Underwear Addiction

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Underwear Addiction
Do you have an underwear addiction or maybe a swimwear addiction? Then you can join the club. I’ve been addicted to bikini and thong underwear ever since I first tried them on. We normally relate addiction to being a negative thing. I do not see that to be the case with my underwear and swimwear addiction. To me it is a positive obsession. I can see it being a negative one if you are going into debt buying underwear. There are probably other circumstance too that can make it a bad addiction. In general I see it as a positive one.

Why is it positive addiction for me? First, I’m not hurting myself and others with all my underwear and swimwear. This means it is okay for me to find them to be enjoyable. It has been said many times, but they help boost confidence and makes one feel sexy. Both positive things to feel. It’s fun wearing something different each day and matching your mood instead of the same thing day in and day out. My interest in bikinis and thongs has lead me to meet a lot of interesting and great people. Many I keep in correspondence with. Those all sound like positive things to me. I’m sure there are other good examples and probably better ones that haven’t come to mind. I think at least that makes the point.

Now I would object to having an underwear anonymous. Now the group wouldn’t be there to help you break an underwear addition. It would be there to help support you in your underwear goals. Give you the encouragement you need to break the norms of boxers and briefs. Support you in wearing that swim brief to the beach. I know I’m not the only one that could use some encouragement in reaching my goals. I’ve had guys say they are hesitant about wearing bikini and thong underwear even though they want to. They’re letting social norms win over their desire and/or question their desires. I know others that wouldn’t mind wearing a swim brief to the beach.

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  1. I wouldn’t say I have an underwear or swimwear addiction as such,but I’ve certainly had a keen interest in the skimpier styles of underwear since my mid to late teens. I can remember back in the 70’s and 80’s the thrill of shopping for underwear/swimwear in the large department stores which in those days had large selections of bikini briefs(which I favoured back then)and the even more daring thongs which I would nervously present to the assistant behind the counter. Swim thongs could also be found in a shop called C&A(sadly no longer trading here). When I look back on these days,it makes me realize just how straight laced and boring the choice of underwear has now become in most men’s clothing stores and I barely give a second glance to the dull,grey boxer briefs/shorts that seem to be the only styles on offer. I can’t actually remember when I last bought underwear from a local retail outlet.Probably not since I discovered the delights of internet shopping.
    I hope this next “confession” doesn’t come over as being a bit weird,but I will admit to casting an eye over the contents of a washing line and trying to guess what type of guy might be the wearer of the pants on the line. The vast majority of pants on display do tend to be the dreaded boxers,but the good old brief can occasionally be spotted.I suppose it is possible that some skimpier styles are kept hidden indoors to save any embarrassing comments from curious neighbours.
    The “fashion” for men to wear low rise jeans and jogging bottoms which often display the waistband of their underpants is also a way of gauging what style of underwear is currently in vogue. Sadly,yet again,it would seem that boxer shorts far outweigh bikinis and thongs.

  2. I’m 51 and married I wear string bikinis and sunbathe in g string thongs. I love having underwear variety, some people think it’s not correct- what do they know?

  3. I’ve always liked wearing sexy stuff, I like women that wear it too.As we all know for some stupid reason it’s unacceptable for men.So I went mainstream garbage undies, but now gettin up there in years, but still have the body for it-live it up as long as I can

  4. Underwear addiction works for me

  5. Complete switch is on

  6. Yup it’s the better way.I used to think boxers always at work-that’s stupid thongs & bikinis good all the time

  7. I wear all sorts of underwear except the old tightey whities and boxer shorts. A good 75% consist in half-back bikinis, thongs, cheeky ones. I keep buying revealing undies that male me feel sexy and daring but at the same time are comfortable. I guess I can call it an addiction.

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