My Underwear Collection and Management

My Underwear Collection and ManagementAfter doing a thong conversation with Underwear News Briefs (UNB), a reader of mine thought is would be a good idea to hear more about my underwear collection. Along with how I manage it in terms of deciding what to keep, wear, etc. I wrote a post for UNB about it here, but thought I would expanded a bit more on my collection here.

I’m approaching 175 pairs in my collection. I thought it was a large collection until I started blogging. Seems other guys have quite a bit more. As you know I’m a bikini and thong fan, so that is what my collection consists of. It’s close to a 50/50 split, but I’m weighted a little more towards bikinis. I’ll talk more about my break down in a bit. Besides breaking my collection down to just styles, I also separate them into what I call old and good. Old are the pairs that are starting to fade, discoloration, have been around a while, or ones I don’t wear often and don’t care if they don’t last. They get their wear at times I’m planning on working up a sweat, since sweat can be hard on the material and elastic. Good ones are my daily wearers of course.

About 125 pairs in my collection I still consider good undies and the other 50 old. Now my bikini to thong ratio is different between good and old. In the good category I’m at about 70 bikinis and 55 thongs. With the old I’m around 20 for bikini and 30 for thongs. I really should go through them all and do an underwear purge. There are some that do not get much wear as good or old.

Let’s move on to my brand break down. I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been pretty brand loyal. Lately, I’ve only started to branch out some from my main brands, since I started blogging. My biggest category is my other brands, which contains ones from department stores that came in multi-packs like Joe Boxer thongs. Those make up 32% of my collection with over 50% of those in my old category. Now my top brand is Prevail Sport with 28%. Followed by Kiniki with 14% and underwear from Undergear at 10%. Rounding out the rest, we have BodyAware at 8%, Blueline at 5%, and Dietz at 2%. As you can see there aren’t many brands in my collection, but do have my eyes on some new ones to try.

How I choose my pair for the day is based on my mood in the morning. So if I feel like a thong then I go with that otherwise it will be a bikini. Some days I want a nice snug fitting pair, so I pick one of those. If I’m going to be active, then a great supporting pair. If I know I’ll be seen in my undies like at the doctor’s office or locker room then I normally do not choose a thong. Also I avoid loud prints/colors or sheer bikinis if public viewing could occur. I’m not too concern about being caught in a skimpy bikini anymore, but still working on that with thongs.

I do not match my underwear to my outfits, since I’m not good at matching my outerwear as it is. I do try to match for the occasion or holiday, since my wife points out when I don’t. So I try to remember to wear an animal print if we’re going to the zoo or the corresponding color for the holiday.

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