It’s 2017. Now What?

2017 At The Bottom DrawerIt’s now 2017, so what is in store for the blog. Probably not going to see a whole lot of difference in the blog. The plan is still to aim for one post a week and that will occur on Fridays. May throw in a post now and then if something of interest comes up. I’m always open to suggestions on what you like to see on the blog.

I know on my poll “What would you like to see on this site?” that the top two things are Places to wear bikinis and thongs and More photos. Places to wear bikinis and thongs would be mainly based on my online research and discussions with others, so been holding off on that some. For more photos, I’m assuming that would be photos of me or someone in them. For now my position on that is if it is swimwear then I’ll try to get decent pictures. Underwear shots of me for the most part will not be posted. Though I have done a few. I don’t want my blog to be a place to just come for the photos, so that is part of the reasoning behind it. I do know it is helpful to see them modeled. I figure swimwear is meant for the public eye, so that is why I decided I’ll post pictures of me wearing them. So compromising on the more photos for now.

The Married Str8 Trio will continue with our conversation pieces. Suggestions for that is also welcomed and encouraged. I’m considering trying to write short stories related to underwear and swimwear, but nothing real raunchy. If that is of interest then make the vote on my poll page.

I’ve actually made a lot of underwear purchases during the holiday and end of year sales. I’ve got items from Kiniki, Daniel Alexander, JM, and Prevail Sport. A couple of them being swim briefs. I’ve tested out AliExpress. Order from two different sellers there. Haven’t decided if I’ll review the individual pairs, the sellers, or just the experience. Also decided to test out an Asian pair offered on Amazon. As you can see I’ve got quite a few items lined up to review.

You’ll also see me continuing contributing to the Underwear News Briefs (UNB) with original content, reviews, product introductions, anything else I have time for. There are a couple thongs on their way that I’ll be reviewing for UNB blog. So watch over there too and keep watch on my My Writings Elsewhere page.

Happy New Year! Let 2017 be another great thong and bikini year.

4 Responses

  1. Jason Boag says:

    I like the idea of swimwear posing but i am worried people will come here for something to fap to if you post underwear pics allot esp thongs

  2. EJ says:

    I’d like to know where there’s a beach that allow g strings in the US preferably within driving distance from me. I like sunbathing in the backyard feeling free wearing what I want, being outside in a g string is exhilarating probably more so in public if it’s acceptable and other people are doing it, I wouldn’t feel shy in that situation

  3. JESUS says:

    Hola ,yo soy de almeria España y aquí hay gente y chicos que los usan no muy a menudo pero si hay gente que use tanga en la playa

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