Thongs 101 for UNB Blog

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Seems like when summer comes along it makes it hard for me to keep up with my weekly posting. Plus ideas haven’t been flowing from me lately. This week I decided to promote the Thongs 101 series that I’ve been … Continued

Underwear Addiction

posted in: General | 25

Do you have an underwear addiction or maybe a swimwear addiction? Then you can join the club. I’ve been addicted to bikini and thong underwear ever since I first tried them on. We normally relate addiction to being a negative … Continued

JM Closing Their Doors

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Update 8/23/17 – JM is coming back under new ownership. Start delivers September 15th. — Sad news about a brand I just tried this year and reviewed as recently as last Friday. I received an email yesterday from JM offering … Continued

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