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Just general stuff about men’s bikinis and thongs. Pretty much anything I’m not sure where to categorize yet.

Guys' bodies are sexy too 14

Guys’ Bodies Are Sexy Too

I don’t think I’m in my own world, but I feel the male form is not seen as sexy like the female body. Maybe it is more the whole body for men. It seems...

I want to wear a swim brief (Speedo) 11

I want to wear a swim brief

Want to talk about a journey for me then wanting to wear a swim brief was a very long one for me. It took me a long time to wear one in public and...

Thongs & Bikinis on the Job 15

Thongs and Bikinis on the Job

This post topic idea came from Jack through social media. A lot of people think of thongs and bikinis as women’s underwear. This gives bikinis and thongs a feminine stereotype. With them being seen...

I want to wear a thong 10

I want to wear a thong

So you made the decision you want to try a thong. You got past the idea of a piece of fabric between the cheeks. Or you really like the look of them on people...

I want to wear a bikini 13

I want to wear a bikini

This is how my journey began in against the norm underwear. I wanted to try bikini underwear. I enjoy seeing how females looked in them and wondered what it was like to wear the...

Is breaking the norm exhibitation 5

Is Breaking the Norm Exhibitionism?

This probably comes down to really one’s perspective of what exhibitionism is. My guess is probably a lot of people relate it to sexual related exhibition, which is the first definition I see in...