Manscape Survey Results Round 2

Manscape Survey Results Round 2

It’s been almost two years, since I posted the manscaping survey on my blog. The survey has about eight times the responses, since the last time I reported on the results. I wouldn’t say a lot has changed with the results from the round one results. What got me back to thinking about this survey was an article I read, but I don’t recall where it was at now. The article was a women’s response hitting back at guys of what really turns them off.

The article wasn’t a survey, but was a few women’s view on what turns them off. Basically manscaping was mentioned in all the women’s responses. It seems back hair and the private area were the ones that needs maintenance in their eyes. I remember one calling the private area a jungle and another saying needing a lawnmower to find some men’s willies. One woman also commented that men expect us to be primp and proper down there, which I think is generally true. So I wonder if these women’s views on hair is a general consensus of women or just happen to be the luck of the draw.

I know I’m for tidying up the private area for both men and women. To me hair sticking out of the undies isn’t attractive. If you are going to be wearing bikinis and thongs then you’re going to most likely need to groom or that is going to be the case. There was no surprise with the result of the survey that only 5% of the people that took the survey leave the private area natural. The rest either clear the field completely (47%), clear some and leave some (30%), and keep it trimmed down (15%). There were some other answers, but they fit in the categories just mentioned.

What other areas other than our privates do we tend to? Well number two is no surprise to me with the butt. I personally like my rear to look smooth in a thong, so I just run a hair trimmer over it. 72% percent of those survey do some kind of hair care on their rears. Armpits at number 3 was a bit of a surprise at 47%. It edge out the chest which was at 46%. I thought the back would probably be number 3 on the list. It actually tied with legs at 31%. Then rounding out the areas that are manscaped was arms at 18%.

How do we handle our hair grooming? Well, I mentioned I use a hair trimmer, but I also opt for the manual razor myself. 71% of those that took the survey also use the manual razor for some of their grooming. Followed by the hair trimmer at 32% and then the electric razor at 23%. 15% either head to the spa/salon for a waxing or do it themselves. Hair removal cream came in at 13% while electrolysis was 1% of those surveyed.

What was the main reason for manscaping? Well, 50% surveyed likes how it feels. I fall into liking how it looks with 39% of those who responded. 3% do it because their partner wants them too. Speaking of partners, most of us prefer that our partner keeps their private area tidy with 85% saying yes to that question.

So overall not really any big surprises with the survey considering most that took it are probably bikini and/or thong wearers. Makes sense we like to keep things tidy along with our partners joining in on the tidiness.

Manscaping Survey Results

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  1. RT says:

    Hi BD:

    Recall this survey from a few years ago. Agree that men should make the effort to manscape, if we expect women to be working so had to maintain their bodies. I, however, don’t have the patience for repetitive shaving and/or waxing, so have opted for having my entire body lasered to permanently remove all the hair. Bit painful on the privates while being done, but well worth the effort afterwards. Personally, I prefer the look of a totally smooth body on a man, as I think it does a better job of allowing us to show off our bodies.

  2. EJ says:

    Complete manscaping neck down- not only does it feel fantastic it’s practical- faster drying off out of the shower, better hygiene, using less tanning oil & after sun moisturizer and easier to apply when hairless. I’m on it 2X a week like routine

  3. T says:

    Don’t think anything has changed in my manscaping routine since the previous survey. Have to agree with EJ about it feeling fantastic and more hygienic. I personally think if I guy wears skimpy g-strings or thongs he should keep things under control down below so that his pubic hair does not spill out of his pouch. When I hit the nudist zone in Sicily next month,I will conduct an unofficial survey on the manscaping habits of the local guys,and report back in due course. It’s a thankless task,but someone has to do it(lol). There is one particular “landing strip” I’m keen to check out(You know who you are!).

    • RT says:

      A martyr to the cause, T, but someone has to do it! I’m sure your report will be thorough and informative!

      • T says:

        As promised,here are the results of my unofficial manscaping survey carried out on my recent trip to Sicily. Due to the relatively quiet time of year,I didn’t have a large pool of guys to draw from,but of those I did see,I would say it was roughly 50% shaved and 50% untouched, with one guy reminding me of my overgrown garden back home(lol). The good news is that I’ll be returning there next month at the height of summer when there should be many more specimens to study. Watch this space!

    • EJ says:

      Right you are T- keeping pubic hair under control is a must for either gender really- I don’t want to see an industrial size Brillo pad sticking out of someone’s pouch lol

  4. RB says:

    I actually have had laser hair removal treatments from my face down to my feet. So I am completely hairless, that is the perfect way to be in my opinion.

  5. EJ says:

    Hi RB- how much that cost? I wouldn’t think twice if it’s affordable

  6. RB says:

    I got a great deal. It was $1300 for 6 full body treatments. After that I spent another $600 for 6 treatments.

  7. DonS says:

    I don’t bother with any of it. I grew up with chest hair being a sign of virility (not too much hair though, the gorilla look was frowned on) and women liked rubbing fingers through the hair.

    I’m surprised that chest hair scored as low as it did. I bet this scored higher in the past when the movie action heroes started getting shaved chests so that they could look sweaty.

    I had a women once (1980s) who apologised for having shaved her pubic region, but she said with the clients she worked with (family services, involving child welfare) pubic lice infestations were a hazard and unnecessary health problem, and shaving reduced the likelihood of problems.

  8. Law says:

    I manscape all the time just leaving my pubes but they are trimmed and shaped because the lady likes it.

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