Guys’ Bodies Are Sexy Too

Guys' bodies are sexy too
I don’t think I’m in my own world, but I feel the male form is not seen as sexy like the female body. Maybe it is more the whole body for men. It seems more about the upper body. As for women it is the whole body.

Now if we look at how we generally dress everyday, there is quite a difference between the sexes. Of course this isn’t all inclusive, but a lot of women are wearing form fitting or fairly form fitting clothing. Then guys are usually in loose fitting clothing. You know sagging pants even when wearing a belt. If it is form fitting it is going to be a shirt. I guess there are some skinny jeans, but still not quite the form fitting women have going on.

Should I even talk about swimwear! Guys are draped in trunks and board shorts. Seems almost all the women are wearing form fitting suits though yes some are on the conservative side. Why is this?

Well either men are scared to put out there what makes them male or society is ashamed of it. Guess it may be some of both. We’re not offered form fitting attire in the mainstream market, so it appears we’re not suppose to wear it for every day wear. We’re offered loose fitting clothes that leave things to the imagination, which I’ve read women say that is why guys shouldn’t wear swim briefs. They want to imagine something.

So they really do not like the male form? I’m not really a fan on nudism, because in my eyes form fitting clothes accentuate the curves of both sexes’ bodies nicely. Hence why I’m pretty avid with my wearing of bikinis, thongs, swim briefs, leggings. Why should we not be allowed to show our manly curves. I enjoy seeing women in them. It’s hard for me to believe women don’t like seeing the butt or bulge held nicely in something snug fitting.

As a straight guy I can appreciate the male form in the form fitting items I mentioned. It has been my liking of seeing women in them that has driven me to push the norm and start wearing clothing that shows my body more. Yes, my curves and bumps are different than women’s, but the male form needs to be accepted just like the female form. We shouldn’t feel we have to hide our manhood or our bodies.

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  1. Black Stallion76 says:

    It’s all a matter of being a real man, No Pun intended, or is it.
    I’ve written the spray on jeans, I’ve worn the 1/4 back, 1/2 back men’s bikini swimwear, and leggings. The only ones I haven’t worn is the thongs, which I have plenty of in underwear, and swimwear. The thong underwear, I wear daily, but thing swimwear, are still illegal in most places. What is men have to do, is be men. By that I mean, man up and make it the norm. I wear my spray on jeans, and nobody says a word. Three leggings, I wear to the gym, and there bikini swimwear, which makes speedos look like board shorts.
    The thing is just wear what makes you feel good, that’s all there is to our, and go on about your business as nobody cares, POINT BLANK.
    Yes, I’ve caught eyes, yes, I’ve gotten untreated attention by same sex, and other kinds of attention, but I don’t let it sway me. I continue with what makes me feel good, just as anybody should. Remember opinions are like Butt-holes, everybody has one. Don’t worry what others think.

  2. Ray says:

    I don’t know that I agree with all you said, but the tenor and subject is something I observe also. although at my gym some guys are now showing up with leggings but tops that cover their maleness in most cases, so it is a step forward.

  3. Mike says:

    Great post. Men’s bodies are sexy an as a straight guy I enjoy looking at and admiring a nice means body just as much as a beautiful female. I like to show off and wear sexy swimwear and underwear mainly because it does make me feel good about myself. Hopefully, other men an women enjoy it too.

    • Blackstallion76 says:

      That’s the thing. I’m trying to say. Dress for yourself, not for others. Dress for what makes you feel good. It really doesn’t matter what others think.

      • Randy says:

        As most in this group know I’m pushing the limits of male body shouldn’t be covered up.
        I wear leggings as often as I can, my swimwear is very small. So small in fact that Twitter put warnings on my post. I had leggings on when I went out to eat dinner tonight.

        I feel the reason women don’t want men to wear show off clothing is they want/love all the attention!
        I’ve read that the reason they are called board shorts is so guys don’t get burns from the board, ok you pussy why is super hot female next to you wearing a thong?
        I know guys that say they would be embarrassed to wear the suits I wear. I ask them why they say I don’t have the ass or my bulge will show. I say so what!
        I know for a fact that most women like to see men’s shape of their butts.

        It’s years of brainwashing by the general public.

    • Samuel says:

      I think it going to take time and be a up hill battle for us men here in the western part of the world, you know we’re I am talking about. Land of the free and the home of the brave. With at being said. Land of the free. Let’s think. We as men can now can pull out our smart phone from our pants pocket and order what we would like to wear. It took time and years for us men too have this freedom and the power to buy what we want to wear. Home of the brave this is our sticking point. We will do the most dangerous jobs in the world plus fighting for our country, or be in the office or just lay around, relax on the weekend. Maybe on the beach or around the pool deck. That’s were we as men are not so brave to be wearing that nice fitting thongs, bikinis, or leggings. Our society will have to change in our country. Maybe we as a society will have to have our parents start buying for our young teenage males thongs and bikinis instead of boxers and broad shorts. That would be a start. Also think about this, men a one time worn one piece bathing suits back in the day. We as men just need to keep doing what we are doing to brake the norm and get the word out It’s ok to wear what ever makes you feel good. We need more men in thongs on highway billboard signs and TV shows plus advertising. At the end of the day that is how we are going to get off this inland. Keep wearing them. Happy thong hunting and bikini wearing.

  4. Jason says:

    Ironic, that in the animal kingdom, it’s always the males of the species that are more attractive (Colors, plumage.), but in the human kingdom, it’s the exact opposite! When it comes to insects, birds, fish, reptiles, mammals, God made the male to attract the female, but in our case, it’s the exact obvious!

  5. Jason says:

    As long as women still want us, that’s all that matters to me!

  6. Ian says:

    This is a great post.

    I’ve been told most of my life that women hate speedos and the male body is gross, etc. I can say as someone that’s worn a speedo/bikini many times in public that this is NOT TRUE. Some women don’t like it, it’s true. Some people don’t like women to wear bikinis too. But when I’m at the beach or pool in a small bathing suit, I can say without any doubt, I’ve encountered multiple women (and men) who are intrigued. I don’t flaunt or make a spectacle of myself but I’m very aware of who’s looking at me and when and what their reactions are. I have received multiple oglings that I’ve noted either through reflective surfaces or from behind my sunglasses. I’ve also overheard some comments. There are definitely times I’ve been appreciated. And I’m not saying this as an “I’m so hot” thing either. I’m saying it’s a human desire to look at other humans.

    I don’t deny that there are people who hate speedos. I’ve been laughed at a couple times–which really shook my confidence. I think that the laughter is people who think the very idea of a guy being sexy is laughable.

    But overall my experience is that women absolutely do like to look at men’s bodies.

  7. Randy says:

    As most in this group know I’m pushing the limits of male body shouldn’t be covered up.
    I wear leggings as often as I can, my swimwear is very small. So small in fact that Twitter put warnings on my post. I had leggings on when I went out to eat dinner tonight.

    I feel the reason women don’t want men to wear show off clothing is they want/love all the attention!
    I’ve read that the reason they are called board shorts is so guys don’t get burns from the board, ok you pussy why is super hot female next to you wearing a thong?
    I know guys that say they would be embarrassed to wear the suits I wear. I ask them why they say I don’t have the ass or my bulge will show. I say so what!
    I know for a fact that most women like to see men’s shape of their butts.

    It’s years of brainwashing by the general public over time.

  8. Bill says:

    I wear leggings and thongs to the gym daily. I get comlpiments from the ladies and yes straight guys as well. There’s nothing wrong with admiting a guy with a good body even if you are a straight guy. I’d be willing to bet most of us admire guys with good bodies to help movitate us to stay in shape for our women. It inspires me for sure!!!

  9. Yarborough says:

    I like the male wearing form fitting clothes. You need to feel comfortable in what you are wearing. Swim suits that are worn in public, you have to pick the place of what kind you are going to wear. I personally love my speeds. Wear them every chance I get. I wish people would understand, men are no different than women, about what kind you are wearing.

  10. Mike D says:

    I’m a little sad that you guys in North America are struggling with wearing swim briefs or bathers as we call them in Australia.
    We recently went to a “makers” market set up in a large warehouse, you know the sort of thing, ladies selling candles and pottery and home stuff, what surprised me was one stall selling the “Sluggers” brand of small swim briefs, I got talking to him, he’d come down to Melbourne from Sydney to sell his swimwear, I bought a pair to add to my collection. All my bathers are on the smaller side of swim brief / bikini, I wear them every time I go to the beach, it’s just the normal thing to do here, we don’t even think about it, and that’s why Im a little sad for you guys.

  11. t says:

    I see Nate has once again employed the services of his sexy model friend to promote this topic. It is often said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and so what might be sexy and a turn on to some, might have the opposite effect on others. For as long as I can remember, it has been acceptable for women to say how beautiful they find other women without raising eyebrows or incurring negativity, but it’s a brave man who will opine that a fellow male has a great body and is good looking. Having said that, I have noticed recently that on social media, men are becoming more open about expressing their feelings and appreciation for the male physique whether it be a body builder in a posing bikini, or a dad bod braving a speedo for the first time.
    I’m grateful to this blog for promoting body positivity and being inclusive to all shapes and sizes especially when many areas of the media positively demonize the male body, be it naked or clothed.
    I love reading how members like Randy continue to push the envelope by wearing leggings out to dinner and swimsuits so skimpy that Twitter put warnings on his posts(lol). I love seeing Instagram posts of thong wearing couples where the guy clearly looks better in his thong than his female partner, even though we are led to believe that men shouldn’t wear them. One look at the pic at the top of this page disproves that old wives’ tale.

  12. Jason says:

    I think women really do want to see us men wearing skimpy, sexy underwear and swimwear for their delight and pleasure. Although they won’t admit it to their female peers, every woman wants to see her man wear something sexy for her. And I’m sorry, but there’s NOTHING sexy about Y-front briefs and boxer briefs. I have been married twice and dated 5 other women in my lifetime and my preferences in underwear have never been an issue or a problem. It was never a deal-breaker to any of them. In fact, I’m pretty sure that’s how my first child was conceived. I was walking around the house in nothing buy a t-shirt and bikini brief and a few minutes later, my wife was grabbing me by my hand and pulling me into the bedroom for a pony ride! 😉

  13. Yarborough says:

    A lot of girls were very sheltered growing up. When they start dating they have a good time and enjoy being with a man. When they get married they change and go the other way. Men continue to do the things that make them happy. I have always enjoyed speedos. Women’s swim suits have always fascinated me. I guess growing up in a warm climate has something to with the way I fell about wearing speedos or nothing.

  14. Richard says:

    In the last six months I have enjoyed pushing the boundaries at the beach. In a Northern Michigan state park, I began wearing a Speedo between the parking lot and the secluded beach, walking past women in one-piece swimwear and bikinis and men in board shorts. No negative reactions and some pleasant greetings. In a Florida county park I began wearing a thong between the parking area and the Gulf beach. The path is shared by people going to the more conservative section and people going to the skimpy section. Again, no negative reactions.

    • T says:

      Great to hear that you have the confidence to wear speedos and thongs in these public places, and even better that you haven’t received any negative reactions. There is a definite movement in certain parts of social media to encourage more men to discard their boring dork shorts and dare to bare in more practical and revealing attire. I’d like to think that seeing you going about your business in a speedo/thong might just encourage someone to take the plunge and follow your example, who in turn will influence another.And so it will grow.

    • Randy says:

      Richard I have also wore AKA speedo and sting bikinis in Northern Michigan state parks and hotels. Parks that are known as family friendly like Higgins lake north and south.. My new rule of thumb is if a women will/can wear it so can/will I! I have worn string bikini in the U.P.

      • Richard says:

        The skimpiest swimwear I see on women in Northern Michigan is the cheeky bikini. Lots of full bottom bikinis, but have yet to see a thong. I must congratulate you on your courage to wear your briefs and string bikinis on the beaches and at the pools of Northern Michigan. Your rule of thumb works for me too. Women shouldn’t have all the fun.

        • Jason says:

          Agreed 100%! Why should women have all the fun and get wear skimpy, sexy underwear swimwear?! Men want swimwear and underwear that’s fun to wear too! Sadly feminism has been running public schools for over 30 years now and since them boys have been indoctrinated into believing that they are potential rapists and misogynistic oppressors. Along with that, is teaching men that they should be ashamed of their bodies and their sexuality, and we need to be covered up as much as possible and under no means where anything that displays that we might have a penis or that it is shown in swimwear or underwear or anything. I’m surprised that 3rd wave feminism doesn’t have American men wearing burkas yet! that’s why now they want us to wear all these board shorts and underwear that goes up to our belly buttons and down below our knees, and that’s supposed to be sexy for women? That’s supposed to be what they want to see? I’m sorry but I just don’t believe that!

          • Richard says:

            Agree with your sentiments. Discussing what people want to see, just as many women dress to attract attention, from a species standpoint, the male is supposed to do the same. When I was younger I was very self conscious of displaying a bulge. As I have matured I’ve become completely comfortable with it, and it is nearly always noticeable with swimwear or street clothes. (Not one for tight underwear, if wearing any at all.) I tell my wife, someone can’t have an issue with it since they must be looking at my crotch. Lots of women likes seeing a man’s bulge. My wife often comments when she can tell a guy is circumcised, which means she was looking at his crotch. While staying with my MIL for an extended period, she’d check every morning to make sure it was still there.

  15. Yarborough says:

    I wore a speedo on the beach in the middle of the day in Florida, back in July 1976. People on the beach went about their activities as if I wasn’t there. I enjoyed the time I spent on the beach ⛱ I still wear my Speedos every time I go to the beach. I sometimes wear shorts over them, until I get to beach . I do this incase I get in a place where I don’t feel comfortable. Enjoy your Speedos and thongs.

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