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Just general stuff about men’s bikinis and thongs. Pretty much anything I’m not sure where to categorize yet.

Real Men's UNderwear for 2020 7

Real Men’s Underwear for 2020

I did a search on “men’s underwear” recently just to see what would come up. First couple results were best underwear for men 2020. The first one I checked out had 2 briefs and...

Spilling the beans on Swim Briefs 13

Spilling the Beans on Skimpy Swimwear

In my post “Swimwear Etiquette: Swim Briefs, Bikinis, Thongs, etc,” I mentioned letting people you are going to the beach with know that you wear against the norm swimwear. More so when younger kids...

Swimwear: Body Image 22

Swimwear: Body Image

Why do we think we need to have a chiseled lean body for certain types of swimsuits? I had the mindset that I wanted to have a leaner stomach before I broke out a...

Share the Goods T's G-string Collection 8

Share the Goods: T’s G-Strings

This is T’s fourth submission to “Share the Goods” series and by far his favorite style to wear. Now sit back and take a read and look at T’s beloved G-string collection. Top we...

Share the Goods: David_NC 7

Share the Goods: David_NC

We have a new follower making a submission to the Share the Good series. David_NC submitted several pairs from his collection. Here’s what he has to say about his underwear. My interest began when...

Thongs: Does size matter? 19

Thongs: Does Size Matter?

The does size matter question fits into one of those answer categories it depends. No, I’m not talking about the package size. It’s the tail width I’m looking at. I would say it has...