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Myrtle Beach 2022 - Swim Brief Wearing 14

Myrtle Beach 2022 – Swim Brief Time

We kicked off summer with a vacation to Myrtle Beach, SC. Well, technically it was North Myrtle Beach. Personally, I prefer Outer Banks over Myrtle Beach, but the wife’s parents like the entertainment offerings...

Is breaking the norm exhibitation 5

Is Breaking the Norm Exhibitionism?

This probably comes down to really one’s perspective of what exhibitionism is. My guess is probably a lot of people relate it to sexual related exhibition, which is the first definition I see in...

Making a New Norm 18

Making a New Norm

My last post was Breaking a Norm. How about making a new norm or changing the norm? Is it possible to get swim briefs, bikinis and thongs, tights, or whatever item that isn’t widely...