Married Str8 Trio: Swimwear Chat – Part 1

Married Str8 Trio: Swimwear Chat - Part 1Hi everyone. We’re back with another chat with the Married Str8 Trio. Swimwear or really the swim brief is the topic for this conversation. We’re all at different points with swim briefs, but none of us object to wearing them. Hope you enjoy part 1 of our conversation and feel free to ask us questions and we’ll answer them in a later post.

Let’s start with what our normal swimwear is and then if there weren’t any barriers/hang ups what your preferred swimwear would be.

Blkmlthng: For me I’m a board short kind of guy. I don’t think I would ever wear anything other than board shorts to a pool or beach especially in the USA. I’m not opposed to wearing a swim brief such as a speedo style or a bikini style with slender sides but would only feel comfortable doing so at an adults only resort outside of the USA. I don’t think I would ever feel comfortable wearing a thong swim brief.

Ron: My preference, only because it’s what I’ve always worn, is a speedo style bikini thou not the seamless front type that squashes everyone in but with a dart or seam to allow movement. Living in the UK, though even here speedos tend to be the butt of jokes such as calling them ‘budgie smugglers’ etc, you can get off with wearing them mostly anywhere. Over the years I’ve stretched my bravery and worn increasingly briefer styles, currently settling on about 1 inch sides in dark colours. I’ve no doubt there are some inward grumblings from fellow pool users but no outward hostility. Being quite slim and keeping myself fit helps with body shape; doesn’t do the garment an favours having a plump physique. Away from the UK, I’ve worn briefer more daring styles in brighter lighter colours; white and yellow are favourites, though ultimately would like to be in a place where no one would look twice at me wearing a small thong or string bikini.

The Bottom Drawer: The majority of the time I end up wearing swim trunks, but swim briefs make an appearance now and then. Those times have been on vacations. I would definitely prefer to be a swim brief wearer and my goal is to make them at least my beach wear. Like Blkmlthng I’m not sure if I’d feel comfortable enough in a thong at a public place either, but maybe if other guys were I’d join in.

Ron looks like the only one of us that is pretty much just a swim brief wearer. What would make it easier or more comfortable for you to wear a swim briefs or even a swim thong to the beach and/or pool?

Blkmlthng: For me there are a couple, well 3 main things that would make me comfortable in wearing a swim brief or thong to beach and or pool. The first would be comfort in my body. I am by no means fat, I have a thick/muscular build but I have gained some weight/have a dad bod now 🙂 and wearing a swim brief or thong would definitely show my weight gain and would affect my confidence and being comfortable and being able to fully enjoy the experience. My second would be if my wife was on board and wanted me to wear a swim brief. If she wanted to wear a thong, I would definitely do it with her, I would also not want my child present or any other children present which is why I would feel more comfortable at an adults only resort. Lastly, like Nate said, if I saw other guys wearing swim briefs or thongs, I would feel more comfortable and be more incline to do so. Still not sure if I would choose a thong as swimwear, I think I would need a combination of all three to go there.

Kudos to you Ron for being a swim brief wearer and not caring what others think.

The Bottom Drawer: I’m with you and the Daddy weight, but probably the biggest thing that would make it easier for me is others wearing one. It’s hard to be the lone ranger, but I guess someone has to be the trendsetter. Other things that have made it easier for me in the past is being away from the crowds or at the location before others show up and of course the wife’s support. I also think it is easier at the beach than the pool to wear a swim brief, since you can find a spot away from others or at least choose an area of people you think will respect your swimwear choice. Not sure if I’d have the confidence for a thong in public, so it would probably be reserved for backyard or private pool.

Ron: For me it’s about confidence in that you won’t be ridiculed or if you are, can deal with it. Also the support of my spouse; though she doesn’t like speedo styles she doesn’t vehemently object to me wearing them; in fact I’ve said in the past that she has even chosen speedos from my collection to wear on holiday. I think in Europe people are not so bothered about speedos, especially on mainland Europe in countries like Netherlands, Germany, France, Austria and former Eastern Europe. I think in most they are accepting of thongs on the beach for both sexes. Nakedness is the norm in most European beaches now so wearing minuscule bikini styles or thongs is not going to draw comment. I would be comfortable in a thong in mainland Europe though not in the uk, sadly. Attitudes would definitely have to change and it has to come from the cat walk or social media for the masses to approve. Interestingly, the speedos worn by the GB dive team are very brief indeed for such a public spectacle and no-one seems to mind. It’s just their sports gear I guess! You guys need to come to Europe for a total speedo/ bikini/ thong wearing experience!

Society seems to make it acceptable and even encourage women to wear skimpy swimwear, but not men. Any thoughts on why this is the case?

Blkmlthng: Ron I agree with you about Europe about the Speedo experience. My dad was stationed at an Army base in Italy in the 80’s and I remember going to the beaches and the women were topless with bikini bottoms (some were t-backs) and all I saw were Speedos and really short swim trunks on the men. I’m glad to hear that hasn’t changed much. It just seems like it was so much more acceptable back then for men and women to wear such swimsuits and although the women are still accepted in such swimsuits, the men aren’t. Society made it seem as though it wasn’t cool for a man to wear anything other than below the knee board shorts to a pool or beach. If you look at movies, meme’s and tv shows men who were these types of swimsuits are ridiculed while the women are celebrated. I think it would take a popular male celebrity/athlete to wear such swimwear and not care what others think and if women celebrated it would catch on and other men would follow, that’s just my two cents.

The Bottom Drawer: I agree most representation of a guy in a swim brief or thong is typically used to get a laugh from the audience in mainstream media. That definitely doesn’t help encourage a guy to break them out. Part of the issue I’m wondering is if it is that guys are embarrassed to wear one, since the size of their manhood is going to be on display. I know I’ve read women’s responses to men wearing Speedos as it leaves nothing to the imagination. Guess they like to imagine something bigger than it is!!

To me the only difference between a woman in a skimpy swimsuit and a man is anatomy. So my theory is the male reproductive organ has to be the key to acceptability. There has to be an embarrassment factor, since a thong or swim brief gets a laugh. I also believe some people think it is inappropriate for a guy to display his bump. I know it doesn’t help that some guys are just trying to show off their bugle and cut out the lining of their suits to get more definition. Things like that I think hurt the acceptability of guys wearing skimpy swimwear.

Ron: On the topic of skimpy swimwear for women being encouraged I think it’s due to how traditionally men view women; as ‘objects’ to be looked at, desired etc. Hence why we want to see women in skimpier swimwear; the wicked weasel bikinis are testament to that though quite a number of women enjoy wearing tiny bikinis, I guess as a tease to men, whom in our western cultures can only look and not touch. The tiniest top of a bikini barely hiding the nipple or large breasts is an envy to many women and a definite eyeoopener for men. Whereas men I think, as noted by Nate, are not encouraged to display their genitals in such a provocative way and many I guess are wary that other men may not think them virile enough if they are not well endowed, as would be displayed in brief swimwear. So they hide inside large board shorts or swim ‘trunks’. There is also the stigma of being a stout man wearing very brief bikini speedos which hang beneath the belly. In our cultures that is also the same for women, always trying to strive for that very thin body ‘ for the beach’ as advertised in all magazines in summer. Go to South America where all shapes of women parade about in the smallest of bikinis. Recently an English rugby player was pictured on a beach in speedos in the pattern of the St. George’s Cross, the flag of England and there seems to be a reluctant acceptance. Obviously he’s got a decent physique which helps. So there maybe a corner being turned slowly for skimpy swimwear for men. Just yesterday I went for a quick swim at my local gym and wore a navy 3/4inch bikini. The pool was reasonably busy but no other skimpy swimsuits. No double takes to comments, which was good.

Part 2 will be coming next week. Let us know your thoughts and comment or email with the send me a message. Thanks for reading.

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