Kiniki’s Kelly Tanga Review

Kiniki Kelly TangaThe Kiniki Kelly Tanga is a string bikini with 1/2″ sides that sit on the hips. It offers a half back and a smooth no seam front pouch, which offers excellent support. As you can see from the photo the back is about the same size as the front. The fabric is a 95% Cotton/5% Elastane blend, which gives it some stretch. It’s well made and is still in good shape after many machine washings and dryings over the last several years. Like most half backs I’ve tried they do eventually work their way into a wedgie, so if you mind that then you should pass on these. Otherwise if you don’t mind a wedgie or a thong then you’d probably be fine wearing this skimpy back string bikini. You can check Kiniki’s tanga line here.

My Rating Overview

Support Rating: 5.0
Overall Comfort: 4.0*
Recommendation: One thong up*

*Since this is a bikini and tends to become a wedgie, I docked it a point for comfort and one thong up. If you don’t mind that then you could consider it 5 for comfort and two thongs up.

What do you rate the Kelly Tanga?

3 Responses

  1. T says:

    I recently came across a Kelly Tanga(in black) when I opened a seldom visited,semi retired underwear drawer in a spare room. Decided to give my regular g-strings a miss and wear this instead. It felt strange wearing a tanga again,and like so many Kiniki pouches,the front was very restrictive, and flattened, rather than enhanced my package.The back is very much a half back,displaying a fair amount of butt cheeks and consequently would show unsightly lines under tight fitting trousers.If nothing else,it reminded me why I prefer g-strings over any other type of underwear.

    • You are right about the Kelly tanga not having a contoured pouch. If you don’t like what I call a flat front, one should avoid it. I don’t mind most ones made this way, since I do prefer a snug fit. This is one I pull out for some thing a little different or for St. Patrick’s Day.

  2. Mark says:

    I also love men’s thongs and bikinis and wish more were available in high street stores. I find these by far the most comfortable style and think its unfair that women tend to have more choice in shops.
    The Kiniki Kelly tanga is an excellent cross between a thong and bikini, the front pouch is very supportive and wide enough to cover everything. There is also more material at the rear than a standard thong but it is still narrow enough to ride up between the cheeks. Its a much more comfortable and natural feeling fit than standard full back briefs. I have bought multiple pairs of these now and wear them pretty much everyday for work (I am a postman – or mailman, a very physical job which demands good underwear for comfort) or leisure.
    A note on promoting men’s skimpy briefs in public, I have worn these under very see through white shorts on days out to different cities around the UK, so anyone wanting to look closely will see that there are guys who like smaller briefs. Its a small statement to changing the way others think, but I really just find them comfortabe and wear them for my own satisfaction.

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