How I Review

I thought it would be beneficial to give you an idea of how I review underwear and swimwear and my thought process on my ratings. First off I have purchased all the pairs I have reviewed so far. If I am ever given some to review then it will be state as it is required to do so. When I review a pair, I wear them at least 3 times before I do a review of them. I handle swimwear slightly different, since I normally don’t get to wear them as intended 3 times especially if I don’t feel it is one that fits at the local beach. With swimwear I aim to wear them three times around the house at about 2 to 3 hours. That is about the amount of time my family tends to stay at the beach. I figured these time frames should give me a good idea about how I like them. Usually the first wearing tells the story, but I have had some grow on me over time. Now let’s take a look at how I rate a pair generally.

Support Rating
5 bikinis – Basically no movement for the boys; Everything held nice and snug; I think sports or active things you don’t want to be bouncing around much doing

4 bikinis – Allows some movement for the boys; A little bounce doing something active, but still decent support

3 bikinis – Holds you but would be bouncing about if doing much more than walking; Nice for times you want some freedom or lounging around

2 bikinis – Not much support at all; The boys move about when walking

1 bikini – Basically hanging free

Tail Comfort Rating
5 bikinis – Don’t notice you are wearing a thong or at least rarely

4 bikinis – Comfortable knowing you are wearing a thong; May require adjustment, but not often

3 bikinis – You pretty much always know you are wearing a thong; Could be uncomfortable at times and need adjusted; Probably be a thong that someone used to wearing one would be okay with

2 bikinis – Not that comfortable; Have to adjust it often to get things comfortable in the back

1 bikini – No comfort at all; Nothing seems to work to get this thong to stay comfortable; Complete thong turn off pair

Overall Comfort Rating
5 bikinis – Snug fit, but not too snug; Not too hot; Nice comfortable all day wear fit

4 bikinis – Could be a little snug fit; A little warm; Maybe if a mesh pair it can allow outerwear to rub against the boys

3 bikinis – Snug fit; Makes it hot down there; Digs into you at certain points

2 bikinis – Uncomfortable fit; Overly hot; Too much bounce

1 bikini – Can’t stand wearing it long at all; Scratchy fabric; Too restrictive

Two Thongs Up – I say give them a whirl; They’re a pair I would buy again; Fit and cut are right on for my liking

One Thong Up – Decent pair; Not one I would probably buy again unless a good sale on it or print/color I like; If you find it interesting than I’d say go for it

No Thongs Up – Not one I’d typically recommend; Not one I’m going to get much wear out of; Could be one I pull out on occasion; Might be one I never wear; Definitely a pair I wouldn’t personally buy again