What Makes Men’s Underwear Feminine?

What Makes Men's Underwear Feminine?

This is an eye of the beholder topic. I’ve touched on it some in past posts and thought it deserves its own post. There are a few things that come to mind that would make a pair too feminine for my liking. First I’m going to touch on some that I’ve heard that aren’t factors personally for me and why they’re not.

First let’s start with the having a waistband makes a pair masculine, which implies without waistbands is more feminine. Of course I don’t believe this one, since I prefer the no waistband pairs. For me the ones without a waistband are more aesthetically pleasing to me. They have a sleeker, more of a finished look. This is especially so with the really wide waistbands. I have a few pairs of string bikinis with under an inch waistbands that I think work fine with the waistbands. The advantage of a waistband is so you can pass your bikini or thong off as the “norm” in men’s underwear if they sneak above the pants. Just because a waistband is pretty normal on most men’s underwear doesn’t make it masculine. If you follow Victoria Secret they started doing wider branded waistbands on some of their underwear. Not ones I’ll be purchasing for me wife.

Another one that doesn’t bother me are the flat front pouches. I do agree that some of them can be mistaken for women’s underwear. Some of those pairs are in my drawer. Typically the guys pairs are made out of a material that will stretch to accomodate the boys. Also the fronts are a wider cut than women’s. I would say I like the looks better of a contoured pouch or at least some contouring at the base of the pouch. More so on swimwear than underwear. As long as the pair looks interesting to me, a flat pouch is something that is fine with me.

Now one thing that is too feminine for me is the color pink. It’s been too commercialized as a female color from birth. I can not get past that. I have a tie dye pair with pink in it and I’m fine with that. But I can not bring myself to buy a solid pink bikini or thong. Just too much pink for my taste. Guess you can add in floral prints too. They mostly fit into the too feminine category too for me.

Lace and frilly looking underwear is the other ones that comes to mind that is too feminine for me. I’m not a fan of sheer or transparent fabrics to begin with, so that doesn’t help any with making a case for it. Lace is a fabric that I can not get past not being feminine either. That is how lace has been associated from the get go. To me it just doesn’t look right on a guy. Maybe the right weave of a lace fabric might work, but the ones I have seen are way to feminine and delicate looking for my taste. Another issue with lace is it is not a real sturdy fabric and can rip easily. I’ve stopped buying pairs with lace for my wife because she tends to rip them easily. I haven’t really seen too much in the frilly category for men’s underwear other than pairs that are suppose to look like women’s underwear, which of course are going to be too feminine for my liking.

Those are some ideas that come to mind when thinking of aspects of underwear that may or may not make them feminine for a guy. Are there any others things that can make a pair too feminine for you? Any of the ones I listed make or break a pair for you?

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  1. RJ says:

    Hi, BD. Quite agree with your comments. I too prefer the string sides to my bikinis and g-strings, as I find they are aesthetically a better look on me (and most men) then big chunky waistbands.
    Prefer a narrow front pouch, and a half-back to my bikinis. Don’t find the half-back looks feminine, as the rest of my body is clearly masculine. If anything, the tiny bikini just enhances that masculinity.
    Not a big fan of pink as an underwear colour, but have worn a neon pink g-string bathing suit before to the pool and the beach. Seems to work better in that situation.
    Hate lace, as I find it very itchy on the privates. Don’t like the sheer fabrics, as I find they don’t offer much support if you’re quite largely endowed like I am. However, have just purchased the new cotton Rio bikini brief in military buff from Prevail Sport, and love the fabric. Thin but not sheer or weak; gives me plenty of support while still having just enough thinness to let the goods underneath show through. They are a keeper!
    At the end of the day, I think guys need to be confident in whatever type of bikini brief they wear. Regardless of their choice, I think more guys just need to show off more, so as to encourage other guys to give it a try. I think T may be leading the charge on that one, given his recent posting on the g-string try-out with his neighbour.

  2. Greg says:

    I have always felt that “if it feels good, wear it”. I feel masculine and sexy having a thong on under my jeans as I go about my daily errands. The stitching along the waist, leg, and back-strap are a big part of the appeal of both the look and strength of a thong. Having tried a lace men’s thong many years ago, I have to say it was a bit uncomfortable, and was purged after one or two wearings. After growing up with 100% cotton “tightie-whities”, it was nice to discover the incredible feel of nylon/spandex and cotton/lycra. Whether you are a man who enjoys wearing a thong, g-string, or bikini, I feel that no matter the fabric or color “if it feels good, wear it”.

  3. T says:

    Hi BD. Noticed you and RJ are not fans of pink underwear,but I was wondering if this aversion to the colour pink extends to other articles of clothing such as shirts,ties etc? I have several pink shirts that I am happy to wear,and I also have pink g-strings and bikini briefs,so it is not an issue for me.
    I do wholeheartedly agree with you on the lace/frilly underwear for men being too feminine. It just doesn’t look good even on the most rugged,buff bodies,but that is just my personal opinion.
    I’ve had my fair share of sheer/transparent undies and never felt that they were in anyway feminine,so again,not an issue for me.

    • RJ says:

      Good question, T, and the answer is no. Have plenty of pink tops and ties, just never liked the colour as an underwear choice. Also don’t like underwear that has animal stripes or weird patterns. Prefer solid colours like blue, grey, black or white. May sometimes vary it with linear multicolour stripes. Call me boring!

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Yeah, my aversion to pink is in general. I don’t find pink and I work well together. Others pull it off better than me. I do have a few pairs with pink in them, but not the main color focus. I’d say I’m more bland with my outer clothes color choice than my underwear.

  4. DonS says:

    I’d add two other categories. The styles that are clearly masculinised versions of women’s underwear, presumably for the cross-dresser market, are one category. The other category is the narrow width styles that might be suitable for a woman, as they are just wide enough for the penis, leaving the testicles exposed at the side. Not sure if these are really feminine, as two testicles hanging at the side of it does not make the wearer look like any woman I know.

    I agree about pink, it must be a cultural thing with pink for girls and blue for boys. Yet that does not seem to stop women wearing dark or pale blue panties, but then some men wear pink so it may be that many, but not all, women are averse to any shade of blue.

    I quite like the transparent mesh-type fabrics and don’t see them as feminine. I think they are a bit cooler than the solid fabrics. I don’t like the net-type fabrics, as they do not offer me adequate support. But showing the goods is not an issue for me, whether with a partner or being on my own.

  5. John says:

    I think really the only things that make underwear too feminine for me would be anything with lace, ruffles, or bows. Other than that, bring it on. I’ll wear almost any style or color if I think I can feel good in it.

  6. Kally says:

    I never cared for ruffles, but I’ve always liked the feminine styles. When I was younger I had pairs in lace, satin, pink and sparkling fabrics along with more masculine colors and styles. But since I’ve been married I’ve gotten rid of the more feminine stuff because I’m more self conscious wearing it in front of my wife, sad to say.

  7. EJ says:

    I have several sheer g strings, a hot pink and a lace that that’s more like a small net. I find em all comfortable but I am partial to g strings as long as they’re not too tight. I go for the ‘barely there ‘ feel- it has to be comfortable to be sexy. I won’t buy bows and frilly lace definitely no bra & panty sets for men- have seen them. Probably the 2nd biggest reason I like g strings is there’s nothing to them- simple is easy and not a lot of variation from 1 to another thongs & bikinis can vary coverage wise- minimal is my thing. I wouldn’t say I have an overly masculine build, but wearing g strings accents masculinity as everything on display and I like it

  8. Mark103 says:

    Time and place for everything. What’s wrong with lace, fishnet, etc if you’re going to stay at home for some domestic excitement? Something sturdy is needed for everyday use as well as for working out for exercising and for swimming even better built (if you swim in the surf in Hawaii you better have something on that holds on to you well or it will come off!) Color is up to you but as time goes on I find I like more patterns and colors. As to pink, to hell with it! When I see every other man wearing black trunks (good term) that are twenty to twenty-two inches at the hip and I’m wearing a 1/2 inch thong or three inch water polo briefs (modest for me) color is not the issue! It is scary at first to buck social convention but you will feel better about yourself if you do. Less IS more.

  9. EJ says:

    Besides- sheer & lace are see thru if anyone thinks a guy looks feminine wearing it should have their eyes checked!

  10. Jack says:

    Growing up in the 60s means I grew up with bikinis and strings. I like the selections now available from Amazon and others. I remember when nylon tricot bikini briefs from Sears or J.C. Penney were all you could find. Now with all the choices like Jin-Shi bamboo and Winday and others in ice silk you can have any style you like. I’m in my 60s and like to wear pink and anybody that thinks that is just for females is wrong.

  11. Mark103 says:

    I’m tired of these people who seem to feel that their ideas are the last word. These are the same who are insecure in themselves and so don’t want anyone else to be different so they criticize and offer nothing. I’m glad that Bottom Drawer is helping to change this. Wear what you want.

  12. Perris says:

    I had a married friend from work and I struck up a conversation about underwear with him one day. He is originally from south-eastern Ohio and a bit redneck. Wears a lot of camo. The conversation basically was flat out hanes boxer-briefs were his only style, but later he admitted he did own a few Tactics string-bikinis from Undergear and liked them a lot, but didn’t wear them regularly because they were pricey. With no judgement from me, he opened up even more and admitted his wife bought him a thong. Cool, I thought, and told him so. I was very forth coming about wearing bikinis and thongs which gave him the courage to be open with me and then bam! He admitted he liked to wear women’s underwear, he loved it, but never told anybody, not even his wife. I told him there were mens bikinis and thongs that were skimpy and lacy and of satin etc. and he said they did not appeal to him in the least, which I didn’t understand. He said it had to be women’s This conversation really changed our friendship and he was very open and happy he had somebody to talk to. Personally, I don’t like the mens feminine styled underwear or wearing women’s underwear. I like basic, plain old styled mens bikini and thongs (and a few low rise briefs.) but I like people to be happy and encourage whatever.

  13. David_nc says:

    For me lacy, frilly, bows and ruffles would make any guy look feminine and they don’t seem like they would be comfortable. I’ve never tried lace and don’t really plan to, seems like it would be itchy along with fishnet I just don’t get. As for colors I think you should wear what you like, though most of my collection is black, blue, etc. solids until I ordered some patterned Papi thongs (which I hope they start making again). I don’t think it is colors as much that make men’s underwear feminine as much has the material (such as lace). @Perris I think it is awesome that your coworker opened up to you. Obviously he trusts you with a deep secret but I agree he should give Mens thongs a try.

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