Men Stop Buying Women’s Underwear and Swimwear

men stop buying women's underwear and swimwear

Really do I need to say more then the title. As a warning this is going to be more of a rant post. I’m tired of reviews on women’s underwear and swimsuits being from men. Get with the times. There are bikinis and thongs designed for men. Lots of styles out there to choice from.

Now if it is a fetish or cross dressing then I can let that slide. But reviews stating they can’t find a men’s swim thong since the Speedo thong need to learn how to search the Internet. Or modifications need done for a guy is just ridiculous to put in a review of women’s underwear or swimwear. Of course it would fit better if modified. It wasn’t created for you to wear. And yes you should be embarrassed when asked where you got a swim thong that isn’t intended for a man.

I’ve read if you turn them around they are great for men or wear them backwards. Um, really. Much easier buying a pair of men’s bikinis or thongs that are meant to hold the package and doesn’t need worn backwards. I can’t believe some actually go to the store to try them on. Wonder what the sales people really think. Also surprised at the ones that mention their wives. I mean I’ve heard from guys that get a hard time from their wives when wearing bikinis and thongs made for men. I know someone mentioned having fun wearing matching panties with their wife before in the comments of my blog. That’s an interesting thing, but I’d prefer to try to match my underwear to hers by finding some made for men in a similar color and style.

Now if you really want to wear women’s underwear or swimwear go for it. I just get tired of reading reviews from men when looking at options for my wife. I mean one pair had probably 25% of the reviews from guys. Maybe it is just me that feels this way.

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  1. T says:

    I remember a comment from a guy on here a while ago saying how much he liked wearing women’s underwear. For him,it was definitely a fetish, rather than a case of not being able to find a male equivalent. My reply to him was that while I had no issue with his desire to wear female undies,the fact is that if every guy was to do the same,the bottom would quite literally fall out of the men’s underwear market that we ALL need to support as best we can!
    Nate is absolutely right about female thongs not being a good fit for guys. If you need proof,you only have to check out various YouTube clips of guys having a laugh at parties by cavorting about in an obviously made for a female thong with most of their junk hanging out the sides.
    Hopefully none of the cross dressing followers of this forum will take offence at any comments posted on here,but it is important to stress the need to promote the wearing of skimpy undies made specifically for men!

  2. EJ says:

    Right you are Nate- there are all kinds of websites featuring more styles of men’s underwear some of it very feminine. I’ve seen bra & panty sets, garter belts for men, even stuff that’s more of a costume than underwear. Myself I like g strings that look like they’re for men, and string bikinis-of course there’s people that think what I like is feminine I’m sure- they should see the above mentioned websites !!

  3. Greg says:

    Before the days of internet shopping, when all you could buy in the way of underwear was from stores, the selection of thongs for men was almost nil. Back in those days I bought a few women’s thongs, and they were purged immediately. Absolutely no support! In the early 2000’s I received a catalog in the mail that advertised specialty catalogs that you could order. That is where I sent away for a Prevail Sports catalog, and have been a big fan since. With the internet being a great tool for finding anything you may need, it is fun to look at the many sites dedicated to selling sexy men’s thongs and bikinis. The manufacturers of man thongs/bikinis understand the wonderful feeling of a proper fitting pouch–something women’s panties could never do.

  4. DonS says:

    I’ve learnt something then. I thought the aim of the cross-dressers was to wear women’s underwear unmodified, with the aim being the challenge of wearing it or for sexual stimulation. The one who responded to a previous post was prepared to give us a list of brands of women’s panties that could hold the bits in, suggesting that at least some cross-dressers want unmodified items.

    For me I want the support and cover that men’s styles give. It’s not like the men’s stuff is way more expensive than the women’s range, so buying women’s can hardly be a money saving exercise.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Not sure what cross dressers actual goals are and if the reviews were from any of them. The ones I signaled out to me seem like they probably wouldn’t be. Cross dressers might go the route that EJ mentioned about actually going with feminine underwear or sets made for men. Guess we’ll have to let a cross dresser fill us in on the subject.

  5. EJ says:

    Years ago I tried on 1 of my wife’s bikinis- it was way too anatomically wrong I couldn’t get it off me fast enough. If it wasn’t for underwear manufacturers making the ‘good stuff ‘ for guys, I’d be wearing boxer briefs all the time

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