New Brazil Underwear Print from Prevail Sport

New Brazil Underwear Print

Prevail Sport has introduce a new print for their underwear lines. Again this is another one that looks familiar to me, but not real sure. Not a print I own. The print is a tye dyed look. It has red, blue, green, purple, pinkish, white. Of course colors are going to vary from pair to pair especially the smaller the pair is. So never know what you really will get. It is a print I would get. Always good to get away from solid colors now and then. These are made out of a cotton lycra blend. It looks like there are fifteen style choices for this print. You have a choice of their more conservative styles with the Cotton LoRise Brief or Cotton PowerLifter Boxer. Go with one of their bikinis Cotton PowerLifter Brief, Cotton String Brief, Cotton Rio Brief, Cotton French Secret, PLR Rio Brief, or Cotton String POWERLIFTER. Then there is their selection of thongs: Cotton MINI POCKET, Cotton String Thong,Cotton PowerLifter Thong, Cotton Med Thong, Cotton Micro Thong, Cotton North Star Thong, or Cotton Top Gun. With all those styles you should be able to find a cut to your liking.

Just a side note: I am a big fan of Prevail Sport and I have their permission to use their images. That is why I cover them like I do. I may touch base with other brands I like for the same permissions. I try not to use images without having the appropriate permissions.

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  1. Blkmlthng says:

    Placed my order for this style in the PLR Rio Brief as well as some other styles to take advantage of their sale. Looking forward to my order any day now!!

    • So far I’ve resisted, but been very tempted. Keep playing with the idea of trying one of the PLR styles, but afraid I won’t like.

      • Greg says:

        Bottom Drawer: I know what you mean about the Power Lifter, as I have a String PL Thong from Prevail Sport (my favorite company). The problem with them is that they fit snugly when you are excited, but when you are in natural mode, they can be a little “baggy”. My favorite for overall fit and feel is their String Thong in either nylon/spandex, or cotton/lycra.

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