About The Bottom Drawer Blog

The Bottom DrawerI started The Bottom Drawer Blog in March 2014. When I began my journey into bikinis and then thongs in my late teens I wanted to find like minded individuals, since they were not the norm in underwear nor swimwear. Obviously that is still the case. Many years later there still wasn’t a place like I wanted, so I decided to start blogging to find like minded men.

My blog has given me an avenue to express my feelings and views on bikinis and thongs for guys. Hopefully some of my posts are educating others that guys can wear them too. It’s also here to support, encourage, and let guys know they can try out the skimpy underwear. The blog has many supportive followers that will encourage and support anyone’s journey into these awesome styles of underwear.

To help with more of a community and support each other in August/September 2018, I added a forum to allow better communication between everyone. Hopefully, the users there will continue to grow. The forum varies in liveliness.

Some have noticed there are not a lot of photos of me or anyone wearing bikinis and thongs. This is intentional. I don’t want the blog to be a place where individuals just come for the pictures. There are plenty of those places out there. I want my blog to be the place for information related to men’s bikinis and thongs along with against the norm swimwear and leggings (tights). Also my goal is to keep the content rating not more then PG-13. Now there are pictures of me in more often swimwear than underwear on the blog if one wants to hunt them down. I occasionally do slip some in.

I hope my blog is bringing enjoyment to others. It’s enjoyable writing and communicating with others through it as my time permits. I’ve met lots of people and keep in touch with many like minded guys. I feel my blog is doing what I hoped it would accomplish. Let’s keep working on getting the message out that bikinis and thongs are for all to enjoy if one so desires.