Manscaping Survey

Underwear Organization Survey

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  1. Great Site

  2. Love the site…keep it up with more content!

    • Thanks, always good to hear people enjoy what I’m doing. Wish I had more time to put more posts together! My goal is at least one a week though not always good at meeting that. I am going to be doing some work with Underwear News Briefs, so you can watch for things from me there. Probably will add a section to my blog with links to other places that have content I wrote or collaborated on.

  3. southtriguy

    Great site and great place for guys to find out they are not alone in their love for different styles of underwear.

  4. Definitely great site.Society only gay guys to wear this stuff-I love it and will continue as long as I have the body for it.Theres a lot more of us out there than I thought

  5. Love this blog. Now O cam talk about these things without being judged. I can share stories and give and receive recommendations. Thanks BD!

  6. Thongs and bikinis are for regular folks also. Let us share the sources and information

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