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Just general stuff about men’s bikinis and thongs. Pretty much anything I’m not sure where to categorize yet.

2020 Share the Goods 5

Share the Goods: Vote for the Top (2020)

I was planning on doing this earlier this year, but guess I got side tracked. At the beginning of the year, I went through all the Share the Goods submissions and pulled out the...

I wear thongs why don't you? 13

I wear thongs, why don’t you?

This post isn’t necessary for my regular followers, since many of you already wear thongs. Feel free to add to the comments like you do on other posts. Also this is not necessarily only...

Men's bikinis and thongs are not a joke 48

Men’s Bikinis and Thongs Are Not a Joke

I’m tired of men’s bikinis and thongs (swim briefs too) being a joke everywhere. I don’t find my underwear and swimwear choice as being funny. It makes one that enjoys them feel like they...

What is cheeky underwear? 19

What is cheeky underwear? Bikini, thong, neither?

Cheeky underwear seems to have become popular especially in women’s underwear in the past few years. It’s kind of funny that the complaints about underwear riding up between the cheeks has become something that...

Underwear and Swimwear Magazine 14

Underwear and Swimwear Magazine

A few weeks ago I started thinking underwear and swimwear magazine. I haven’t noticed one for males or females. I know some people call a catalog a magazine, but if it’s just selling underwear...