Censored: I’m Too Much For Instagram

Censored: I’m Too Much For Instagram

Not too long ago a did a post Men’s Underwear and Swimwear on Social Media: Censored. I gave examples of a few that have been affected by censorship on different social media platforms. They were posting guys modeling their items or just them wearing similar attire that you find many women wearing on social media websites. So why can women wear next to nothing and men can’t? Not exactly a question that we can answer, but I will be going on a bit of a rant.

Instagram denied my underwear modeling exampleLet’s get to how this rant has come about for another call out of a social media giant. About six months ago I started playing with posting photos of me wearing tights/leggings to my Instagram stories. Then I started post an occasional photo wearing a pair of underwear I picked for the day. Eventually, I was posting more often. Then one of my posts got flagged, so I of course challenged it with a review request. In about an hour they reposted it. I have had several flagged and then always ask for the review request and they get reposted until this week. I got my first strike against me for posting so called nudity or sexual activity. Most that follow me know I would not post any content of that type. I do not know how posts initially get flagged as inappropriate. I suppose it could be a user, but it seems like it would be the algorithm. I would think when a review is asked that a person would be or at least should be the ones reviewing the post. Otherwise the computer would come up with the same answer each time, since that is how it is coded to do so. If a so called person reviewed my post, then they unfairly judged it based on their views that bikini underwear is too sexual for them on Instagram.

I have seen women wearing far less also without their face in the photo. Some really don’t have their privates covered with much other than a string. Are they having the same issues with posts coming down? It doesn’t seem like it. I haven’t seen any I follow as of yet complain about it. Have you heard of any women having posts flagged and reviewed and denied? Seems to be some double standards here with Instagram. Guess nothing new for us that enjoy wearing skimpy attire just like many women enjoy doing.

The post of mine that was removed was four photos of different angles of the pair I was wearing that day. I’ve done many posts this way and had pretty good luck with them for the most part. I started playing it safer and avoided posting ones that were showing obvious visible penis lines. I’ll tell you the one that was too much for the Instagram reviewer showed no VPL. About a month before I posted pretty much the exact same cut and in a similar print. The main difference was one had a full center seamed pouch and the other just had contouring at the base. I had no issue with the one a month ago. So no clue about the new one other than potentially the colors of the print tripped up a computer, but not a human. Below is an image of 4 posts I made to my story. One of them failed the review process giving me the first real Instagram strike. Which one do you think it was?

Instagram undies story posts

As you can see, there aren’t a lot of differences between the story posts above. No full blown erections to indicate sexual activity. Yes, you can see I have a penis in them and one shows some VPL. So the one that gave me my first strike is the bottom left one with no text over it. It is pretty similar to the one above it that was fine about a month before. The upper right one did get flagged and I can see a computer being tripped up by it, but once it was reviewed it got reposted. Had no issues with the thong one. So what is so risque about them that it got denied when I asked for a review? It is nothing different than what I’ve seen many others wear other than I did not include my mugshot in them. Women post much skippier pairs than it. You can however thank Instagram for more pictures of me modeling pairs on my blog.

In my eyes my post was unfairly removed and I know there are many more guys, brands, retailers that have had the same thing done. Men in skimpy or form fitting attire is being seen as nudity and sexual activity while women in them seem to be fine. Both should be fine. There is nothing of sexual in nature in the photos I have posted and no nudity either. There is no way a person with common sense can argue the post above breaks the Community Guidelines. I have however seen things walking very close or even stepping over the line that have not been flagged. I’m assuming reviewers are real people and Instagram needs to train them better to look at things appropriately and not what they view is appropriate wear for a guy. We need to also be allowed to add comments or at least have a selection of things to pick from when asking for a review. Would be nice to be able to request a second review or better yet best out of three.

Let me know if you have had a post flagged. Was it reposted or have you been denied with the review too? Have you had your account suspended? Hopefully I will not be a victim of a suspended account. Thanks for reading this rant to call out Instagram or at least the reviewer of my post.

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  1. Mike says:

    Great article!
    Yes, my account has been suspended for 3 days, it was also “downgraded” for a month so no one could see what I posted. I posted to a closed group on Facebook a picture of me in a (non see through) Bikini, what harm could that possibly do, nothing was showing, no genitailia, nothing.
    I appealed, but similar to you it was refused, it doesn’t seem to me that it was reviewed by a human, more like an algorithm.
    I’m a big one on equality and EVERYONE being treated the same, I agree with you that if girls are able to ost bikinis and thongs, then guys should be able to as well. There are some serious double standards being applied here.
    I’ve since left that group and now don’t post much at all on Facebook.
    I’m using Quora to share with like minded guys, I do appreciate these forums and The Bottom Drawer, its such a shame there ant more of them.
    Keep up the good work guys.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Yep, Facebook is a touchy place to post to also. They do own Instagram, but kind of seems Facebook could be more sensitive than Instagram to things.

  2. SM_Thongguy says:

    Hi Nate

    I saw this. It’s so stupid to me. If someone has a problem why don’t they unfollow or Instead DM you.

    This flagging is so weird.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      I have no clue if someone reported it or not, but even if it was reported the review request shouldn’t have been denied. That is what really got me fired up with the pair being pretty tame even though it was a wild animal print.

  3. T says:

    Have to begin by thanking you once again for making us all feel body conscious by employing a professional model to display the underwear that got you flagged on Instagram(lol).
    This post comes at the perfect time because a friend of mine who regularly posts pics of himself wearing bikinis at his local pool has once again had his account temporarily suspended for going against the guidelines. Seems ridiculous that he can wear bikinis at a public pool without offending the other swimmers or lifeguards, but Instagram delete his pics.
    I think it must be some kind of electronic sensor that detects so called questionable content rather than a real person, because while there are some pics that sail close to the wind yet still get accepted, many innocuous pics get flagged.
    There is definitely more leeway for women to post more explicit content and I’m seeing more and more people saying that Insta is homophobic and is guilty of outdated stereotypical behaviour when it comes to judging guys who wear bikinis and thongs.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      I can see the first one being a computer, but the review should be a human. Something needs tweak either with the computer code or if a human their bias against guys wearing similar items women wear. Photos should be judged the same for everyone.

  4. DonS says:

    I thought it was going to be the DA bikini – both front and rear.

    Do you have to use Instagram. If not, give them the flick and try something else. There may well be community guidelines, but I suspect that someone is having to decide and it is their own guidelines being followed. Who is this “Global community” anyway.

    Surely your posts are within a “Male underwear” section or are labelled as such. This is this “GayMart” issue from the Forum in a different form. If anyone is going to offended by such things, why read the article in the first place. It’s almost like Instagram should be pushing the opposite thinking – you have been warned so you have no come-back against us if you go there and get offended.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      I agree that the DA one is more pushing things than the Prevail one that got denied. Today I saw a photo of a women wearing a semi sheer bottom that was a close up with no face and you could see a lot more than the one that got me writing this post.

      No, I don’t have to use Instagram. I don’t really have to post the photos I have been doing. It was just my compromise to putting some photos out there of me wearing them. What I like about out IG stories is they are only available for 24 hours.

      You don’t set up what type on content you are there. But people finding you should be based on similar interest and content that is includes with the posts. In theory it should be similar minded people. It would be nice to know if it was a computer algorithm that flagged it or someone reported it, but they don’t give much feedback or allow you to give any feedback through the process.

      • Jason says:

        There’s a facebook page called Brigitwear International and quite often posts are made with the female models wearing swimwear that is see through and their buttocks fully exposed. Their posts are never flagged and their page has never been shut down. While I do appreciate the female form in sexy, revealing swimwear and lingerie, I think it’s hypocritical of Fascistbook to allow women to post such content, while men will get banned for posting simple underwear and swimwear that is not see-through or exposes their genitals or anything else that is inappropriate.

  5. T says:

    I’m sure some of you will be familiar with The Speedo Movement blog who follow Nate on his Insta account. They feature guys of all shapes and sizes and encourage everyone to overcome their anxiety and hang ups about their bodies. Yesterday I checked out the account of a guy that featured recently on that blog and I was genuinely shocked by the content that he’d posted. Some of his pics had been flagged for violating the guidelines, but amazingly most of them had been reinstated. He actually posted the warning messages he’d received from Insta next to the reinstated pics. You might be thinking it was the usual VPL speedo/bikini pics that Nate included in this post, but this guy’s pics went far beyond that and left nothing to the imagination. I’m sure any guy who has been wrongly suspended for posting innocuous speedo pics would be shaking their heads in disbelief at this guy’s content and how it wasn’t permanently removed. I actually sent a couple of his pics to my speedo wearing friend who is still suspended for posting a bikini pic at the pool(as mentioned above), and he couldn’t believe what he saw.

  6. Bikenswim says:

    I like to wear tiny flat-front bikinis and Gaff Thongs at public beaches, and I used to post them on Instagram. I’m a hairy masculine guy, but my suits made me look as flat as a girl, so I was never flagged! I got plenty of Likes and always nice comments. No bulge, no problem. I finally decided Instagram was a garbage outfit, so I deleted all my content and closed my account.

  7. T says:

    So Instagram are saying they are a global community and some of their audience might be sensitive to different things, so that is how they justify censoring what to most right thinking people is perfectly acceptable. Is it stating the blooming obvious that a pic of a guy in a thong, speedo or showing rear nudity will not raise an eyebrow in liberal countries like Germany and the Scandinavian block, but in countries where women can be punished for showing any naked flesh and men can be thrown to their deaths from high buildings for being their true selves, such a pic would cause outrage. While it’s true that you can’t please all of the people all of the time, it would seem that Instagram are happy to please certain minorities at the expense of peeing off everyone else.

  8. Jason says:

    Currently, I am in day 4 of a 30-day Fascistbook suspension. I am (was) a member of 3 different men’s underwear-related groups. While other members were allowed to post pictures of themselves modeling their favorite bikinis, thongs, string bikinis and g-strings (in both underwear and swimwear), I was not, two times, I was instantly flagged and banned by Fascistbook within 3 seconds of posting photos of myself for wearing some of my favorite string bikini briefs. Fascistbook stated that I was posting photos displaying sexually inappropriate, and nude photos. At no time in any of the photos was my penis, bare buttocks or anus exposed. Other group members have posted (and continue to post) photos of themselves wearing their favorite thongs, bikinis, string bikinis and g-strings, yet their content is not flagged, removed or have they been banned from posting. I eventually left those groups because it is clear to me that I am being singled out and harassed by Fascistbook for some unknown reason. My theory is that I am being body shamed. I am the only member of all three groups that is overweight and apparently fat men are not allowed to post pictures of themselves in their favorite string bikini underwear, while the men who are physically fit and have athletic builds can post whatever they want to with no fear of getting flagged and banned. My answer to that if, “F- you, Facebook, you f-n fascists!”

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