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Can Men Wear Bikinis? 12

Can Men Wear Bikini Underwear?

I decided to do an answer to this question to play off the thong one I did last week. You can read that post here. Yes, men can wear bikini underwear. Boxers and briefs...

Kiniki Contour Brief Review 0

Kiniki Contour Brief Review

If you like a traditional bikini brief with a little flare then take a look at the Contour Brief from Kiniki. It’s a super comfortable bikini brief that is a great underwear choice for...


Tri-Satin Tanga by Kiniki

Update 6/24/2016: Just notice that Kiniki is offering this tanga again in black, blue, or red. Thought I’d do a throwback review for Thursday, since I really liked this bikini. The Tri-Satin Tanga string...