Getting Wife To Accept Your Skimpy Underwear Preference

Get Wife To Accept Your Skimpy Underwear

I’ve had conversations with guys that have wives that are reluctant to accept the switch from the men’s underwear norm to the skimpier styles. Some have been wearing bikinis and/or thongs for years. Some have just entered into the world of skimpy underwear. Some wives outright reject the idea and make comments about it. Some say it’s your choice of what you wear, but still don’t necessary accept or seem to like it. So what can you do?

Do you give in and go back to the norm? I’m guessing some do, but a majority I have talked to stick it out and put up with the comments they may get now and then. I’ve been lucky and haven’t had any issues with my choice, so these are just ideas that come to mind. First don’t give in. If you enjoy wearing them, then you should continue to do so. You are not hurting you or your wife or anyone else. The reason most of us wear bikinis and thongs is for ourselves, so don’t let others dictate what you wear when it is not what you want to wear.

A lot of the resistance the wifes seem to have is more because it is not the societal norm and they are in the mindset these are feminine styles. How do you change this mindset? One way is the more something is seen the more it starts becoming a norm in my mind. So the more your wife sees you in the styles the more likely she’ll start seeing it as normal. So wear only the skimpy styles and avoid the so called norm undies. Just get rid of the traditional men’s styles and then she will not question your commitment to the bikinis and/or thongs. Make them your new norm.

This is probably where you should start first. From the beginning be open about your desire to wear bikinis and/or thongs. Explain why you want to try or wear them. If she has a variety of styles then she should know that different styles make you feel different. If she doesn’t maybe you should suggest she should explore other styles too. A good comparison for support that Salvatore, who wrote for Underwear News Briefs, explained to his wife is finding a good pair of underwear for us is like finding the right bra for them.

Talk her into helping you pick some out. Getting her involved may make it a bit more interesting for her and maybe even you. She’ll see all the options that are out there for guys. We wouldn’t have so many options if guys weren’t wearing them. Yes, it would be more helpful if they were readily available in the store.

Those are some ideas that come to mind. I think time is key. Most people don’t really like change, but over time they adjust to it and it becomes the new norm. Hopefully others will have some suggestions on ideas on how to get your wife to accept your choice. Maybe some of you went through this with your wife and got her to come around. Comment below with what worked for you. You just have to persevere through it and in time your wife or significant other should at least see it as a norm for you. Hopefully the negative comments will get less and less said and maybe even she’ll start really liking what she sees.

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  1. Mark says:

    Egad! Ask your wife she will pick out what kind of underwear/swimwear for you to wear and/or if she will give you permission Does she ask you for the same with her bras and panties?

    Wear what you want to wear damn it! Better yet, you buy HER what you want to see her in! Doing both will put some fire into your relationship and show your wife you really do know her details. As a famous sportswear company has suggested-just do it. Leave the thongs for private viewing (and the sports briefs for public consumption for now) but get on with it. Life is short, go for it!

    • Oops…that should of said help you pick out a pair. Need to do it together, so you can approve or disapprove. I added help into that sentence. Good chance the wife already was picking out the so called norm underwear. Funny thing is my wife does give me permission to pick out her bras and panties especially when ordering online. Usually asks what I like in stores too if I’m there.

      I agree you should wear what you want. I think most guys that really want to wear them do and most wives will give some acceptance to it.

  2. T says:

    I’m assuming that most of the married men who wear skimpy underwear and follow this blog, were already doing so before they met their current wives and girlfriends,and therefore it is less likely that they had the kind of issues that a guy who has been married for 10 years might face if he suddenly announces to his wife that he wants to ditch the boring boxers that she has lovingly bought for him over the years in favour of an eye watering Gregg Homme g-string.
    I personally feel that a man has every right to wear whatever type of underwear he chooses,just as every woman should have too. I always use the example of a woman who writes to an agony aunt column asking for advice when her man insists that she wears only what HE wants her to wear, be it underwear,outerwear or even hairstyle. You can bet your bottom dollar that the advice received would be to get out of such a controlling,abusive relationship. This might seem to be an extreme example,but rest assured,if your significant other won’t accept and respect your right to wear the underwear of your choice,then don’t be surprised if other aspects of your appearance e.g facial hair,body hair etc are decided for you.
    Obviously,if the lady in your life is an animal loving vegan and one night you whip off your trousers to reveal a real fur posing pouch,then I could understand her ire,otherwise,to quote Mark “wear what you want to wear damn it.”
    Ladies……it is time to drop your Bridget Jones granny pants, and while you’re at it,get behind your men and support their constitutional right to bare butts. You never know,you might even like the view.

    • Yeah, this post was more for non-regular followers or on the new side to bikinis and thong. Was hoping the regulars could help with suggestions on the transitioning with the significant other. Things are a lot easier when a bikini and/or thong is all the significant other has known you in. Guessing if you worn boxers or briefs for the past 10 years with the person then it would be a bit of a shocker.

      • T says:

        If sexy underwear for men was as easily available to buy in local stores today, as it was many years ago,then it would give ample opportunity, when shopping with your partner,to browse through the skimpier styles and voice your preferences as well as asking for their opinion. Nowadays,those opportunities to share are few and far between,with the possible exception of a shop like Ann Summers,which is known mainly for its sexy female lingerie,but will usually have a small selection of men’s thongs and posing pouches.
        You could also send for a mail order catalogue from a company like Kiniki and leave it lying around the house where your partner will come across it and hopefully flick through the pages and imagine what YOU might look like in one of the hot little numbers on display. Although,be prepared to defend yourself if they jump to the wrong conclusion as to why you have a catalogue of hunky male models wearing barely there undies,on your bedside table.

  3. JESUS says:

    Hola soy JESÚS y escribo desde Almeria España .Yo uso tangas a menudo y a mi esposa no le importa .las uso de antes de conocerla y de estar con ella. ademas a ella le gusta y dice que le parece una prenda super sexy.

  4. Mark says:

    Yes, if you had been wearing grampa boxers for the past ten years, suddenly going to bikinis and thongs would be a shocker but then it would say something about your spouse. Either she is that dull herself with her similar granny panties or she will she what you have done is a welcomed change to something new and exciting (all this over underwear?) This person should stop being so wimpy and go for it!

  5. JM says:

    Like some of you, I have been into undies since I was younger. I was actually in about 5th or 6th grade when I became interested in bikinis. My supportive mother was cool with it and was willing to get me whatever I wanted. I’ve never understood the draw of the flat front “tightie whities” that have no place for your c*** and balls to live. They just mash them all up and everything is good??? No, not so much. I started wearing all kinds of men’s bikini undies from a nearby store. The interesting thing is that none of my classmates ever said a word to me about it through out middle and high school. I didn’t really find men’s thongs until I was out of high school. Even then, I didn’t switch to thongs full time, but I did always wear something sexy and fun.

    The women I dated all seemed to enjoy finding a man that was not afraid to wear something different. They all seemed pleasantly surprised and enjoyed it a lot. My wife, though, she was a bit different. At one point she thought maybe I should be a bit more mainstream and tried to get me more interested in the boxer brief style. We sort of compromised and I have a lot of boxer briefs from Andrew Christian, Egowear, Gregg Homme, and Tulio. I still have a nice collection of thongs and bikinis, and I enjoy the hell out of wearing them.

  6. Mark says:

    Sounds like a fair compromise with the wife. I’ve always worn briefs but once I left home after college I found bikinis and later thongs when I started to find something other than the plain white that my parents bought for me and my three brothers. I too found that the ladies were intrigued by a man in a bikini/thong. Water polo suits are a fair middle ground for me if the beach are busy but if not then the thongs come out!

  7. Larry Phelan says:

    I would not be seen dead in either boxers or y fronts. They are the most boring/off putting underwear I can imagine.I cannot understand how they are so popular still,they do nothing for the male form. Bikini/throng is the way to go and f——c what others think,it,s your arse !

  8. Mark says:

    Maybe the spouse is afraid of being upstaged by their husband going short brief/bikini/thong since underwear is usually followed by swimwear at home then in public on the beach. They can either lead, follow or get out of the way since this kind of bold self expression will make you feel better than you ever have.

  9. Blkmlthng says:

    I’m in a very fortunate situation in that my wife enjoys me wearing thongs, g-strings and string bikinis for men. When we first got married I surprised her one night by wearing a gstring and she loved it! Though not the only type of underwear I wear, I do wear men’s thongs, gstrings and string bikinis often as daily underwear. We recently celebrated our wedding anniversary and took a trip. Her request was for me to wear nothing but thongs or gstrings which I was happy to comply and packed nothing but these underwear for the trip! While out to dinner she talked about how she never thought she would marry a guy who would enjoy wearing such underwear and that I exude so much confidence in them! Having a wife who enjoys seeing you in such underwear is just icing on the cake! For any guys out there who enjoy this type of underwear be confident in your choice and try not to feel awkward as I believe if you are confident in why you enjoy the underwear your wife will respect your choice and eventually will get on board or at least won’t make a big deal of it!

    • thebottomdrawer says:

      Thanks for sharing. Awesome that your wife made a request of what underwear to wear on your anniversary trip.

    • Allan says:

      How old are you? Is common bikinis for men on your area.?

      • Blkmlthng says:

        Allan, I am soon to be 36 years old. I’m not sure but the stores around here don’t sell the type of underwear I wear so I’m thankful for the internet!

  10. Mark says:

    Good for you, now wear the same in the swimsuit versions to the beach/spa/gym pool but start out with speedos/water pool briefs to get yourself used to it.

  11. Allan says:

    I’m 28 years old And for people of my age is so uncommon wear even bikini or brief, I love wear thong almost everyday, and I’m brave enough at the gym or a regular underwear.
    I’m realizing, there are lots of men who wears thong and I asked myself.
    Why there are men thong just on online stores?
    I’m living in a small state next to New York, and in all men clothes stores just there are boxer and boxer briefs.
    And I so glad there are men wearing thongs and apparently being gay or straight doesn’t matters

  12. Mark says:

    Good for you. Keep up your efforts and you will start to see others like us and the stores will slowly start to respond. It is pitiful that stores like Macy’s, Nordstrom, Sears, etc carry little or nothing except boxers or briefs for underwear and only trunks for swimwear for men while look at what they carry for the women.

  13. EJ says:

    If enough guys in the world, especially in the US., wore thongs, g strings bikinis etc it’d be more common for people- stores would have to respond eventually

  14. Mark says:

    Start with the water polo swim briefs, they usually have 2-3 inch sides making them a good place to start to get others aware and used to you in something less than the Bermuda short men seem to wear.

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