The Bottom Drawer 2020 Outlook and Resolution

2020 Outlook at The Bottom Drawer

As I said in my 2019 wrap up, things are changing and I’ll have to work in my blogging once everything starts to settle in place. I’d like to stick to my one post a week goal, but most likely that isn’t going to be the case. I’m seeing it more as when I get one done it will go up.

The survey I did at the end of 2018 put conversation type pieces at the top for more post content. Following close behind is more on thongs. Hopefully you’ll be seeing the Married Str8 Trio back in 2020 along with some other similar pieces. For help with more thong content I’ve purchased a few to add to my review inventory, so they should now outnumber the bikinis for review. Other than that it will be whatever comes to mind or suggestions from any of you.

At the moment I’m not seeing any real changes or additions to the blog this year. Hopefully the forum will keep growing and we will have some good interactions there. I’m always open to suggestions.

Now to figure out a 2020 resolution. Usually I go for somewhat of a specific resolution. Like break out the swim brief at the local beach or introduce the family to them. This year I’m thinking more general and open. I’d like to keep stepping out of the comfort zone and spread the word of bikinis, thongs, and swim briefs are for guys. So my hope this year is to seize opportunities that I can promote them. Maybe even come up with ways to create those opportunities. I know several of you have found and shared opportunities you’ve had to spread the word. Be it with not being shy changing in the locker room or working it into a conversation. Hopefully I’ll find some ways to enlighten others of the skimpy wear this year.

I look forward to another year promoting bikinis, thongs, and form fitting swimwear. Hopefully encouraging those thinking about testing out the waters to do so and giving support to those that need it when negativity of them knocks at their door. Here’s to another good year of interactions with my regular followers and hopefully some new ones. Let’s keep wearing our skimpy underwear and swimwear proudly while promoting them positively.

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  1. Skip says:

    Want to plan a Spring trip to an island or perhaps Mexico. Prefer an all inclusive beach resort. Would like to go somewhere that men in speedos is a common sight. Anyone have any recommendations.

    • Jim says:

      Aruba is a great place to go to wear speedos. I wore my speedo the whole time I was there and even ate lunch at a bar on the beach only wearing my speedo. My wife and I stayed at the Marriott Stellaris Resort. I saw a few other wearing speedos here and there, but it wasn’t like they were everywhere. Lots of women wearing thongs too. Definitely one of the easiest places I’ve gone to wear a speedo for sure.

    • Max says:

      South Florida anywhere in ft, lauderdale to Miami Beach is a great place to wear a speedo or thong. Most places in the Caribbean you can wear a speedo or thong. As long as it’s legal, rock the skimpiest swimwear that you are comfortable wearing. Who cares if you are the only guy who has the balls to wear skimpy swimwear! Have fun, get a good tan and don’t worry!

  2. Chad says:

    I was curious as to why we can’t post more pictures of us wearing the brands that we love, if we are all proud to wear thongs why can’t we show it off in a place where we can encourage each other?

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      I don’t want the blog or forums to be a place to come to see photos is the top reason. I want it to be about the content and interactions with like minded people. There are plenty of places for photos sharing like Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, etc. Other reasons are, I’d have to make sure the photos are appropriate and don’t go against my web hosting agreement. They’ll take up more of my allotment resources. Figured if anyone wants to share something like a photo they can use a third party and share the link.

  3. Max69 says:

    I challenge all the guys out there to do one or more of the following in 2020:

    1. Wear a speedo for the first time
    2. Remove the lining from your speedo
    3. Wear a skimpier swim suit this year
    4. Wear a sheer or see thru when wet suit
    5. Wear a thong to the beach
    6. Wear a G-string
    7. Most important wear it proudly and confidently!
    8. Ignore any negative comments … surprisingly you will get many more compliments then you ever thought!

    Be daring, have fun and enjoy the feeling of wearing a very tiny revealing swim suit!

    • Black Stallion says:

      1. Wear a speedo for the first time.
      Already have done that. Speedos are too big for my taste, I like mine a little more revealing.

      2. Remove the lining from your speedo.
      No need to do that, I have some binkins without linings.

      3. Wear a skimpier swim suit this year.
      Well I would like to, but thongs are unacceptable, however I am going to try a cheeky bikini.

      4. Wear a sheer or see thru when wet suit.
      I have a transparent when wet from skinzwear, I have worn it, and I continue to wear it, when I go swimming.
      5. Wear a thong to the beach.
      I will when I find a beach nearby, or a pool that allows, without people calling police.
      Especially in today’s social climate, especially being a black male. People call the police on us black men for anything.

      6. Wear a G-string.
      I have some, and I will wear them where they are acceptable, unfortunately not many places accept men or women in thongs or g-strings.

      7. Most important wear it proudly and confidently!
      I do, and will.

      8. Ignore any negative comments … surprisingly you will get many more compliments then you ever thought.
      Done that!

      • Max 69 says:

        Black Stallion, I want to go to the beach or pool with you and I will wear a thong or skimpy sheer swimwear. Which ever is legal. Dude, where do you live. Please share a picture of you rocking you skimpy swimwear.

        • Black Stallion says:

          I wear suits from skinzwear.
          I live in Georgia, Atlants
          Thongs unfortunately are illegal, by men or women unless you go to a clothing optional beach, which are nowhere within 40 miles of my location. Clothing optional beaches are gears more towards couples, and seniors. Which brings another subject into play. Therefore unfortunately being single male, you’ll get a lot of “guff”.

        • Black stallion says:

          I live in Georgia

  4. Randy Lange says:

    I have trip planned to Destin, FL in February and I plan to wear a thong on the beach all day. I told my wife don’t even question me wearing a thong this year. I believe its time real men step out from behind the wall that has been put up over the years that we are ugly and can’t show our stuff. I work hard at keeping a nice body and people are going see it. I raised to worry about what others thought but now I live for live for me. I love to wear leggings everywhere, I try to not show off to much of the (male parts) but if they are out there enjoy! or not.

    • T says:

      Hi Randy. Sounds like you really mean to kick(and show)some serious ass on the beach this year! Having seen you posing in your bikinis and thongs,I confidently predict the only comments you get will be positive,and your good lady will have to keep an eye out for predatory females(and males) who might want a closer look at your “stuff” as you call it(lol).
      Older guys(including me)realize that life IS too short to worry about what others might say about our choice of skimpy underwear/swimwear,so I totally agree with Randy when he says “now I live life for me.”
      We all need to step up to the plate this year and do more to make the wearing of thongs etc more acceptable within society. Examples would be hanging our skimpy undies outside to dry rather than indoors.Not covering them up when changing in the locker room. Complimenting a guy on his choice if you see him wearing a bikini brief etc and ask him where he bought it? It won’t always be easy,but any positive feedback we receive will encourage us to be more confident the next time an opportunity arises.

      There is a programme here in the U.K called Dress to Impress,in which 3 people have to pick an outfit in 30 minutes for a guy or girl,straight or gay. Last week a male stripper was on,and one of the three girls bought him a thong as part of his outfit. I kid you not,the guy who does the voice over then proceeded to mention the word thong in almost every sentence and with a distinctly mocking tone. If that wasn’t bad enough,the stripper then messages the girls saying how he has to wear a thong for work and how everyone knows how uncomfortable they are,so can you buy me some comfortable underwear(which turned out to be boxer briefs). Just another example of how thongs can be ridiculed in the media.

      Let’s all wish Randy well on his thong adventure next month and hope this is the year that Nate throws caution to the wind and takes the beach by storm in a jaw dropping posing pouch(lol).

      • randy says:

        I would also like to thank Nate for all his hard work and time to keep this going. Men around the world need guys like to help get the word out.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Hope you have a great trip and look forward to hearing how it goes. Keep representing!

    • Black Stallion says:

      Those board shirts are ridiculous.
      Shorts are getting longer, and longer, they are damn near pants, which can’t be safe to swim in.

  5. SM_Thongguy says:

    Here’s to a great year of thongs, bikini’s and swimwear.

    We will continue to provide ideas and content where we can.

    All the best and don’t stress to much about it. You do enough to keep us going.

    Thanks for that

  6. The stallion says:

    What I’ve come to find out is that “time” is just too short.
    What I’ve decided to do since early 2018, is to,
    just do it.
    Just do it.
    Just do it.
    Tomorrow is not promised to anyone, the next opportunity to get to wear a bikini swim brief, just do it. Of course use common sense, but just do it.
    You’ll waste time thinking about it, then when you think about it, your time is up due to chickening it.
    Part of being a man or a human is being brave.
    Because when you take the initiative, and you exude confidence in your choice, people around you don’t, and won’t challenge your choice.
    Off subject, but bringing up point.
    My choice to wear “spray on” jeans.
    I feared wearing such skin tight jeans, that are extremely unforgiving to body image, but after just going for it, or “just do it” I wore them and now I wear them exclusively, except for when the occasion calls for another fashion choice, but not I don’t worry about what others think or are going to say.
    In fact I have received more positive compliments on my fashion choice.
    All I can say is “JUST DO IT!”

    Brought to you by “Nike”
    No affiliation.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      You are right about just doing it along with the common sense. I guess it is human nature for us to over think things. My thought is if we are wearing something similar to what women wear then we should not have an issue. Thanks for sharing a non bikini/thong example of just doing it.

      • Black Stallion says:

        They are bikinis, that I wear swimming off the string variation, and the back is minimal, without being a thing.
        See skinzwear as see the “sunseeker & sunseeker 2 versions, of pack it, and large pouch variations, those are the types of suits I wear.
        I do have thongs, and g strings, but like I stated before, there is no place within 45 miles other than my own home, where I could legally wear thongs or g strings.

        • Bikini Obsessed says:

          Black Stallion, where have you worn the sunseeker speedo and what kind of reactions have you gotten? Single guy here as well and I’ve rocked the ‘Super Low Brazilian Bikini’ to an indoor public pool. Also bought and wore the Smooth Front Bikini bathing suit from skinzwear which is more of a ‘normal’ speedo. Felt a little more ‘comfortable’ wearing the less skimpy speedo but I love how the front of the super low Brazilian bikini looks on me. I definitely need a tan and to literally get my butt in shape to wear such a cheeky speedo : )

          • Black Stallion says:

            I’ve won them to outdoor public pools. No negative complaints, other than the free ignorant individuals who think I’m swimming in my underwear.

          • Black Stallion says:

            As far as other comments, people ask where I got mine, or they ask if I work out. I’m more at the pool to exercise, swim, enjoy the sun, or splash around.

            • Bikini Obsessed says:

              Wow Black Stallion, that is cool…ever see other guys in minimal speedos too? Its been a dream come true of mine to rock a skimpy speedo to the pool…feels amazing. What would you wear to an indoor pool?

              • Black Stallion says:

                I don’t see other people in swimwear like mine.
                It’s all board shorts, and T shirts for guys and girls.
                I’ve my sunseekers at indoor pools too, that’s really nothing to me, I’m looking for the moment when thongs are acceptable, I have a lot of those, which for right now serve as underwear.
                Like I’ve said before in other posts, I do wish there were adult pools, where we can play in the sun.
                Everybody thinks once you become an adult, you’re supposed to roll over and die.

                • Bikini Obsessed says:

                  Its been so cool to see other guys break out of the norm and rock some skimpy speedos (rare sightings though) Its pretty conservative/uptight as far as swimwear goes where I live at the moment. Unfortunately it seems to be that way with the ‘roll over and die’ mentality with being an adult…gotta fight that mentality because life is too short!

              • Randy says:

                I wear my stuff it pouch 1/2 back suits at the hotels I go to. I have only seen one other guy wearing board shorts.

            • Bikini Obsessed says:

              You must also be in good shape to wear the sunseeker I’m guessing. Over the last couple years I’ve seen some guys wearing minimal speedos which has inspired me to do the same…some really fit, and some not which has been interesting to see. Even the guy that wasn’t in great shape looked pretty good in the little speedo he had on. Skimpier the speedo, the better in my opinion : )

              • Black Stallion says:

                I’m not in body builder shape, but I do maintain some shape.
                What people fail to realize, is that your confidence, and the “spotlight”. If you aren’t confident, then yes, you will stick out in a bad way.
                You just “Rock that shit”, “Own that shit”, and don’t worry about what others think, be proud you are you, and you are not worrying, and your confidence will be your spotlight.
                Once you exude the confidence, people will actually admire your statement. I’ve had more admiration than scorn, and most of the compliments have been of confidence, and how good I wear the confidence.
                Remember you make the suits, don’t let the suit make you.
                Be confident, own the fact your doing it, and make that suit compliment you, and make that suit better.

                • Bikini Obsessed says:

                  I like your advice Black Stallion. I’m not in body builder shape either but I try to stay in shape. Wearing skimpier suits has encouraged me to stay in shape….I think that’s why I like wearing them too. You’re right about confidence and ‘owning it’, and just rockin’ it. I’ve discovered that it is totally about that and not being afraid. I’ve found that confidence builds also and you can feel more comfortable in your skin and with what you’re wearing.

                  • Black Stallion says:

                    People always complain about real men, but what they fail to realize is that a real man doesn’t let what he wears dictate who, or what he is, and the boys will always let others control them. Figure on that.

                    • Bikini Obsessed says:

                      Wow man, couldn’t have said it better. I feel like a real man in a skimpy bikini suit. Feels good to show off in a tiny suit with confidence.

                  • Black Stallion says:

                    I’m looking for some new suits now.
                    I want to try the cheekini, but it’s kind of too big for my taste.

              • Black Stallion says:

                Fact is we are all human, and we are all different, if we were all built the same, imagine how boring that would be. Yes there will be somebody built better than you or I and any of us, and there will always be somebody in worse shape than us, but it’s the confidence that makes us look good.

                • Bikini Obsessed says:

                  I’ve seen a larger guy rockin a skimpy speedo but regardless of him being bigger (and lots of body hair), I think he ‘pulled off the look’ by being confident in what he’s wearing.

                  • Black Stallion says:

                    To be honest, as much as they so called “grown men” claim to be so manly, they act awfully immature when they have such negative comments.

  7. Mark says:

    Yes, we all need to be assertive about wearing our Speedo-style briefs, bikini and thong swimwear or no one else will and the schizophrenic critics will have won. I will admit that I’ve not always worn my best skimpy stuff as much as I could have but, as it has been said, there’s a difference between wearing athletic Speedo-type briefs, as worn by swim teams, around families and wearing minimal thongs to be worn at adult beaches or pools which is what I’ve been doing (even when I wear Speedos after showering and drying off, I change into thong underwear in the men’s dressing room.)

  8. DonS says:

    The sad thing about all this is that we used to wear Speedos, they were the default swimwear.

    Whether boys, teenagers or men, for swimming and most sports you wore Speedos. Nothing skimpier though unless in a private pool. Some sports still have men in Speedo styles, I guess that is the sport’s “uniform code”.

    Pre-school girls wore one-pieces or toddlers bikinis, once in primary school it tended to be one-pieces, and teenagers and younger women wore bikinis as long as they had the build for one, which most did in the 1970’s and 1980s.

    It’s said now you are gay if you wear Speedos, it used to be if you wore board-shorts you were gay. I’d like to have seen someone say that to a surfer at the time, though.

    I don’t do beach swimming anymore, so cannot take up any of the suggestions. However, around the pool it’s still the Kiniki tanga for me, one-piece for the partner.

  9. Black Stallion says:

    It’s just that people are confused, uneducated, and simple minded, as well as closed minded.
    I myself used to think only gays wrote such Articles of clothing, until I tried to see what the big deal was about, which unfortunately would come very late in life, now my regret is that I wish I wasn’t so ignorant back then.

    • DonS says:

      Yes, we’ve talked about the sexual revolution that was supposed to have happened in earlier decades, and what ever became of that. Same applies to the education revolution – supposed to be more people going to university, and better able to question ideas and thinking, but the latter does not seem that way. For all the talk, I’d say generally people are more close-minded than before.

  10. Jim says:

    I’m wondering once we are able to travel again due to the pandemic, and resume normal activities, if wearing a speedo will become more common because people will want to just be free again. I know that I certainly won’t give a damn when it comes time to drop the shorts at the beach. Hopefully it will give people a new appreciation for freedom to be yourself and most importantly, LIFE!

  11. Max says:

    It doesn’t matter, wear what you want and enjoy yourself!

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