Bikinis for Men…Why not?

Bikinis For Men...Why Not?I decided it was time for a bikini post. I feel I do more thong posts over bikinis even though I’m about 50/50 with my wearing of each. So I thought I’d talk or more of a rambling about men’s bikinis. Yes, for you that don’t know men have bikinis available to them in underwear and swimwear. Sometimes they are called micro briefs. I guess to try and make them more masculine sounding, since bikinis and thongs have a stigma that they are for women only. I will stick to calling them bikinis, since that is a sexier term.

It’s been over 20 years now, since I got my first pair of bikini underwear. I remember the anxiety and the rush purchasing my first pair at the local Kmart. The excitement on my way home to take them for a test drive. Then the eureka moment of my new found love when I slipped them on. Some of you know what I’m talking about others probably not.

Do you like seeing ladies in bikinis? I know I do, so wouldn’t you think the ladies would like to see guys in them. Yes, society has given the impression or dictates that ladies aren’t into guys in skimpy underwear or swimwear. I’m sure some ladies aren’t into it, but I think quite a few out there are or would be. I’ve only had positive reactions and I’ve heard from lots of other guys that have had the same results from women. There are a few I’ve talk to that have had negative reaction, but far less than that have.

Why break out the same old underwear? Get something with character that can be tailored to your personality. Why not wear some underwear that gives your package the support it deserves? Why not wear underwear that can boost your confidence? Why not wear underwear that makes you feel sexy? Why not add some variety to your underwear drawer? Why not get your lady wondering what your underwear selection is for the day? Bikinis come in all kinds of different coverages, cuts, colors, prints, fabrics, and more.

Why not stay cool? Why not feel free? Why not stop feeling like a drowned rat? Again why not feel sexy? Why not get a better all over tan? Wear a swim bikini or even a swim brief. It’s such a freeing feeling to be on the beach in a swim bikini brief. Again lots of different cuts and the like to choose from, so you can have some fun mixing it up.

Why not have fun with your underwear and swimwear like the ladies do? Why not stop society dictating what is socially acceptable for men’s underwear and swimwear? Why not just give bikinis a try?

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  1. T says:

    I bought my first bikini briefs way back in the mists of time a.k.a the 1970’s. In those days we had home shopping catalogues which sold everything from gardening equipment to musical instruments,but also lots of clothing including 2 to three pages of men’s underwear.Most of the underpants were fairly conservative y-fronts in mainly white,but gradually the briefer styles began to be featured.
    I also remember buying very skimpy string bikinis that were individually packed in small presentation boxes with a picture of said item on the outside.
    In the 1980’s I discovered the wonderful world of Kiniki which produced the types of underwear that you could not buy in your local department store. They had a huge range of bikini briefs and swimwear all worn by buff guys. I still have a fair collection of their range, which is a testament to their durability.
    I’ve always liked the look of a string bikini and they are far sexier than any boxer short could ever be.The only downside I had with them was when they would ride up at the back and I found myself doing a Rafa Nadal to remove the wedgie. Eventually I moved away from bikinis and now wear g-strings 99% of the time. They don’t ride up,don’t give you vp lines under shorts and trousers,and make you feel like you’re not wearing anything under your clothes.

  2. Teide says:

    I have briefs bikinis and string bikinis as underwear . Around 150 pairs.
    0 boxers and boxerbriefs.

    And I have 10 thongs and 5 jockstraps but I don’t use them.
    Maybe, next summer.

  3. E.J says:

    Before I got married, I had a few girlfriends that were disappointed and or surprised I DIDN’T wear sexy stuff, that was a long time ago. I wanted to wear that stuff, but I didn’t want to scare away the ladies with extreme underwear

  4. Waylon88 says:

    Bikini briefs in the right material are extremely comfortable. They wont bunch up like boxer shorts in slim fit jeans or slacks. They take up little space when packing.

  5. RT says:

    Bikinis make a good part of my underwear collection along with thongs. My idea of a good bikini is that one that is very low, covers 2\3 of my butt (or less), and covers just enough in the front (covers exactly from where the privates begin down. I mentioned this brand in another post but check in Amazon “Jack Smith’s
    traceless soft briefs”. There are guys who posted pictures of themselves in their reviews so people could have an idea of how it really fits. Material is very soft, they are cheeky, and come in different colors.

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