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Speedo brand give credibility 5

Speedo Brand Give Credibility?

I got an email recently with a new swimsuit line from Speedo, which got me reminiscing some. It wasn’t the men’s suit that caught my eye on this email, but the women’s. I guess...

Speedo 1" Shoreline Swim Brief 9

1” Shoreline Speedo Swim Brief

Am I the only one that liked the look of the Speedo Shoreline 1” swim brief? Yes, it is the same as their 1” Solar swim brief, but it has two accent stripes on...

Speedo Thong Tribute 28

Speedo Thong Tribute

When the men’s Speedo thong came out I thought this could be a game changer for making thongs more popular. You’d think if a big brand like Speedo was offering them that it would...