings,thongs and skimpy low rise bikinis must shave their pubic hair if they want to continue wearing skimpy styles.Again,most guys who wear skimpy styles probably do keep things under control down under,and I personally wouldn’t feel comfortable having pubic hairs hanging out of my g-string,but I wouldn’t criticize anyone who doesn’t manscape in those areas,or deny them the opportunity to wear one.
      I think we have to encourage more guys to try thongs etc,rather than restrict and put them off by deciding what is,or isn’t acceptable. Given time,they may well follow our example.

  3. Larry Phelan says:

    Yes,I too think Kiniki lost their way somewhat,since I was not impressed by many of their later styles,or by some of their present ones. I,m lucky enough to have enough to last me for a while yet,but like you,I may have to look around next time.
    On the subject of hairy butts,I did not mean to offend anyone [a man can,t help the amount of hair he has,or has not ],it was just a comment,no offence intended. I suppose one could not expect them to keep on shaving the area,and as you say,it might look a bit odd. I dont have that much body hair,my pubic hair,I just keep lightly trimmed,just to keep it tidy.
    The more guys who try throngs and G Strings,the better,any thing is better than boxers !

    • T says:

      No worries,Larry. I know you weren’t trying to offend the hirsute followers of this blog.
      The subject of “manscaping” has been covered several times by Nate fairly recently,including a post on dealing with any irritation of the butt crack caused by ill fitting thongs,strings etc. So hopefully any newcomers to this blog will get good advice and answers to any questions they may have about becoming a thong or g-string wearer. As you so rightly said “anything is better than boxers!”

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