Better than the Little Black Dress

You ask what is better than the little black dress? Well let me tell you. How about an item that works for both males and females. Can even be worn for more occasions than that little black dress. Let me introduce you to the little black thong or bikini depending on your preference.

Better than the Little Black Dress

Now I know most people don’t see your underwear, but it’s not necessarily the look of what you are wearing. It is all about how it makes you feel. So wear that little black thong or bikini under your most formal wear and feel that confidence as you walk into the room like you are James Bond or Lara Croft. Add a little excitement to the work day by wearing them under your business attire and give yourself that little extra pep in your step knowing you are wearing some sexy undies. Want to dress down and be comfy, but still feel sexy? Slip on your little black bikini or thong first then those sweat pants. Always great for everyday casual wear too. Who doesn’t want to feel sexy every day. Why not add them to your exercise wear too. Will give you that extra motivation to push a little harder. The little black bikini or thong is an excellent choice for sleepwear. Why not go to sleep feeling sexy and wake up feeling sexy?

If you don’t find black underwear sexy then pick a different color. Remember it is all about how you feel wearing them. Boost that confidence, give yourself the extra pep, feel sexy all day everyday with your little [fill in your color] bikini or thong.

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  1. JM says:

    Oh yes, absolutely! If I am wearing a suit, the chances are extremely high that I am wearing a fantastic thong or Rio cut bikini underneath. I feel good, I look good, I exude confidence everywhere I go.

    Generally I wear really great underwear everyday anyway, but there is something about putting on a suit that pushes me to take it up a couple notches and wear something super sexy.

    Great comments and thanks for a fantastic blog!

  2. Dan says:

    Completely agree – wearing a thong or bikini under my suit at work really gives me a sense of confidence and feel good factor

  3. EJ says:

    It does make me feel real good.Until recently I wore boxers at work-thong or a string bikini after work it’s easier not having a split personality when it comes to underwear-wish I made complete switch sooner

  4. Greg says:

    Wearing a thong under daily clothes is such a sexy feeling. I have two black thongs of different materials, but any color is good. About once a month I go to a tanning salon, and I always wear a thong to tan. My masseuse has complimented my tan lines, as she does not use a top sheet (or towel), and gets a bird’s eye view of my thong tan lines.

  5. Bikini Obsessed says:

    Hi BD, I was wondering what brand(s) that is for the black thong and bikini?

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