Review: Kiniki Cambridge Classic Tanga

Kiniki Cambridge Classic TangaThis pair reminds me why I like Kiniki’s stuff. I’m very happy I finally have returned to buying from them after too long of a hiatus . I hit their recent Black Friday weekend sale, so there will be more reviews of theirs to come. Let’s take a look at the Cambridge Classic Tanga. Like the name implies it is a classic string bikini. For me it is a nice cut all the way around. I like that the colors have sort of a stonewashed look to them. Like most things I’ve purchased from Kiniki, they are well made and excellent quality.

The fabric of the Cambridge line is a supplex lycra blend. They say the fabric is as soft as cotton while absorbing moisture more quickly. The fabric does make this pair very comfortable along with giving a nice snug form fit. They hold and hug the package nicely giving excellent support. The pouch is centered seamed and I’ll call it moderate coverage. The back cut is about ¾, so you get to show some cheeks in these. No issue with the back staying in place. The sides of this string bikini measure about ¾”. The waistband stays right where you pull them on to. Some string bikinis I have trouble with them staying up in my size. A lot of time sizing down solves that issue for the most part. These fit great in my normal sizes and stay right where they belong.

These can be machined washed, but recommended to hang them to dry. One thing I don’t like is they put the tag in the side seam of the back instead of the top back of the waistband. With it there it can either stick out the side or bunch up taking away from the smooth back look. Nothing a pair of trusty scissor can’t handle.

The Cambridge Classic Tanga is one I would buy again and may do so in the future in another color. I enjoy how this string bikini fits me and looks on me. Allows you to show off everything nicely. It’s one that is definitely an everyday bikini. I can see myself wearing it for pretty much anything and having no issues. Another excellent pair of underwear from Kiniki.

My Rating Overview

Support Rating: 5.0
Overall Comfort: 5.0
Recommendation: Two thongs up

Pros: Great fitting classic cut string bikini. comfy fabric
Cons: Tag placement

Additional Photos
Kiniki Cambridge Classic Tanga FrontKiniki Cambridge Classic Tanga BackKiniki Cambridge Classic Tanga Pouch
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  1. Bikini Obsessed says:

    I made a random observation going through some of my underwear today…almost all of them are center-seamed in the pouch! Half the time I don’t think I notice actually but some days it seems that the seam can `rub me the wrong way` (literally). Does anyone have an explanation for this? Are there any brands out there sans center seam?

    • Greg says:

      Hi, Bikini Obsessed: There is a thong/bikini maker out there that does make custom bikinis with no front seam. They are a little pricey, around $25, plus another $5 shipping. The company is called Every item is made to order, so they take about two weeks to arrive. I personally enjoy the center seam on my thongs, but look at this site to see if they might work for you. When I ordered from them in the past, I found that I had to make two or three orders to get my fit just right. They offer many different ways to customize the pouch, waist height, rear coverage to make them perfect for you. Hope this info helps.

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