Male Power Satin Bong Thong Review

Male Power Satin Bong ThongThe Male Power satin bong thong is one you will know you have on. For me at times this is fine to be the case as long as it is a comfortable knowing. Seems like most of us say sexy underwear gives that confidence boost. I think having a thong that reminds you that you are wearing one can be an extra confidence booster in itself. You’re not going to forget you have a sexy thong on, so that confidence won’t fade. Now it did take me a bit to figure out the right adjustment of this thong. It’s not one I can pull on quickly. I have to make sure it is situated right. Once that is done I find it comfortable.

There are two aesthetic changes I’d want done to the thong. First thing is they do a center seam about two thirds of the way up the pouch. I’d like to see it all the way, a flat front or just at the very base like other brands do. The other aesthetic change is how the tail attaches. Normally the back of a thong is cut like a T shape and sewn to the pouch at the base and then on side of the waist. These have the tail a separate piece and then sewn to a back waistband piece, so you have a seam about where you get the triangle look.

These are pretty supportive with them being a 85% nylon and 15% spandex blend, so you get the cling factor. Like I said above, these have a partial center seam pouch that gives the contour. These have thicker elastic then a lot of underwear of this design, which leads to the knowing you have a thong on. The tail of the thong is about an 1 1/4” and the sides are about 1”. They are suppose to be hand washed cold and hung to dry. They are available in S/M or L/XL only.

At times I think I like these and at other times I’m not sure. I’m leaning towards not a pair I would buy again, since they seem to need adjusted for comfortability when putting them on. For now I’m going to give these no thongs up.

My Rating Overview

Support Rating: 5.0
Overall Comfort: 4.0
Tail Comfort: 3.5
Recommendation: No thongs up

Additional Photos
Male Power Satin Bong Thong FrontMale Power Satin Bong Thong BackMale Power Satin Bong Thong Pouch
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