It’s Not About the Bulge or Is It?

Its Not About the Bulge Or Is It?

Underwear/swimwear advertising I would say gives the impression that it is about the bulge. It seems you have to be well hung to be an underwear/swimwear model. Or maybe I’m just extra hung challenged. Then there is underwear out there with bulge and protruding pouches that are designed to give you some more up and forward lift. So is wearing bikinis and thongs about the bulge?

For me I would say it’s not ‘exactly’ about the bulge. I really didn’t think much about bulging until a discussion I had with another blogger. When I got my interest in bikinis and thongs it wasn’t because I wanted to enhance my package. Really it was just about the sexiness of them on women that got me wanting to try them out. Now it is true a typical bikini or thong does naturally give you a lift, but that is how you get your support.

When I say not ‘exactly’ about the bulge there are things I like about bikinis and thongs, which would be considered to be about the bulge. I like moderate frontal coverage. It keeps you front and center. Typically I like the looks of the center seamed contour pouch on me especially on swimwear over the flat pouches, which does accentuate the package more. So maybe there is some it’s about the bulge there.

Though really my draw to bikinis and thongs is more how they show off the back side and legs. I also don’t seek out underwear that is designed to give me extra bulge. I have tried underwear with a protruding pouch and one with a c-ring panel just to see what they were like. Now the protruding pouch one sits in the underwear drawer waiting to be purged and the c-ring panels got snipped out. I’ll take what I get from what I’ll call normal pouches. Yes, some of them define me more than others. Nothing wrong with some definition. Women have their push-up bras, so why not a little for the boys.

I would tend to say it is not about the bulge for me. It’s really the overall look that bikinis and thongs give.

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  1. DrMarkin says:

    I prefer the protruding pouch on g-strings and thongs, but only on thong-friendly beaches. My favorite is a g-string with a nearly nonexistent back and severely “cropped” pouch, but it is unlined and see-through when wet, so I can only wear it in intimate settings. My wife bought it for me and she loves the way it fits! It is very comfortable and I’ve worn it for several hours on the beach with no issues.

    For a speedo-type swim brief, I prefer a seamless front with more longer sides.

  2. John says:

    Thinking back to when I first got into bikini underwear I’d say it was the pouch that drew me in. Coming from tighty whities as a kid these new bikinis added so much more shape and highlighted my bulge it was exciting. My collection has since expanded to include almost every shape and cut and I still find myself checking out my package first, then my backside. I’d say I prefer a contour pouch but not the enhancing pouches as much. I feel they put protrusion over comfort sometimes.
    My swimwear also has to have a slight contour, but never a bulge enhancement. I’m not comfortable drawing THAT much attention to myself in a public setting like that. I’ll save that for my husband.

  3. T says:

    It’s true that most underwear models seem to be blessed in the manhood department although I suspect there is a certain amount of “fluffing” carried out before the camera rolls,and there are some styles of micro pouches and see through undies that clearly show that the model is not well endowed. It stands to reason that an underwear company will try and persuade us that their products will enhance what nature gave us .The same could also be said about female lingerie. Let’s be honest, when was the last time you saw a flat chested model promoting a bra or bikini top?

    I’m sure most guys have a particular style of underwear that they feel gives them an enhanced profile at the front and a more peachy behind. But would we really sacrifice comfort for the sake of a more prominent bulge? I personally like the support and outline that I get from a g-string,but I hate the restrictive pouches that some companies incorporate in an otherwise perfect half back string swim tanga. In that respect I’m definitely about not squishing the bulge.
    We may be envious of guys who are seriously well hung,but that also means that they,unlike your average Joe, are more likely to be limited to undies that offer more coverage thus missing out on the delights of a skimpy posing pouch,unless they opt for one of those protruding pouches that look like they have rolled a condom over their penis.

  4. OLS says:

    It is about the bulge for good or bad. I wear bulge thongs and bulge cheeky bikinis and really like them but I prefer that one that the pouch is more vertical. Protruding umderwear emhances a little but if like me you’re on the e average size it really doesn’t add that much. Like the first comment I lime a lot less fabric and somewhat sheer when wearing skimpy swimwear on the beach. I am away from the the crowd and only with other thong wearers so I feel free to show the “bulge” when walking around.

  5. EJ says:

    I always hang down, I don’t like tight stuff. I guess I’m about average- I don’t bulge much, it kinda looks a fair size mound from the profile

  6. DonS says:

    I see any bulge as just a side benefit from these styles. I’m after support and coolness mostly, both factors that determine a comfortable underwear. As someone in the subtropics with a house that is not air-conditioned (fans only), coolness is a big plus of these styles, and the minimal fabric is what helps. Mesh fabrics are better still.

    Protruding styles definitely do nothing for me, I do not find them comfortable at all. I’d say that any style that really pushes the fact of a bulge or protrusion is one that I’d stay clear of.

    I have not had one girl-friend who appreciates a protruding style (me or a male model), and interestingly enough, not one has preferred push-up bras, although most liked string bikini styles.

  7. Bikini Obsessed says:

    Anyone notice the awesome pic that TBD used for this latest entry? Could that be a pic of the man behind this blog? ; ) If so, I say it`s a very cool, almost artistic pic…..

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      You would be correct that is a picture I took years ago of me. I saw a similar pose and thought it was a different and fun one to try. Then I did add some effects to it to create the image for the post. Glad you liked my attempt of trying to be creative for the post image.

  8. Bikini Obsessed says:

    I could be wrong but that looks like a pretty impressive bulge! On that note, for me I think it is about the bulge. The way that underwear can make your bulge look, accentuating it and drawing attention to the male bulge. I also like how underwear makes your butt look…how thongs obviously show off the rear but also how bikinis can show some cheek. Cool how you play around with photography and poses with your undies TBD…

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      I would say the suit and the pose is what is giving more emphasis to the bulge hence the choice for representing the post. I’m actually not a fan of that suit, because the pouch is really too roomy for me. Just happened to work out in the picture.

  9. Dr. Markin says:

    When I am at work, I wear boxer shorts under scrub pants and don’t want to show a bulge. When on the beach, however, I’m a bit of an exhibitionist and prefers g-strings or thongs that prominently display my stuff; the more see-through, the better!

    • AC says:

      Hey guys!
      Well help me out please.
      I like bulge underwear but not bulge swimwear.
      Dr. Markin wear boxer st work, in my case I wear thong and a cockring, I like to punch my bulge Tillie but more, but at the same time, I feel little insecure if it show off to much, it’s hard to adjust how you like to make it look. But definitely I like how bulge looks.
      I wear thong or speedo at the beach, but I don’t wear bulge thong or bikini because the spectation of size of my junk are bigger than I can fill.

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