Swimwear Equality

How About Swimwear EqualityWe hear a lot about equality. So how about equality at beaches and pools for the guys. Why does there seem to be such negativity or maybe it is more an unacceptable attitude towards guys wanting to wear less at the beach than trunks? Women’s suits have been getting smaller over the years while men’s have seem to be getting longer. Yeah it is best to cover up to prevent skin damage, but I don’t think that is what is on the mind. You’re probably going there to relax, get some sun, cool off in the water maybe, and just enjoy yourself. What better way to do that is with a Speedo bikini swim brief!

There are a few things that I’ve seen people comment on why guys shouldn’t wear Speedo swim briefs, which I’ll touch on. First one basically is it accentuates the manhood. Yes, guys have a bump in a different place than ladies, but I don’t see that as a reason to deny us of wearing swim briefs or tighter suits in general. Then you might hear it doesn’t leave anything to the imagination. Nope, it doesn’t, but neither do women’s swimsuits. What do you need to imagine anyways? Then next up on the list typically is beer belly comments. Not everyone has beer bellies. We all have a range of shapes just like the ladies. Plus a beer belly in a swim brief isn’t going to be much different in trunks. At least with the swim brief, there is less likely a chance of the plumber’s crack. Of course there is the gay comments, which is just ridiculous and we’ll leave it at that. So what is everyone’s hang up on guys in spandex?

There are plenty of people at the beach that probably shouldn’t be wearing what they are, but if they enjoy wearing it and feel comfortable wearing it then good for them. Wish that mindset would always stay in my head. All hail the swim brief.

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  1. Jason says:

    If thats you i think you look great and when i get fitter i hope to do the same so i 100% understand your hesitation, but i say go for it and rock it.

  2. Jon says:

    I live in Los Angeles. Here seeing men in briefs or even thongs is more common and more acceptable than many place but it’s still far from commonplace to see men in small bottoms. I agree that they’re so much more comfortable than shorts. I’m also lucky that I have a few friends that don’t mind me wearing my suits when we go to the beach or someone’s pool. Wish there were more of us-just enough for it to still be different, but enough for it to be acceptable in more places and situations.

    • Location does make a difference for swim briefs at the beach. I rarely see a guy in one around where I live. Good to have friends that don’t mind and do not poke fun of them.

  3. T says:

    It has always bugged me that the media has double standards when it comes to men and women being seen in revealing swimwear. If an attractive female celeb is pictured in a barely there dental floss bikini,she is applauded and praised for showing of her hot body……. If,however,a male celeb dares to ditch the typical baggy board shorts stereotype in favour of a tight fitting speedo,he gets absolutely hammered by the press and we get newspaper columns full of tripe telling us why men should NEVER wear speedos.
    In the U.K and especially in America,anyone who chooses to wear a speedo in public is usually sneered at and will probably have their sexuality questioned as a matter of course. Thankfully,our European neighbours are much more open minded about skimpy attire worn by men and don’t see it as a threat to their masculinity.

    • Yeah, it’s not right that the ladies are applaud for their skimpy swimsuits and guys are discouraged and put down. I’ve heard there are great places in Europe for guys to hit the beach in swim briefs or less.

      • T says:

        I go to the beautiful island of Sicily(off the southern tip of Italy) every summer,and I have to say it is a speedo wearers paradise. On every beach you see all age groups from teenage boys to elderly gentlemen sporting their tight swim briefs without the slightest hint of self consciousness. It’s not uncommon to see men in some of the coastal resorts wearing skimpy briefs while riding motorbikes and bicycles,or shopping in a supermarket or walking in the streets near a beach.
        If I’m on a crowded beach with my Italian friends,I usually wear a tanga brief with string sides and a half back,and no one bats an eyelid. If I find a quiet spot with fewer people around,I will wear a g-string or better still a c-string which can be slipped off and on in an instant when you are sunbathing naked and someone appears unexpectedly.
        Most European countries are totally cool with men wearing speedos,sadly,the U.K is not yet one of them.

        • Pretty much the same in most of the US. Though you can find places that are swim brief friendly where you won’t be the only one. Haven’t been to one of those places though. I think there is a tolerance to the fuller swim briefs a lot of places, but you’ll be the only one sporting one most likely. Got rid of your first reply comment and your note that you corrected spelling of this one.

  4. Perris says:

    I think social media has been great in providing arguments for wearing speedos. In the past, men and women who ridiculed speedos got away with it without ever being challenged, now people will call them out on it on online posts and label them as closed minded or even haters. They don’t get away with it as they use to. Thank goodness. BTW your suit is a conservative speedo, in my opinion, and I don’t think too many people would bat an eye. Your swimmers body just brings it all together. Just smile like you own the world and get a cool set of shades!

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