Married Str8 Trio – Men’s Underwear / Swimwear Advertising Chat

Married Str8 Trio - Men's Underwear Swimwear Advertising ChatHere we are the Married Str8 Trio with our next conversation piece. This is a short conversation on men’s underwear and swimwear advertising. We touch on what we don’t like about it, what we’d like to see, how it affects our shopping brands, and brands on the right track.

What don’t you like about the current men’s underwear/swimwear advertising?

Blkmlthng: For me it is focused and geared for gay men and forget about the straight men who purchase from them. Not all of the underwear/swimwear retailers are like this but a good majority of them are. Recently I made a purchase from Audace, while I liked the price of what I purchased and the customer service I didn’t like the fact that they included in my order a magnet to advertise their company with a man in underwear that left little to the imagination in a provocative pose. I wish the advertisers would include women in their ads with the men. This would also encourage, I think, straight men to wear such underwear and show that women do like for their special guy to wear something sexy.

Ron: In agreement with Blkmlthng. Too much of a gay slant and as with women’s bikini advertising, it’s always a young slim perfect body muscular well endowed model. Not saying that we need over weight Un toned etc but average and yes, with a few ladies in the frame. There is an ad on TV here for perfume, d&g I think which shows, yes, the perfect toned couple, she in a little white bikini and he in a small white speedo in a boat in a little Mediterranean cove. Nice to see the guy in a bikini. I also think for improved ratings on skimpy mens swimwear, the younger set need to be more accepting and it should come from the cat walk or celebs. I’m convinced there is a huge population of guys out there just waiting for the moment to slip into a little bikini and have an army of women admirers.

The Bottom Drawer: I’m in agreement that there are too many ads/photos with guys in provocative poses in men’s underwear/swimwear advertising. Typically you don’t see this in women’s advertising. Maybe a woman is in a seductive pose, but I’m assuming those ads are targeted at men. I haven’t noticed two women together in provocative poses like you do with some men’s advertising. This type of marketing is not going to draw in the straight male crowd or draw the women to buy them for their man.

Does this type of advertising push you away from particular brands or retailers?

The Bottom Drawer: Since I do not want to see that type of photography and ads, it can impact my decision to some extent. I won’t be following the company as well as another company that just shows a guy in a normal pose. If I’m not following them that will lower my chance of seeing something I may want. I’d probably still buy a pair if I happen to stumble upon a pair I really want to try from a company that is advertising with more provocative content.

Blkmlthng: I’m in agreement with Nate, I don’t want to see that type of imagery so it does affect my decision to purchase. There are some retailers I feel uncomfortable when I browse their websites for products as it borderlines softcore porn. I have certain retailers that I frequent and they focus solely on the products. I personally gain a lot of insight from the reviews, I don’t care about the pictures of models modeling the underwear. I would prefer seeing just a picture of the underwear, front and back and not the person in them, it’s not a realistic view of how they will look on me anyway…lol.

Ron: Total agreement. Some of the online retailers have more of a gay slant which is off putting. I tend to shy away from those. Annoys me considerably when ebay advertises skimpy bikinis ad ‘gay interest’ . That totally puts me off buying from them.

This was touched on a bit in the first question, but What would you like to see in men’s underwear/swimwear advertising?

Ron: So for me such advertising has to leave the prospective customer with the thought that the bikini/thong swimwear/underwear is not specifically directed at the gay community though at the same time not discriminating against them. I fancy scenarios where there might be a beach scene with a guy in a little bikini being admired by his wife for the cut, style, colour; anything other than focusing on his bulge or the sexual element; a guy being handed a bikini to wear by his mum or sister and being encouraged about the benefits of the suit relative to comfort, fabric etc. For underwear, similar. Maybe have a mixed group by the pool,males and females in little bikinis or the locker room with guys talking about comfort or support of thongs for sport. We have to get away from the sleezy bulge shots of muscular pretty boys

Blkmlthng: Great response Ron! I agree with everything you have said. I think it is important to get away from the “pin up boy” poses in the marketing and advertising. One example that would come to mind is to have the male in his underwear, getting dressed for work or an evening out with his woman and the woman standing at the door looking watching him as he dresses or as Ron suggested a group of guys in the lockerroom changing laughing and discussing things getting ready to workout. There are so many functional and comfortable aspects of wearing a thong or bikini and I think the advertisers need to focus more on that to appeal to all men not just one demographic.

The Bottom Drawer: Think you guys pretty much covered everything on this one. I definitely like to see ads with a woman admiring her guy in a bikini or thong. Even just a guy in an everyday situation like shaving at the mirror, reading the paper, fixing breakfast, etc. Ads that you can put yourself in that situation I think are good neutral type of ads.

Have you seen any advertising that you think is in the right direction?

The Bottom Drawer: One brand I have seen photograph of things I mentioned in the previous response is Dietz. They have several photos of guys in their underwear doing some everyday things you’d probably do in your underwear. They also have some shots of guys with women. Another one that comes to mind is Ergowear. They had some photos with a man and a women that should have appealed to the straight guys. I know I’ve seen some others, but they weren’t towards the bikini and thong crowd.

Blkmlthng: The only brand that comes to mind is Ergowear. When I first discovered them years ago they had several ads that featured women in them and they have done this recently with their Gold Suave collection. To me, the other brands can learn something from how Ergowear advertising their underwear. It makes you feel like any everyday man can wear their underwear, if you are looking for supportive ergonomically correct underwear!

Ron: To be honest I can’t really think of any advertising that portrays mens skimpy wear positively. I’ll need to check out those ones you have spoken off

That’s a wrap of this conversation. Let us know what you think about the current advertising for men’s underwear and swimwear. Also gives us suggestions on topics you’d like to see us discuss. We’ll see you next time.

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  1. Joelo says:

    I really appreciate this conversation. I have always struggled with advertising for men’s underwear. I also am married and straight but love wearing men’s bikinis and thongs, and am in that millennial age group that seems really averse to any man that wears more than baggy shorts. I would greatly appreciate to see more advertisements that show that it is perfectly normal to wear these types of underwear, without being made to feel like I’m wearing something that only gay men would like.

    • Thanks for commenting and chiming in. I don’t know if we’ll see men’s bikinis and thongs advertised in the masses like women’s. But would be nice if current advertising would focus some on the straight guy.

  2. T says:

    When I am shopping online for underwear,there are certain things I want to see,and some I don’t…..
    I want to see the item on a live model,not on some shapeless manikin,I want to see it from all angles,not just the front(this is often an issue with thongs and g-strings). Let’s face it,would you buy a house from someone who said you could only view the property from the front garden? I don’t like the gay interest stereotype you see on ebay. A total insult to the gay community,many of whom probably don’t have any desire to wear skimpy thongs etc. I don’t want to see women being used as decorative sex objects swooning over some guy in a posing pouch. I distinctly remember a picture in a Kiniki catalogue of a pouting,blonde model,on her knees,with her face almost touching the bulge of the g-string clad male model. Which reminds me, do the major car makers still use scantily clad women to “promote” their vehicles at international shows?
    Would love to hear the views of the wives of the “straight married trio” on their husbands’ desire to recruit women to sell men’s underwear.

    • When looking at product I agree. I want to see just the model at multiple angles in the pair. I’m with you on eBay too plus it’s hard to find good deals there anymore. Now, I don’t think any of our wives would be a fan of a photo like you described. We’re talking about tasteful photos not provocative ones. The one from Ergowear that I recall, the woman was in a night shirt/gown and the guy in his underwear. They were lounging on a couch I believe. Another from another brand had the woman behind the man with her arms around his stomach and chin rested on his shoulder. Swimwear one I remember had the guy and girl hand and hand walking. None of them sexual and all in good taste. They give the impression the woman was fine with what the guy was wearing. Those are the types I’d like to see if with a man and woman in them. I’m sure my wife would be fine with those. I wouldn’t mind just a guy shaving, cooking, lounging around reading, or something along those lines in the underwear ads. Those are at least situations one could put themselves in.

  3. Lawrence HUDDLESTON says:

    Yes, I would like to see ads aimed to the straight community as a straight man I do feel the underwear hobby is over tooken and aimed for the gay community more.

    This needs a change

  4. T says:

    Have the str8 trio ever discussed the topic of manscaping below the belt? Would be interested in your views and personal experiences on this subject. Probably not an issue for guys who wear boxers or Bridget Jones size pants,but if you are into g-strings and thongs,it’s something to be considered. Perhaps you could conduct a poll to determine the most popular form of hair removal, be it waxing,shaving or trimming and whether guys prefer to be completely hairless front,and,or,back.
    Will contribute my own thoughts on this topic if and when it gets discussed by the trio.

    • Hey T, thanks for the suggestions. I have thought about discussing my personal view on manscaping in general, which I probably will do at some point. I’ll see what I can do about some polling on the subject. Will make a note about it and see if I can work it into our discussions too.

  5. E.J says:

    So true underwear and thong sites obviously geared towards gay-if you’ve ever shopped on Ali express, they use ‘gay’ between every other word.As a straight guy at first I thought why am I seeing this? Bottom line-I’m buying the thongs or bikinis-not the narrow minded stereotype

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