Reader Q&A – Submit Your Questions

Reader Q&A - Submit Your Questions

T emailed me some questions a little while back to give me some ideas for topics for posts. That got me thinking about maybe I could answer some of your questions. Then I can either do a whole post on the question if I have enough to write or I can answer multiple questions in a Q&A post. So this post is to start collecting some more questions. You can submit your questions as a comment or through the “send me a message.”

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  1. T says:

    Hi BD. Have noticed a few contributions from women to your blog recently,and it got me wondering what their thoughts might be on men who wear thongs,g-strings and string bikinis? Do they encourage the men in their lives to experiment with skimpy styles,or do they prefer them to stick with more conservative type boxers etc? I know some of your male followers already comment about how their other half feels about their underwear choices,but this could provide another insight into what women’s thoughts are on this topic.

  2. Thong obsessed says:

    Hi Nate, I have a couple of questions:

    1) Have you ever dated a woman who didn’t wear thongs herself? That’s a situation I’ve found myself in at the moment, and I find myself frustrated at the double standard. If my girlfriend wants to wear briefs that’s fine by me, I’m not going to try and change her mind, but she’s trying to convince me to switch to wearing boxer-briefs.

    2) Men wearing thongs tend to be ridiculed in the media. What is the most frustrating comment for you to hear as a male thong wearer?

    • Good questions. Will add them to the list for a Q&A post. T makes good points on trying to switch your undies choice. She give a reason why? Not that there is a good one.

      • Thong obsessed says:

        She says all the previous guys she’s dated have worn boxer-briefs so that’s what she’s used to. I’m used to dating thong-wearing women but am not going to make a big deal out of her not wearing them. I guess she’s just been heavily influenced by the media and societies perception of men in thongs. Anyway, they are so practical and so comfortable to wear that I’m not giving up my thongs for anybody!

  3. T says:

    Hi Thong obsessed. Beware of any female who tries to dictate what style of underwear you should wear. Today it’s your underwear. Tomorrow it could be your hairstyle,or your manscaping habits,or 1 of 100 different things. Partners should like you for the person within the clothes,not the clothes themselves. Doesn’t sound like a “keeper” to me.

  4. T says:

    We all bemoan the fact that sexy underwear for men seems to be almost impossible to find in our local high street stores,so just imagine for a second that a miraculous turnaround had occurred and local shops had begun stocking all manner of g-strings,thongs etc (We can but dream). My question is “How many of your followers would have the courage to go in to such a shop and be happy to be seen checking out rows and rows of sexy undies?”

  5. EJ says:

    I think being able to shop in person for the good stuff would overrule anxiousness, that’s what a store like that is for- as I said in an earlier post- I’d want a PT job at one for an employee discount

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