Reader’s Feedback Survey 2018

Reader Feedback

It’s been a little over four and a half years, since I started the blog. Though it really doesn’t seem like it was that long ago I started. There were multiple reasons for starting the blog. I wanted to share my love of bikinis and thongs and interact with like minded individuals. I hoped with sharing my experiences and thoughts that maybe I’d encourage someone that was interested, but maybe on the fence to give them a try. Then hopefully they’d get the support to continue on from the interactions on the blog. I know when I first got into bikinis I was looking for other guys that broke out of the norm too. Hopefully this is that place for others.

With the new forum we should have a better place for interactions that are unrelated to my posts. Give a place for newbies into bikinis and/or thongs to ask their questions comfortablely without being judge. It is my guess it will take the forums some time to grow, so we’ll have to be patience and hang in there. T has been doing good coming up with some topics to try and get some discussions going. Feel free to start your own. Have any questions or issues reach out and we’ll try to answer them.

What I like now is to get some feedback on the blog with a short survey.

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