Underwear or Swimwear Conversation in Person

Underwear or Swimwear Conversations

This post is brought to you by an idea in an email I received from T. T’s example was with undies hanging out to dry, but really it would be anytime they are spotted. What would you do if you spotted some skimpy underwear hanging at the neighbors or someone wearing a thong in the locker room? Maybe a swim brief, bikini, or thong at the beach you are at. Would you be comfortable enough to go approach the person and compliment them on their choice and start up a conversation with them about it? Or just be happy you saw someone else sporting underwear or swimwear like you prefer.

Personally I’m not good at starting up conversation in general, so I’m not seeing myself walking up to a stranger and saying nice underwear. Or where did you get your underwear? Now maybe with swimwear it would be easier to strike up a conversation especially if I was sporting a swim brief. Though I’d still be very hesitate to do so. I’m more the one that is just happy when I see a guy sporting a swim brief. Now I would be fine if someone approached me to start a conversation as long as it was an intelligible one.

To me it seems women are more likely to comment and start up a conversation on someone’s underwear or swimwear. They shop together and give each other advice on how they look in clothes in general, which includes their unmentionables. I have witnessed it, so it’s not just the marketing and movies that it is done in. Maybe those things had some influence on them to do that. Unfortunately with underwear and swimwear for guys, we’re not going to find much in the skimpy area, so even if we were to shop together I don’t see much to talk about it.

Say you were brave enough to start up a conversation with a like minded individual what are some conversation starters that could be used?

How’s it going? Where did you buy that thong?

Hi my name is _____. Do you frequent this beach? It’s nice not being the only swim brief wearer for once.

What brand are you wearing? Doesn’t look like one I’m familiar with.

Or maybe you just start up a normal conversation first and slip in at some point by the way I like your underwear or swimwear choice. I wish more of us guys would break away from the norm.

Have any of you come across someone else with similar taste in underwear or swimwear while in the locker room, pool, or beach? I haven’t noticed anyone so far sporting bikini or thong underwear. Very rarely have I seen a swim brief and the times I have I wasn’t sport one myself. If you have, did you start up a conversation with the person? How did you go about it? Start with small talk or just went for complimenting their choice? What are your suggestions for trying to start up a conversation with a like minded individual in person?

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  1. John says:

    Great topic! I actually experienced this on a vacation. There was a guy wearing a swim brief that I really liked. It was pale blue and had a very graphic, almost cartoonish flower print. He was built like a body builder and wore it perfectly. I’m an introvert by nature, but I had to know where he got it. I walked right up to him and said ‘I love your swimsuit. Can I ask where you got it?’ It wasn’t an hour’s long conversation, but long enough to express that we both appreciated nice swimwear.

  2. Mike says:

    I’m confident in what brief/bikini I’m wearing and don’t mind someone coming up to talk to me, but I don’t want to assume the same.

    I’d only make a “great suit” comment if we were walking passed each other.

  3. SM_Thongguy says:

    I like this

    Something I never thought about simply because I never see others in skimpy’s. My country is fairly relaxed when it comes to speedo’s and briefs.

    My personal goal is to wear a swim brief by a local company in a couple of months when its properly summer.

    Must be honest I am more like to be open to a discussion at the beach or locker room – compared to first striking up a convo. I

  4. T says:

    Hi Nate.Have to begin by saying I wish my new neighbour’s washing line was as “eye catching”as your’s,but sadly he seems to be a boxer brief wearer.
    I guess some of your regular followers will be aware that I am not slow at coming forward when it comes to discussing undies/swimwear with other guys,be they workmates,friends,customers etc. And if someone tells me they are going on holiday to a hot country I always say “I hope you’ll be wearing your speedos” which is usually met with a nervous laugh and a “not on your life” reply.
    I’d like to think if I saw a guy hanging out his skimpy undies(on his washing line obviously),stop tittering at the back,I would compliment him on his good taste.Same as if I met someone on a beach wearing a speedo,bikini brief,thong etc.
    The best personal example I can give is when I saw a guy wearing a thong in Sicily two years ago.Although speedos are commonplace over there,it was the first time I’d seen a guy wearing a thong. It just so happened,I was wearing a g-string(surprise,surprise),and so I plucked up the courage to attempt in my basic Italian to comment on his bold choice of underwear,and he in turn was curious about my g-string. To cut a long story short(which I’ve already told in a previous topic),we became good friends, communicating regularly online and discussing each other’s latest g-string/thong purchases. We met up all too briefly last year,and hopefully this year we will be able to meet up again and do our bit for the thong/g-string cause.
    I know some of you guys probably find it hard to start a conversation about your underwear,but the fact that you already wear thongs,strings,bikinis etc means that you have more confidence than you probably realize.

  5. Rick says:

    I think I would feel weird complimenting a strangers underwear, but I have struck up conversations at the gym with other swim brief wearers comparing price/cut/brand and shopping locations. When I’m in a situation where we are changing cloths together, i’m not shy about complimenting their underwear (if it is worthy of a compliment!)

  6. Jr says:

    Clothes line season is finally here, Lol Time to let them bikinis, thongs and jocks air dry!!I would be more inline tbd, would be happy to see others wear what I prefer to wear . I would be pretty hesitant to start the conversation, if brought up conversation that’s usually different.

  7. DonS says:

    I would not start such as conversation with a male, but would respond decently if someone (male or female) asked about my undies/swimwear. I have commented about a girl-friend’s bikini, not a micro style, just a nice skimpy style that suited her and encouraged her since prior to this she had only worn one-pieces. But I doubt I’d even talk about this with a female stranger.

  8. Crossfithong says:

    Well…. in the looker room just once I started a conversations with a guy was wearing briefs, I told him I really like his brief and I asked him where did he get it, I was changing too I was wearing a thong and putting my tight on to working out, however I saw he did a weird expression so I didn’t mention anything else.
    At the beach, well I’ve seen guys wearing tight trunks or speedos, (no thongs) and I rather don’t ask because I’ll get excited 😆 and i will look so bad. But if I see a guy wearing thong definitely I would ask him about it.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      That is probably a typical reaction for underwear conversation especially if they weren’t wearing something too far off the norm for men’s underwear. Maybe if he was sporting a thong it would have been different. My thought for guys in form fitting swimwear are probably going to be more open to a conversation on it.

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