Men in Women’s Underwear

Men in Women's Underwear

I’ve been contemplating this post for awhile and it has even been suggested to me to do. I’ve had several say they wear women’s bikini and thong underwear. I’ve decided to go there.

No, I haven’t decided to try them. I decided to write a post about it. It’s hard for me to see why to go that route with the selection of bikinis and thongs out there for guys. I know women’s underwear is cheaper and you can go to a local store to get them. Still not enough to get me to try them.

Yes, I have pairs that people could say resemble women’s because they have a flat pouch with no contouring for the boys. I suppose even the ones with contour pouches my get that rap too, since most of the pairs I own don’t have the thick branded elastic waistbands that typical men’s underwear has. Maybe even the fabric of some of mine resemble what some think of women’s panties. Yes, it has happened that my wife’s underwear and mine get mixed up. Would be even harder to differentiate if we wore the same brand.

I did a post on hiding your underwear a little while back. You can read it here. If I did wear women’s underwear, I’d be more scared to be seen in them than what I wear now. What would someone think seeing a pair of Victoria’s Secret underwear sticking above my pant waistline? Too me that would be more awkward than a bikini or thong that I normally wear.

Another issue I see is limited in styles that would be big enough to hold the package. A lot of the women’s underwear I’ve seen doesn’t have much fabric in the front to hold much of anything. The fronts aren’t as wide as the flat seamless pouches on men’s underwear. Also the fabrics don’t seem as stretchy on a lot of women’s panties. Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of lace incorporated into their underwear. I’m not a big fan of lace in men’s underwear.

With limited styles, comes also limited colors and prints. A lot of the color options and prints are too feminine for me. Not really into pink though have some tie dye pairs with some pink, so not totally against it. I’m not into many flowery looking prints.

I think I’ll stick with bikinis and thongs for men. There is quite a selection of styles now with all the brands out there. Plenty of different colors. Nice print options though would like to see more. If you watch and wait for sales you can get some decent deals on a pair too.

Would you try women’s underwear? Why would you or wouldn’t you? Have you tried women’s underwear? Why did you decide to try them?

Note: I’ve been hesitating to do this post because I want it to be a respectful conversation on the topic. I will remove comments I deem inappropriate as soon as I come across them. Please be mature about it. I don’t want to have to prevent commenting on this post.

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  1. EJ says:

    Men’s thongs and bikinis are similar to women’s, just like women wear boy shorts (note 1st word in title) underwear is underwear we wear what we want. With online shopping options I don’t need women’s underwear- I’m positive my underwear is smaller and skimpier than what some women wear. In an earlier manscaping post, I brought up using an alleged women’s razor- Gillette Venus Embrace. These days anything goes using products for just men or just women. There’s always gonna be the double standard- where men are limited, women can wear whatever they want, tired of that bull$/~t. I do whatever I want, swear word censored keepin yer blog professional BD

    • Thanks for censoring:). Most of us probably wear skimpier underwear than a decent number of women. The razor is a good example of another thing that guys can’t find in a store specifically designed different areas of the body. Guys are made for the face while women’s are made for other parts of the body.

  2. T says:

    Hi BD. I can understand why you’ve been a little reluctant to feature this topic on your blog, and also your genuine concerns that it could attract some negative/controversial comments.
    I’d like to think that most liberal minded guys would accept that for guys who identify as being a cross dresser/transvestite,the wearing of what is deemed to be women’s underwear is simply a part of the whole process of the visual transformation that that person undertakes in order to change their appearance,albeit temporarily,from male to female.
    We cannot deny also that some men do get a sexual kick out of wearing women’s panties,including a few who have posted comments on this very blog. It’s also interesting to note that on the numerous clips on youtube of guys wearing thongs as a joke??,they will often be wearing a woman’s thong(intentionally,or otherwise),that invariably has their “junk” hanging out of both sides due to the unsuitability of said garment to adequately conceal their package

    I would guess that the vast majority of thong wearing guys who follow this blog,have at some point bemoaned the fact that sexy underwear for men is almost impossible to find in local shops,and if it wasn’t for the internet,they would be restricted to wearing boring boxers etc. If that was the case,then you could understand why some might be tempted to squeeze their crown jewels into women’s panties,but thankfully,due mainly to the internet,there is no need,other than the examples I mentioned above,for a man to resort to wearing underwear that is not designed with male genitals in mind. Just think,if all the men who currently wear male thongs,g-strings,bikini briefs etc,were to ditch them in favour of the female equivalent,the bottom would quite literally fall out of the men’s underwear market,and then where would we be?
    Have to agree with BD about his dislike for lace in men’s underwear. I’ve yet to see a guy who looks good in them.

    • I think regular followers of my blog would be respectful to this topic, but never know about others that come upon it. I’ve seen some videos titled along the lines of guys try on thongs. Then they make a big deal they aren’t comfortable and how can women wear them. Of course they’re not using thongs made for guys and probably not the pair of women’s that would be suitable either. Guess there is a lot of videos out there not giving thongs and/or bikinis a good image for us guys. With lace I have seen some lace that does have more of a masculine look, but still not something I’d choice. The pairs of women’s I’ve seen do not fit the bill for masculine looking. Also lace doesn’t seem to last as well as other fabrics. Maybe need to actually hand wash and air dry them for longevity.

  3. Jomo says:

    I agree with you, i see nothing wrong with it but not comfortable at all.

  4. Brian says:

    I started my bikini and thong wearing by buying women’s panties at a local department store. Because I was only 12 or 13 years old at the time, I was limited to what they sold at this particular store because it was within biking distance. The men’s underwear was a very boring selection so I had to go to the women’s department to find thongs which is what I really wanted. I found some pretty basic solid color ones that were a nylon spandex blend and purchased 3 or 4 in different colors. I was extremely embarrassed during the check out buying panties but when I got home and tried them on it was totally worth it. They actually contained the whole package just as I had hoped.

    Nowadays I primarily wear underwear designed for men but as others have mentioned some of my mens underwear actually looks more feminine that some of my womens panties. I actually have my mens thongs/bikinis in a separate drawer from my panties. For me, if the package does not fit in my underwear then that is a deal breaker which is why I prefer wearing mens thongs and bikinis over panties. I will say that I still think that women’s panties have mens underwear beat in terms of variety and colors which is why I still purchase them from time to time. However the design, fit and consistency of mens thongs/bikinis gives them the edge overall.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience for both sides. Makes sense if you’re not old enough to have a way to buy online that you’d have to go for women’s bikinis and thongs or of course before we had the Internet. I know there is even less selection today in bikinis and thongs in the store than when I started. There is definitely a better selection in women’s underwear all around compared to men’s even with the Internet. At least it has improved since I started into them.

    • T says:

      Hi Brian. Have to say I was surprised to read that you were only 12 or 13 when you bought your first pairs of women’s underwear.You must have had an old head on young shoulders, because most young boys at that age would probably just be starting puberty and would not have the finances or inclination to buy their own pants. I’m curious to know how you could afford to buy them?Also,I’m guessing you had to keep them a secret from your parents and your siblings,so did you have to wash them on the quiet,rather than putting them in the laundry basket? Did any of your school friends find out about your underwear preference?
      The internet has really opened up the market in all sorts of male erotic underwear to such an extent,that one would think it wouldn’t be necessary to buy women’s undies,but I say each to their own.

      • Brian says:

        Hi T
        I always had my own money as a kid from birthdays, allowances and doing stuff like mowing the lawn at home. Like I said there was a shopping center with a pretty large clothing store that I could bike to very easily. This was around 1999/2000 and shopping online for underwear didn’t even occur to me as an option. I talked more about this in the “hiding your underwear” post on this blog but when I got my first thongs I absolutely kept them a secret from everyone and only wore them if I was home alone and hid them otherwise.

        • T says:

          Thanks for the reply,Brian. I can understand you feeling embarrassed when you went to pay for your women’s panties at the checkout(I used to feel that way when buying male thongs in a shop),but the person who served you probably thought you were just a sweet young kid who was buying some underwear as a gift for your mum or a big sister.

          • Brian says:

            Haha yeah. I still remember that the checkout lady didn’t say anything about it. I still felt nervous/embarrassed though. Luckily online shopping has completely eliminated this problem.

  5. Lawrence HUDDLESTON says:

    Well I see a lot wrong with a guy wearing underwear intended for women because that opens up the doors of cross dressing and other forms of alternative gender identification.
    I have sexy MALE UNDERWEAR don’t need to put on my ladies lace panties and thongs its a limit to how things are done and this is it.
    I don’t even like when my lady wear boy shorts that look like my trunks when I wear some. I know a lot of people may say my bikini brief may resemble panties but my underwer doesn’t have lace,pretty flowers and a accident lining in them… It’s a big difference.

  6. EJ says:

    Hey Brian you got big stones buying women’s underwear when you were younger, T appreciates that- he answers the door wearing a g string for the gas guy reading the meter

    • T says:

      Hi EJ. Thought you might get a laugh out of this.
      Just came home for lunch today,and as is my normal routine,I stripped off my work clothes down to my underwear which today is a green Gregg Homme g-string. Thought I heard a very light rattle of my letterbox, which can happen on a windy day like today,but decided to open the door anyway. Would you believe a guy was standing there in a high viz jacket and when he looked down at my skimpy attire,he rather sheepishly said “I’ve come to read your electric meter.” I brought him in and in an effort to make light of the fact that I was somewhat “exposed” as I bent over to unlock the meter door(he was standing behind me),I mentioned how the weather had turned cold again,to which he laughingly replied “especially when you are wandering about in your underwear.” He made a note of my electric readings (lol) and left(hopefully not too traumatized by his “brief” encounter).
      Has this ever happened to you? lol.

      • EJ says:

        LMAO T- unfortunately our electric meter is outside but I have a dirty & hazardous job where myself & 2 coworkers change clothes 1 or both of these guys see me wearing the good stuff. This past Friday we were changing at the end of our day 1 of them was wearing green boxers said he was a day early (St Pat’s Day Saturday). As I was proudly displaying my brown g string, I was adjusting my waistband I said I have a few green ones of these. Neither one of us is gay, but I get a rush being seen wearing that stuff. I remember an earlier post 1 of BD’s readers does that at the gym, thought the same- do you get that rush when the meter reader sees your manhood in sexy underwear?

        • T says:

          Hello again EJ. Glad you enjoyed my little encounter with the meter reader. Hopefully he
          didn’t require therapy after his visit. Before I answer your question about getting a rush when these situations arise, can I ask you if your coworkers ever pass comment(favourable or otherwise), on your choice of very skimpy underwear,or is it something that is never mentioned?
          I think most guys who are not blessed with a gym toned body and porn sized manhood would probably admit to having a few insecurities about their bodies and how they look when stripped down to their underwear. In that respect,for me personally,if I am in an unexpected situation like last week and I get a positive,rather than negative or humiliating response,then it is definitely something of a confidence booster.
          I never know in advance when the meter reader will turn up for my once yearly reading,so it is never planned that I will be wearing a g-string when that day arrives. In fact,if he had come to the door a week earlier when the snow was thick on the ground,he would have been greeted at the door by yours truly wearing a thick fleece and a pair of warm jogging bottoms(lol). When the weather here does eventually heat up a bit,then I do tend to wear just a g-string around the house,or in the garden. One advantage of answering the door in your skimpiest underwear is that usually when a cold caller knocks on your door trying to sell you anything from double glazing to religion,and they look down at your barely concealed manhood,they assume that they have interrupted you in the middle of some hanky panky,and don’t outstay their welcome.
          Anyway,EJ. I hope you continue to get a rush from showing off your g-strings to your coworkers,and who knows,maybe they get an unspoken kick out of it too?

          • EJ says:

            I don’t get any verbal response other than the green boxers vs brown g string, 1 other time 1 coworker an older guy originally from Korea saw me in a string bikini a few weeks ago his only comment was ‘how you stay so thin?’ I figured a negative comment was on the way instead of a positive about my physique- I was surprised he’s a former union man (yrs ago) I’ve known him for 20yrs, and sort of an old school thinker. Because I’m confident wearing that stuff no one can derail me- in fact people expect me to wear the good stuff from a few past girlfriends before I got married (even disappointed) i wasn’t wearing it- to other guys why fight it if folks think I’m doing it? I fought it for years because it wasn’t ‘normal ‘ now I’m older & wiser wearing the styles of underwear I belong in

  7. DonS says:

    Never worn them but have been tempted. One of the chain stores in AU had a good range of G-strings in about 2007/8, which were good quality and comfortable, so purchased a few. By the end of 2008 this style had disappeared, not replaced by any similar style and never to be seen again.

    By 2012 I realised I would need to start sourcing replacements; one obvious source would be women’s G-strings. Walking past one of the women’s specialist underwear shops showed one of their G-string styles. At the time of that I saw a lot of tubby or fat young women, ones I thought would not look anything much in such a garment. Being a slim male (AU size S, 75-80 waist), I thought it would be ironic if a male could look better in a women’s G-string than the target audience. I did ponder the idea but went no further with it.

    A couple of months later I passed the same women’s underwear shop again and this time took more notice of the displayed G-string – no way would it contain testicles let alone an erect penis. I never went any further with the idea and to this day have never considered women’s underwear of any style again.

    Later in 2012 I discovered the range of men’s underwear available on the internet and so now have replacements for the original 2007 purchases. I have not bought underwear from a store since 2013.

    • Brian says:

      As someone who to this day still wears both men and women’s underwear I much prefer mens simply because of the fit (i know big surprise). I probably only wear women’s panties about 5% of the time but you can generally find women’s underwear of equal quality to men’s underwear for much cheaper not to mention you can find them in basically any store that sells clothing. If anyone is interested in knowing what panties actually contain the whole package feel free to ask 🙂

    • That’s one style of women’s underwear that would have to be hard to find a pair to contain the male anatomy. Thanks for sharing.

  8. EJ says:

    I’m not into women’s underwear myself, but seeing women in bikinis at the beach when I was young definitely sparked the interest in wearing similar under attire

  9. DonS says:

    One common thought throughout this discussion has been to use women’s underwear as their sexier styles were easily obtained from clothing shops, unlike the male equivalents. As an alternative, did anyone ever consider making their own underwear, which presumably would be a bit cheaper and to your own size and design. It would require the skill and equipment to do so, but does anyone know what is actually required to make underwear. With the wide choice for males available via online shopping today, I doubt anyone would bother now, but a few years ago it was a different story.

    • I’ve played with the idea when I was in college, but didn’t have a sewing machine. So hand sewing would have been the option and that would be time consuming. I did find an underwear pattern back when I was playing with the idea of trying to make a pair. Guess you could always buy a pair and dismantle it to make a pattern from a pair you like. Probably take a good amount of practicing to get it figured out. Still would be an advantage of picking your own fabric content and colors and patterns. Though there are people out there making them and customizing them.

    • T says:

      A couple of years ago I saw a video of a French nudist making his own posing pouches to wear for the times when being naked wasn’t an option.
      He had an old sewing machine and made the pouches on the kitchen table. The weirdest thing was that instead of using elastic for the waistband and under strap,he used a fishing line(I kid you not). I actually sent him an email asking how he could possibly be comfortable having a piece of “wire” between his butt cheeks,but he insisted that it was in fact very comfortable to wear. I remained unconvinced.

  10. EJ says:

    I’d be doing custom made underwear if I knew how- if I get string bikinis with full back coverage, I’ll cut off some of the back if its cheap to begin with I.e jockey life $10 for 5, they thong, or I can wear em low and they’re very minimal back coverage

  11. Andrew says:

    Most of what I wear/ own are mens thongs and bikinis, but I do have a few women’s pairs as well. My wife and I really enjoy wearing matching panties on occasion and its a thrill for us to go pick out a pair together. These are always bikini style since women’s thongs/ g-strings are hard to fit into for a guy. We have a vacation coming up and we have found almost enough pairs that we will spend most of the trip in matching panties.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      That’s an interesting reason to wear them. Makes sense that g-strings and thongs are hard to come by. I would imagine there would be very few g-strings that come close to holding the male anatomy. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Dave says:

    I just started wearing ladies underwear a few months ago. Probably started out as a sexy thing, but now its mostly the comfort mixed with the sexy feeling, and not to brag, but I am 5′ 11′ at about 150 lbs., so I do have the body for them. It took a long time to figure out the right size and style as some brands do NOT hold all the parts in, and that can be extremely uncomfortable and sticky! My favorite are the bikini style and the boys shorts from VS. Regular store brand boy shorts just don’t hold the parts in. So here’s the thing on comfort—as long as the crotch part or gusset is wide enough to hold in the testicles, then you are in a world of comfort with the ladies panties. Then you have to have the right size, when I first purchased panties at Wally World, I had no idea what size i was, I grabbed and 8–way too big. Then had to face the lady at the customer service for the exchange, so I got a size 5, way too small. So I figured out, depending on the brand, I am a size 6 or 7. All I wear now is ladies bikini and boy short panties. I did try the thong, but cannot yet find one with a wide enough crotch so the testicles don’s squish out the sides (that is gross and hilarious). For the bikini, Jockey brand is great, if you don’t want to spend, then Fruit of the Loom Cotton Stretch are awesome. And as I mentioned, only VS has the comfortable boy short. These three all have the wide crotch. So, why do I choose to only wear “ladies” underwear. Well, maybe they make me feel a little feminine/sexy, maybe because they have more styles and colors as mentioned already, or maybe its total comfort as the ladies undies are so small and thin. I do wear all the colors like pink, berry, purple, white with blue dots, teal, hot pink, peach and so on and so fourth. However, as those feminine colors wear out, I may start going to black, gray, white, charcoal, etc. Just so in the event I am “caught” with them on by anyone other than my wife. If my kids catch me in black ladies bikini underwear then, well, they probably won’t know they are “ladies” and I can just tell them they are men’s and I wear them for comfort. It wasn’t that hard to tell my wife at first, and at first they were just for the bedroom and she was cool with that, but now she likes me in them and I always catch her staring at me, haha. She now buys them for me!!

    ps. if anyone knows of a LADIES thong that holds in the man parts (not narrow at the crotch) please let me know. I doubt i’ll ever find any.

  13. BLP says:

    Guys who get free from wearing panties are lucky. A very hard habit to break, I wear pantylike underwear..why? I like nylon,it is about the thin soft fabric not wanting to be a girl a starts when you are young and you go back to it throughout your life. Boy finds panties and puts them on,gets hooked ,excited may or mat not jerk off in.with them. A sexual bond with panties starts.Girlfriend/wife cuts you off,you return to jerking off in panties.Get older and miss the feel.See a pattern? Now you can get them online, no need to shop. Ever tried pantyhose?Only thing is my private searchs for pantylike underwear show up on my snart phone? Silky satin nylon underwear for me, no panties please.Men’s pantyhose, maybe….LOL

  14. Fred says:

    I found all the responses interesting as I do wear women’s full cut nylon briefs. I am a senior and I noticed most of your responders are younger so I understand the thong thing. I’m looking for comfort and the full briefs do that for me. I started wearing panties about 7 years ago and didn’t tell my wife until about 3 years ago. She was a bit upset worried that I was going feminine on her. I assured her that I wasn’t but was just looking for comfort. She still isn’t fully comfortable with my choice but she has shopped with me for new ones and I have enjoyed the experience. I am continually looking for new panties which is now like a hobby.
    I also was interested in men being somewhat afraid in being caught being seen in panties. I can tell you that my dermatologist, urologist and internist know I wear women’s undies. None of them seemed concerned. I don’t advertise that I wear panties as it is only my business. Men shouldn’t be so concerned what others think. If you are comfortable in your skin, all will be fine.

  15. dave says:

    I started wearing woman’s panties a few years ago due to the comfort and how they made me feel. I only wear fotl, cotton stretch bikinis. I even do special workouts for the rear end so I can fill them in, like a lady does. I’m totally straight.

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