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2017 Flip Flop Survey Results 3

Expedia Flip Flop Survey 2017

I just thought about seeing it Expedia did their Flip Flop survey this year and I did find the results. Here’s some details on the survey. They got 15,363 responses from people 18 and...

2016 Expedia Flip Flop Survey Results 0

Expedia’s Flip Flop Survey 2016

The Expedia flip flop survey is back after they appeared to skip 2015. I missed it being released last year, so here it is now. This survey was done with 11,115 individuals that were...

Bikinis For Men...Why Not? 5

Bikinis for Men…Why not?

I decided it was time for a bikini post. I feel I do more thong posts over bikinis even though I’m about 50/50 with my wearing of each. So I thought I’d talk or...