Prevail Sport: New Swim Print Rio

Prevail Sport New Rio Swim Print

Prevail has released a new print for some of their swimwear. Some times I think they reintroduce some past prints as new, but I’m not aware of seeing this one before. The print is called Rio. Their description of the print is “It’s an endless party in a geometric print with splashes of color mingled in a Black and White graphic design. A print that makes you want to get up and move.” Right now it appears to be available in 6 styles. You have a brief cut in the American. Then the bikinis available in the print are the String Bikini and the Spartan. For thongs they are offering it in the String Thong and Top Gun. Finally for those g-string lovers there is the Mini Pocket.

Personally I like the look of the print. It’s not a real bold one that it will make you stick out more than you already probably do when wearing these style. I’m lacking prints in my swimwear collection. They are something I’m needing to add and planning on when the time is right.

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  1. Greg says:

    As a Prevail Sport fan for many years, I have seen colors and prints come and go in their inventory. The Rio print is new for them, but the name is not. Prevail has a bikini in both underwear and swimwear that is called a Rio. It has a 3/4 coverage back, string sides, and small pouch. I have only solid colors in my collection of thongs, so this Rio print looks like a good one to start more variety in my collection.

  2. r says:

    who are the models

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